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Denial is Not a River in Africa

July 12th, 2005 | by Dr. Forbush |

Denial is a state of mind where one refuses to acknowledge reality. In other words, once one refuses to acknowledge reality then by definition the person is living in a fantasy world. But, why would one choose to live in the denial of reality?

In the 1960s people chose to live in other realities because they believed them to be better than the world they were currently living in. In the 1960s the leaders had duped the public into believing that fighting a war in Vietnam was a worthwhile fight for American values. In the 1960s the leaders were convinced that there was a place for racial discrimination in America. But people found it difficult to deny reality and they constantly found themselves looking for new ways to change reality. The mantra of the age was "find a better world."

Some people took drugs. Some people made up new rules to live their lives by. Others chose to collect people together and create new paradigms. Some people chose political action which lead to changes in culture and the world became a better place for the average person.

Not all of these approaches make sense today when we look back on the 1960s and we remember the consequences of these attempts to make a better world.

Today the world is a different place. They leaders of the country have different ideas. Some of the ideas don’t make a lot of sense just like the 1960s. The leaders of our country have duped some of the people in America into believing that fighting a war in Iraq will somehow make America a better place. Slowly the American public is waking up to the truth behind these lies.

One of the threads that has been unraveling has to do with the build up to the Iraq War. Joe Wilson has been telling us since day one that George W Bush used false information that the CIA knew was false to scare the American public and the Congress into supporting the effort in Iraq. George W Bush and Condoleesa Rice painted vivid pictures of mushroom clouds appearing over American cities which couldn’t have been further from the truth. And, the administration knew that it wasn’t true.

When Joe Wilson came forward we now know that Karl Rove, Bush’s right hand man, chose to take revenge by outing Joe Wilson’s wife as a CIA agent. This is a crime based on a 1982 law that explicitly makes it a crime to expose a CIA agent’s identity. This crime is actually treason against the government of the United States, because it attempts to undermine the security of the US by undermining the security of a CIA agent. It also guaranteed that Joe Wilson’s wife lost her value as an undercover agent and would never be able to work in that capability again.

Today some people choose to make the world a better place in much the same way as the as they did in the 1960s. But people no longer choose to use drugs as they once did. Instead people are attempting to use political action, create new paradigms and a third new way to change the world. Some people have chosen denial as a method to ignore the facts and ignore the lies of the administration. People have chosen to believe that the leaders know what is good and “good Americans” should not question their leaders. Denial has become more pervasive in our country than the drugs of the 1960s. And, anyone who has lived through the 1960s knows how rampant they were. Denial has become the new drug of America. It is cheaper than any of the previous drugs and it makes you feel good too! If you just ignore the facts then you can live in any world you want to see. When you have leaders that tell you what you should see and you live in a world of denial the false reality they preach becomes your false reality. If you don’t question this false reality you are being duped to live your life in a fantasy world.

Think about it!

Crossposted at Dr. Forbush Thinks.

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  1. 11 Responses to “Denial is Not a River in Africa”

  2. By pia on Jul 12, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. Forbush thank you for two things:
    The single best explanation of the crime we know that Rove committed, and your very insightful commentary about why so many people either chose to walk around with their heads in the sand, or to believe that untruths can become the truth if you repeat the mantra long enough.

  3. By ken grandlund on Jul 12, 2005 | Reply

    Denial is the word of the day for most politicians, but the trickle down effect to the general public is perhaps more disturbing.
    Okay, so not everyone is as politically motivated as those of us in the blogosphere, but the whole “bury your head in the sand” mentality is really confusing to me. What makes people forget that they are part of a society and not simply an island unto themselves? What makes people shy away from issues and realities that actually affect their everyday lives? Could it be a combination of absurd governmental policy and purposeful misinformation that keeps them just barely above water so they have no time for social or political thought? Or have we just finally become a society that cares only for personal profit at anyone’s expense…In either case, denial is always the easiest course to take, and here in the land of the free and easy, that’s what seems to work.
    Has everyone forgotten that freedom and peace take work? That truth isn’t always pretty? That life is not always fair? But that despite all that, freedom, peace and life are all worthwhile and should be the goal of every thinking person.

  4. By The Cranky Liberal on Jul 12, 2005 | Reply

    Ken most people never understood peace and freedom take work. They never understood that life can get better with work, and much worse without it. They like to believe the fairtail they were told when they were little. It doesn’t matter when we are talking about either. The problem was the same in the 1960’s as it was in the 1760’s.

    Certain people though have always understood that it takes effort, determination and involvement. The real key is tipping the balance just a little bit one way or the other with those people. If you do then the noise filters down to the masses and they go along. That is a sad truth of life.

    Imagine what happens if we can just reach a fraction of the people who are feeling the unease of their denial but haven’t quite put a finger on it. That could make a huge change in this country for the better.

  5. By A Canadian Hindu on Jul 12, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. Forbush, it is comforting to know that there are intelligent, thinking Americans who can expose the truth. Denial is a big problem. It exists in my country too.
    Let’s hope that sites like yours help to open people’s eyes.

  6. By JollyRoger on Jul 12, 2005 | Reply

    There is a component of El Shrubbo support best called “baby eater” (as in, if video surfaced that showed El Shrubbo eating babies, the faithful would excuse/obfuscate/deny) that probably comprises about 30% of all Shrubberals.

    Therefore it is reasonable to assume that about 70% of El Shrubbo’s voters can be reached, and this is slowly happening.

    We cannot spend a whole lot of time on the baby eaters-it’s far more important to educate those who can be educated. There are enough of them out there to do the trick.

  7. By rabsteen on Jul 12, 2005 | Reply

    although i agree with most of your analysis, i doubt that people participating in the political process is creating a new paradigm. in fact, i would argue it’s one of the oldest vis-a-vis social change.

  8. By Dr. Forbush on Jul 13, 2005 | Reply

    Actually the new paradigms I was refering to would be the Internet for current times and communes, co-ops and other social organizations during the 1960s.

  9. By EKENYERENGOZI MICHAEL CHIMA on Jul 13, 2005 | Reply

    The controversial scandals rocking the seat of power in the White House are very disturbing even to me a Nigerian who loves America since the Cold War Era to date. But I have always spoken out whenever I found out anything contrary to my great expectations of America such as the hasty decision to go to war against Iraq.

    These terrorists read all the news on these scandals and they are encouraged, because as you can see, they have been able to cause a lot of confusion in the government of America. The psychological effect of the terrorist attacks is now becoming apparent. And a house divided against itself cannot stand.

    These scandals are not helping the morale of your troops in Iraq and environs.

    These are issues to be dealt with behind closed doors and not in public. As you are all washing your dirty linen in public, you make yourselves the laughing stock of your enemies and they are happy that you are bickering and kicking against your own balls.

  10. By Dr. Forbush on Jul 13, 2005 | Reply


    If the administration had the interest of the American people at heart before the invasion of Iraq then they wouldn’t have used deception to get their way. No, instead the Bush administration had a the intention of invading Iraq for personal reasons and they falsified the the facts to get the Congressional support needed in order to carry out their plan. America is a Democracy and that means that the government works for the people. You would tell a CEO or a Board of Directors that they had no business knowing what the managers were doing at a company. The American People are the Board of Directors of America and they need to know the truth. And if the managers are hiding the facts, then they need to be fired…

  11. By EKENYERENGOZI MICHAEL CHIMA on Jul 15, 2005 | Reply


    Now, back to the issue.

    The White House, Pentagon and CIA decided to go to war in the best interest of America. And they have succeeded to break up the power bloc of the Islamic hegemony of the Jihadists.

    Now, you have read how America went as far as Niger to verify the intelligence reports on the efforts of Saddam Hussein to procure raw materials for the production of the WMD.
    Do you know that some of our URANIUM was smuggled to the US? Now you have read how a similar state secret involving an American working for the CIA was leaked to her boyfriend in Ghana as far back as 1985? And the boyfriend is someone I met in 1984 whilst I was working for an American agency under the USAID. We all met at the bar of the Kuramo lodge of the Eko L’Meridien Hotel In Lagos, Nigeria. We discussed so many things (including Hitler.)Then the following year 1985, I found out that this person was among the American spies working for the CIA discovered by Jerry Rawlings, the head of state of Ghana.

    One of the American ladies was married to a Pakistani, but later left him for the grandson of Doris Day.

    Why am I relating all these details to you?

    The secrets of the WAR in IRAQ are not a subject for public discourse. And Downing Street Memo or no Downing Street Memo, only ignorant and naive detractors say that GWB lied to justify the decision to go to war in Iraq. The war in Iraq is not against Iraq. Iraq is just the battle ground

    The issue is not for every Dick, Tom and Harry to be blogging and posting and reporting for the sake of public attention.

    I advise all of you to go and read “THE ART OF WAR” by SUN TZU.

    So, because of democracy, the CIA should now publish all the files of the State Secrets in the New York Times, Time, Newsweek and broadcast them to the whole universe?

    Why are you people so ignorant and naive?

  12. By Rob on Jul 18, 2005 | Reply

    It certainly seems like willfull ignorance. Of course, it’ll be harder to deny whatever Fitzgerald finds out in his investigation. Meantime, wear a raincoat.

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