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The Devil in Mister DeLay

March 29th, 2005 | by Dr. Forbush |

The Republicans used to complain that things were unfair under the Democratic majority before the Republicans took over congress. Instead of trying to fix things the Republicans have decided that the Democrats had the right idea, but they didn’t take it far enough. Under the Democrats the Republicans were able to shame the Democrats into appointing investigations to study the ethics and moral problems in government. Remember that Bill Clinton was shamed into ordering Janet Reno to appoint an investigation into White Water. Clinton believed that he had nothing to worry about, because he knew that he would be proven innocent. And, of course he was proven innocent of the object of the investigation. Little did he know that unscrupulous Republicans would expend the investigation into his private life to such a degree unprecedented by any other investigation in US history.

But, now that the Republicans are in the driver’s seat in Congress they feel that they have no need to follow ethics or morality in any way except by their silver tongues.

Tom DeLay is the poster child for the silver-tongued devil that speaks righteous words by does devilish deeds. He speaks the language of the Texas Conservative Christian, but he sins to raise the money for his election, for re-districting, and for the elections of his friends.

It is interesting that Tom DeLay would take money from anyone who would give it to him. Being a Conservative Christian you would expect him to shun the sin of gambling that turns the poor man even poorer. But our hypocrite Tom turned his hat to take the handouts when they were offered. In fact, not only did he take the money, but in a quid pro quo Tom offered to vote for the Casinos at the very next opportunity. Christians who believed that they have voted a man of God into office should reexamine his actions and forget about what he says.

DeLay Supports Gambling Interests and Gets Paid Too

We just need to add this little work of evil onto the heap that is already there. We should all remember how he has broken the Texas laws to fund Texas Republicans with money donated from other states.

Just how long will it take for either the Texans in his district to wake up and realize what kind of varmint they have in office or for the Republican Party to wake up and realize they have the Devil in their midst?


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  1. 3 Responses to “The Devil in Mister DeLay”

  2. By The Cranky Liberal on Mar 29, 2005 | Reply

    Gee, Tom Delay is unethical? Wow how would have thunk? You know the more they sermonize, the dirtier they are. I’ve been writing about this often on the Cranky Liberal Pages ( because Tom Delay represents everything that is wrong with politics today.

  3. By Joseph (Advocate of Democracy) on Mar 29, 2005 | Reply

    DeLay isn’t simply unethical, he’s a lier and a hypocrite.

  4. By sally on Mar 30, 2005 | Reply

    What does that make his supporters?

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