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Tale of Two Annes

May 18th, 2005 | by Dr. Forbush |

Anne Lamott and Ann Coulter appeared to me. They didn’t come in a dream, they came to me through the miracle of modern communications. With modern communications anyone could be right in front of you communicating to you in the blink of an eye.

The interesting thing about these two Annes is that they are similar in some respects and the are different in other respects.

They are both named Ann, although the spellings are different. They both seem to be intelligent to some degree. They are both out on a book tour trying to sell their latest book. In fact, “hocking their books” is why they each popped into my life.  They are both white females. And they both write about politics. And, that may be the end of the similarities.

They are different in many many more ways. At least from my limited view of these two women they are extremely good examples of the polar society that we are living in today.

I have had slightly more experience with Ann Coulter than with Anne Lamott. I had read some of the outlandishly loony things that Ann Coulter has written. I suspected that she may have been taken out of context and the fragments of her thoughts were based on something more substantial. I thought that maybe she could justify any one of her spectacularly unsupported statements that have floated through the Internet.

Well, I saw Ann Coulter on Jay Leno last night, and I have to say that her appearance supports the statement that “…there’s no there there.” What I gather from her is she is upset because liberals just can not debate her because she is just "too bright." No, liberals would rather throw a pie in your face and run away. I also discovered that she likes to brag about her ability to get out of the way of the pies. She’s also upset that Homeland Security isn’t allowed to profile people and take people who match her profile off of her airplane. She exaggerates facts, for example she said that scientists have recently published a paper stating that there are differences between men and women. I assume that study she is referring to was this one: link

The story begins with stating the fact that everyone knows that there are differences between men and women, but no one has detailed the differences to genetic levels. Of course not, we have only finished mapping the human genome a few years ago. There are so many things that need to be done with the latest genetic information that everything including detailing the differences between men and women wasn’t the highest on the list. But, since scientific studies generally take quite a while waiting three years wouldn’t be so unusual. And, of course, this Ann didn’t even raise the question as to why scientists would need to do this study. Well, it has to do with drugs. Different genetics means that people will have different responses to different drugs. If you have a disease that needs to be treated, wouldn’t you like to get the proper drug that will be most effective with the least side effects? Ann Coulter just things it’s funny to call these scientists idiots for telling us what we already know.

Anne Lamott on the other hand is a writer who is also trying to get the word out about her new book. I heard this Anne in an interview on “City Arts and Lectures.”

The format was longer, so she was able to read from her book, discuss it, and answer questions from the audience. Anne Lamott professes that she has opinions, but they are probably wrong. This is quite the opposite of Ann Coulter who has opinions and they probably are wrong, but she professes to know the truth. 

Anne Lamott could be described as a Liberal Christian, which the radical right would have you believe doesn’t exist. She talks about her relationship with God and how she deals with her difficulties. She writes interesting thought provoking stories. For example, she tells us about her difficulty in understanding how George W Bush is now the president of America. She tells us how she prays that George W Bush will do something for the Common Good of all Americans. She tells us that she has been praying this prayer for years, but she has recently changed it. Thinking that it was a hopeless prayer she now prays that George W Bush does something for the Common Good of Americans by accident.

She also tells us that after the election she was so distraught with the result that she went to her church healing and the minister to heal her of this illness. She tells us that she believes in healing by lay of hands now, because she isn’t quite so distraught now.

So, after this experience of being visited by the two Annes I will now pray my prayer:

“Please God give us more people like Anne Lamott and less people like Ann Coulter.”

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  1. 7 Responses to “Tale of Two Annes”

  2. By Whymrhymer on May 18, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. Forbush,

    Did you notice the other similarity between Anne and Ann? They’re both experts at character assassination.

    Ann assassinates arrogantly and boldly from the Right while Anne assassinates from the left posing as humble and pious.

    No doubt about it, Anne needs your prayers lots more than Ann does — if Anne needs to be “healed” after an election, she has a serious problem coping with reality.

  3. By Joseph (OK Democrat) on May 18, 2005 | Reply

    I’ve always noticed that Coulter is like a female version of DeLay, full of hate-speak and rhetoric. She hardly manages to even sound intelligent when surrounded by morons much less intellectuals. I do not much about the other Ann(e) but I can say with confidence that Coulter is a fanatic Right-Winger.

  4. By Dr. Forbush on May 18, 2005 | Reply


    I am guessing that you have never heard Anne Lamott speak. But, I’m guessing that neither of these people actually participate in character assassination. Neither of these people is trying to their power to “cause a person to be rejected from his/her community.” Each of these Annes is suuporting the people in their own community and rejecting those outside of their community. It would be like an American’s critisism of bin Laden being called character assassination.

  5. By pia on May 18, 2005 | Reply

    I’m more familiar with Anne Lamott than Ann Coutler–because Anne Lamott has an amazing faciltiy with the English language and always writes beautiful essays.

    Try to stay away from Ann Coutler because she’s past snarky–anybody who dares disagree with her is wrong. Do think she might try character assassanation–if she could figure out how to in her oh so I’m the most clever and witty person around–who is always right–way.

  6. By Trudge on May 18, 2005 | Reply

    Love LaMott hat the other one.

  7. By sally on May 18, 2005 | Reply

    They have very different styles! Ann Coulter views what she does and says as entertainment…so she just says whatever bs she can!

  8. By Whymrhymer on May 19, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. Forbush,

    No I have never heard Anne LaMott speak — I was referring to her clear attempt to assassinate President Bush’s character in the quote you included in your post. I’m sure, if you tried, you could have found an equally unsavory remark by Ann Coulter about a leading Liberal — just for balance!

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