July 14th, 2005

A Christian Conservative Speaks!

Out of politeness and in a complete moment of weakness (perhaps even with a fair amount of drunkenness), MoxieGrrrl asked Michael Gregory Steele of Conservatives for American Values if he would be interested in contributing to BIO.  He seemed like such a nice boy!

As a conservative I was surprised to be asked to write a guest post on this nefariously liberal blog. I was asked to share my words in part so that I could help to bridge the ideological gap that divides so many of us in this country. An olive branch was extended to me and I have accepted it. I’ve been given a great opportunity and it will not be wasted. I will use this olive branch given to me in good faith to verbally flog all of you godless liberals with the full fury of the Lord.

I’m not here to listen to or accept your views. No, my ideas and values are set in stone. And I’m also not here to tell you that you’re entitled to your own warped political views. You’re not. I won’t try and elevate the debate or encourage civil discourse. No, I’m here to convert all of you and you don’t do that by respecting anyone else’s ideas. What I want is to turn all of you into shining and pure examples of Christian Conservative Americans.

First, I’m going to let all of you in on a secret: it feels really good to win elections. Being a part of a political party that controls all the levers of government is a truly awesome feeling too. Don’t you sometimes wonder what it would be like to be on a winning team? Surely you do. Join the Republican Party and wonder no longer.

It’s also quite nice not to have to worry about being smitten by God’s vengeful hand. It’s quite a feeling of security knowing that your political ideals don’t anger the Almighty. And you have to admit, a world without gays, feminists or non-Christians wouldn’t be all that terrible. Don’t throw away your vote along with your immortal soul; become a Conservative and swim in the cool waters of righteousness.

Surly you must be tired of just being a part of one of the many liberal interest groups vying for the Democratic Party’s attention. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid all the ideological in-fighting? The Republican Party is one great big unified interest group. We are of one mind and one voice. This interest is a return to true American values.

Finally, if these appeals to your morality didn’t work, perhaps a simple appeal to your wallet will do the trick. Don’t you want to keep more of your own money just like Jesus intended? Don’t you want to enjoy the spoils of success instead of subsidizing the poor, the sick, and every other lazy sad luck case in this country? You shouldn’t have to feel guilty about every dollar you make. Stop being a moron, claim what’s yours. Become a Republican and all this guilt will be erased.

Just because I was an invited guest here, that doesn’t mean I had to be polite while speaking my piece.  When I’m invited to dinner at someone’s house I never have a problem telling them if the meal set before me is a culinary disaster.  So in keeping with this analogy, let me finish by saying that the food being served here is disgusting and completely inedible.  Also, it’s being served to me by complete idiots.  You don’t want to be an idiot, do you?  Join the Republican Party.

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  1. MoxieGrrrl Says :



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  2. Scott C. Smith Says :

    Perhaps next time a sane Republican can be invited to share his views.

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  3. The Bastard Says :

    OH MY GOD!!!! Or should I say OH MY YOUR GOD!!! Who the hell let the “James Dobson wanna be” loose on this blog. Change the locks and roll up the welcome matt or should I say put Matt, the welcome guy, back in the closet! Gays are not safe here today!

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  4. sally Says :

    Michael, what is your goal for conversion? 10-30 converts from this post?

    Oh you have the best hair I have seen in a long long time!

    Scott, do they exist?

    MoxieGrrrl, we have to talk!!!!

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  5. steve Says :

    That was awesome!!! The best post on this blog ever!!!

    That ruled!!! I couldn’t have said it better myself!!!

    WOW!!!! :)

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  6. icoman Says :

    Hahahaha, and I was hoping just maybe there might be some Republicans who aren’t all that disturbed. This post sure ended all hope.

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  7. The Bastard Says :

    Hey steve, just how AWESOME was it…..care to expand on exactly what was AWESOME?

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  8. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    The bastard, Let’s just say, you shouldn’t be surprised if the traffic to this blog dips significantly when the mass exodus to my blog occurs. People crave the righteousness I provide.

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  9. Tom Harper Says :

    OK, so we invited you to dinner and you told us how shitty the food was (and the table setting, and the other guests). Now I’ll have to go to your church (since you invited me) and diss the wine and the communion wafer and all the other parishioners. Undoubtedly they’ll all have that ramrod-straight broomstick-up-the-ass walk that Christians are noted for.

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  10. royal Says :

    jesus h. christ you freak. your probably blowing up abortion clinics when your not writing a bunch of blither.

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  11. The Cranky Liberal Says :

    Mr. Steele, that did it - I have seen the light. I am going to join you right now in your quest for righteousness and holier than them quest for goodness (and money!). Just please let me know where we go to get our lobotomies? I’m waiting!!

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  12. Joe Snitty Says :

    Thanks for confirming everything I thought I knew about the American Taliban.

    Right or wrong, I have to compliment you on one thing: You’re the first person I’ve ever seen who managed to combine the sentiments “We’re doing Jesus’ will” and “Fuck the poor” into a single sentence without even trying to be ironic.


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  13. Snake Says :

    Did you know that I took my dog for a walk, watch him do his business, picked it up, and then smeared it on the handle of a newpaper box? I didn’t like the newpaper (tabloid style) but I feel guilty…
    Should I?

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  14. MoxieGrrrl Says :

    Cranky, I’m with you - do we get a free toaster when he sign up? Ellen got one from Melissa Etheridge when she went gay… I think we should AT LEAST get a toaster.

    Maybe they give better freebies, being all rich and shit. A free Beemer? A Hummer? Yep, sign me right up!

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  15. The Bastard Says :

    A toaster Moxie? Aim low why don’t you, these guys are all trying to make more money than God we could atleast get an oil tanker named after us, Condi did!!!

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  16. The Cranky Liberal Says :

    Moxie, they would not give me a Beemer since that is from Germany, and you know they are nearly socialist there. Maybe a Cadilac. And I’ve been told I will have to give up hummers if I join. Good Christian men don’t get those. It’s a small price to pay for untold wealth and the glory of every lasting power err life.

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  17. steve Says :

    Yeah Bastard I’d expand, but Mr. Steele I think summed it up already. I’d just be regurgitating other people’s thoughts like you already do post after post on this site.

    “You don’t want to be an idiot do you?”

    RINSE, LATHER, REPEAT that Bastard!!!

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  18. pia Says :

    Call me an idiot (and many of your ilk do) but if I join the Repubs I’d find happiness in a winner? Did that with Clinton; loved it

    But as the Bring it on! token New York Jew, “a wold without non Christian’s.” not to mention feminists or gays wouldn’t be that horrible?

    You frigging prick, you deserve to rot in hell. And Steve, you are sicker than I thought possible if you could possibly agree with that.

    Fucking retarded sick.

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  19. The Bastard Says :


    You are just mad that I kept you on subject. Didn’t let you deviate from the post. And again,
    I’m not going to let you deviate,

    Hey steve, just how AWESOME was it…..care to expand on exactly what was AWESOME?

    Answer the question please!

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  20. LiberPaul Says :

    Moral certainty is always a sign of cultural inferiority. The more uncivilized the man, the surer he is that he knows precisely what is right and what is wrong. All human progress, even in morals, has been the work of men who have doubted the current moral values, not of men who have whooped them up and tried to enforce them. The truly civilized man is always skeptical and tolerant. - H.L. Mencken

    You see why I hate the religious right? You see why there are so many people in this country that are downright frightened by the complete lack of compassion these folks show. Yep, that’s just what Jesus said, “Fuck the poor”. I also remember the story of how Jesus ripped himself off cross and smited all the Romans and went into all-out war against them. Let’s not forget the the Golden Rule either…..He who has the gold makes the rules. Yep, just what Jesus would have done. Let’s not forget that Jesus was soooo rich that he traveled with his 12 man entourage everywhere in complete style and extravagance. Yeah, these are the kind of values Jesus was all about. The last shall be last and the first shall be first….wicked are the poor…..be like the Pharisees and pray in public so that others may see your piety….kill the prostitutes because they are sinful….man that Jesus sure was a prick!

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  21. steve Says :

    When I have more time, I will…

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  22. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    It’s good to see I’ve converted the Cranky Liberal. We could always use a “Cranky Conservative” on our side. As for the rest of you, who say I’m a prick, or a member of the American Taliban: How dare you! I’d tell you that I was praying for you, but I don’t waste my precious prayers on lost causes.

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  23. Jay Says :

    A little preachy even for my tastes, but I do agree its the best stuff ever posted here.

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  24. Dr. Forbush Says :


    Everyone of us has some good and some bad in us. This is human nature. When you begin to make such absolute rules of Christian morality on non-Christians and the like don’t you run the risk of damaging some of your own members? What about the Log Cabin Republicans? What about the Godless fiscal conservatives? Don’t you think that you will tear your house asunder with your absolutes?

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  25. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    Uh I don’t remember Jesus ever saying:

    “Don’t you want to enjoy the spoils of success instead of subsidizing the poor, the sick, and every other lazy sad luck case in this country?”

    In fact I’m fairly certain he said just the opposite (yes in his day and society Jesus was really a liberal).

    I also reccomend reading, “Anthem,” by Ann Rand if you want some insight into the dangers of non-diverse and conforming societies. Really liberalism and personal liberty have been the winning team since the beginings of civilization and what you describe is actually sort of Anti-American from the Declaration of Independence forward, it does not meet the measure of the values that our for fathers sought to ensure for future generations.

    Its OK even after a dark age the enlightenment always wins the day, history is littered with the tales. Whats happening now is just another speed bump in Western civilization.

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  26. pia Says :

    oh now we have Jay agreeing also?



    In my city, yes my city the one you’re all probably sad wasn’t bombed to the ground, even the “born agains” as we call them hate you all.

    You are fucking sick slimes and will pay, and Dr. Forbush, even in my godless city, the log cabin repubs have an unlisted phone number, so that nuts like these can’t get in touch with them

    Actually New York City has the single largest amount of Born Agains, fundamentalists, whatever you want to call them, but as most are Hispanic, Black or Asian, they don’t count.

    Jay, I never really cared about the stop the ACLU movement, but I do now. Steve, the truce ended sometime ago.

    Many bloggers and non bloggers that would usually be responding to this truth time are away for the weekend. But they will see this gross crap–sorry, I can’t even try to speak nicely–as I will email them this, and will respond.

    So Jay, and Steve, think that concentration camps are an answer? Dare answer that one

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  27. matthew61 Says :

    I assume this is satire, and well done satire actually.

    If not, then I would rather stand up for what I believe is right as opposed to being on the winning team.

    Jesus was not about being on the “winning team.”

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  28. Dr. Forbush Says :


    I read about half of Anthem and put it down. It is just to trite. Fountainhead was a much better book.

    Michael, BYOC is right though, didn’t Jesus say to sell everything you have and come follow him. Do I need to go find the quote?

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  29. Brother Kenya Says :

    Another way of saying what you’ve said, Mr. Steele:

    The sun on the meadow is summery warm.
    The stag in the forest runs free.
    But gather together to greet the storm.
    Tomorrow belongs to me.

    The branch of the linden is leafy and green,
    The Rhine gives its gold to the sea.
    But somewhere a glory awaits unseen.
    Tomorrow belongs to me.

    The babe in his cradle is closing his eyes
    The blossom embraces the bee.
    But soon, says a whisper;
    “Arise, arise,
    Tomorrow belongs to me”

    Oh Fatherland, Fatherland,
    Show us the sign
    Your children have waited to see.
    The morning will come
    When the world is mine.
    Tomorrow belongs to me!

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  30. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    I find it quite funny when liberals try to disprove my points with scripture. No, I take that back, I find it really annoying. I am a true Biblical scholar and a God appointed interpreter of his word.

    Therefore there are only two reasonable responses to this post:

    1. I agree completely and will join you and your holy battle against liberalism.
    2. I am too corrupted by the liberal ideas of multi-culturalism, feminism, moral relativism and socialism to accept the teaching of Jesus Christ and Michael Gregory Steele. I am beyond saving.

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  31. Jet Says :

    Well, I just have to say how freeing it is, actually, to find out that Jesus wants me to go shopping and have nicer things than my neighbors. I mean, they don’t know Jesus like I think they should, so why should they have nice things?

    And I am just so thankful that I don’t have to mess with that nasty recycling bin anymore. Why leave a clean place for the sinners left after the rapture? They should have to clean it up themselves for being such wretched liberal pervs.

    It’s a real joy to my heart to know my Lord doesn’t want me to waste my time mucking about with nasty smelling poor people, who are all probably voted for Clinton. ::shudder:: I’d much rather put on my new designer clothes and these absolutely to die for shoes and go impress the women at the ladies circle at church. I feel ever so much closer to Jesus when I see their green, envious faces.


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  32. sexy jexy Says :

    Pia, I am so sorry that Mr. Steele’s commentary has upset you so, but please, PLEASE tell me that you understand this is extreme satire? A true follower of Christ would not have any ill will towards any religion, race or creed. I hope you know that. You seem to be a smart person.

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  33. Princess Wild Cow Says :

    Please, please, please…don’t ever do that again. I read it simply because you thought it important enough to show the other side…On the other hand, do it again. I am more firmly resolved than ever to keep these…these…uh, whatever they are out of power in the future.

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  34. sally Says :

    Wow…some people got it!

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  35. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    “I am a true Biblical scholar and a God appointed interpreter of his word,”

    Normally I would ask who died and made you boss? , but I’m sure your answer will be Jesus.

    Oh missionary if bigotry I ask you which thing you truly worship, futher I do not need scripture to validate my relationship with the creator as it is all around us for all time and I know in my heart what my purpose is I do not need a man with the contrived words of other men aimed at scripting and controlling my life to tell me what god wants, I know it because I feel it in my heart. The creator is not in a book or a building rather the divine is ever present in the living world and the hearts of all men. It trancends culture, race, and sex for the creator does not need us but rather we need it, nor does it need partners in men to tell other men how to live. your vision of god tells me what person you are for i believe it was Xenophones of Colophon who said if horses and oxen had gods then the god of an ox would resemble the ox and the god of a horse would resemble a horse.

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  36. billion year old carbon Says :

    But the best part of your post is that not only do you not truly offer Christ as mans salvation or pay homage to his humble life and its sacrifice but you purposefully raise the Icon of economic gain at the expense of your unfortunate nieghbors who you have been commanded to love as you would love your self.

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  37. pia Says :

    sexy jexy
    thanks for the empathy; however Steele and I have had too many talks for me to believe that he is being sarcastic though he does seem to lay it on a bit thick

    Have gotten to know Steve and Jay better than I want to, they too believe all this. This post is showing their true colors.

    Yes a true Christian would never think like the three of them, I know that… but these three so called Christians and reformers of the right are playing to people’s worst sides.

    Steele is hopeless; Steve, well the less said the better, and Jay is becoming bolder and bolder in his attacks against good people he deems to be bad.

    I am truly heartsick.

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  38. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    Billion year old carbon, no what Jesus really wants you to do is to prove yourself in the marketplace. You have to work hard to earn His respect just as you do mine.

    Also, the best way to pay homage to Christ is to listen to those whom he appoints as spirtual leaders. People such as myself. You see, studying the Bible and trying to live by Jesus’ teachings is all well and good, but it’s merely a starting point.

    Plenty of people read the Bible, but not everyone understands it correctly like I do. That’s why my blog, and this post are so very necessary.

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  39. Blah Blah Blah Says :

    wait it’s all about keeping MY money? The way Jesus intended? What? ILLOGIC ALERT.

    And who the hell is going to pay for Bush’s deficit if I keep my money? What’s going on?

    This country had more money under the Dems. I recall that Clinton managed to balance the budget and cheat on his wife at the same time. Efficient man, that Bill. But the Repugs demonized him for the cheating part. But he prayed REPUGS! Remember him and Jesse and Hillary…he prayed and his marriage was saved….

    And the budget remained balanced.

    And all was well with the world.



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  40. Jay Says :

    I never said I agreed with any of this! I don’t.
    All I said, was it was better than anything I’ve ever seen written over here, but I take that back. Gun toting Liberal did write a better piece over here the other day.

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  41. pia Says :

    MGS won’t even acknowledge me. Pitiful.

    BYOC MGS is being borish and very full of himself. Thought Jesus licked people’s feet, but I have read too many far right blogs to think that they believe in that any more.

    It’s all about money, Republican values, and covering up any wrongs.

    Not my America anymore

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  42. steve Says :

    Well Excuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusssssssssssseeeee me!!!

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  43. pia Says :

    Steve,hello, you became very angry once when I called you a bigot.

    But you Repubcon retard, you are. At least Jay had the decency to distance himself from this, but you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  44. Billion year Old carbon Says :

    Frankly Steele your respect is likely the last thing if nothing I am concerned w/ earning, you really can’t be serious, maybe I was gulable in thinking that you are. Lets start easy here what are your credentials backing this statement?

    “I am a true Biblical scholar and a God appointed interpreter of his word.”

    Did Gabriel come down and tell you as the voice of god that you have been appointed?

    or did an order of men give you that title?

    or is this a self appointed position?

    As for your interpretation of the bible it is arguably contradictory to interpratation of many other esteemed scholars and this is the chaos of men telling other men what gods wants, which has led to all the true evil in the world manipulation of the divine among men for greed and wealth is arguably the greatest sin of all.

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  45. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    pia, I’ll acknowledge you, and your disgusting comment. It’s about God, it’s about fairness, and it’s about values.

    I make be boorish and self-assured, but I’m also right.

    It’s about money only in the sense that people who earn it should be the only ones that have it. Some Republicans have been corrupt and committed some “wrongs” in the past, but your entire viewpoint is corrupt and just plain wrong.

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  46. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    Billion Year Old Carbon, you don’t think that God has told me that I am special? He has, he speaks to me because I listen. Also, let it be know, I am not talking about pegan gods (lower case ‘g’) but the one true God, there’s a difference.

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  47. pia Says :

    Some of us godless (or wrong god) Democrat’s have made our own money, so by your sickening pov I should have it.

    Oh just got it. Right. My religion–the one of money changers because that’s the only profession we were allowed to have for hundreds of years, is a wrong religion, hence my money is tainted, and I don’t count.

    Well fuck you too. As long as there is still a working Constitution and Bill of Rights this is my country also, and I will fight you and your ilk until the bitter (for you) end.

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  48. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    I think David koresh also thought god was speaking to him …and we all know he was very special. is that your final answer?

    I agree there is but one true ultimate reality and you seem to claim to know its mind but, we are only human beings, and therfore are faulted, incapable of knowing exactly what god thinks. It seems unlikely to me that a creator would make all of this, this world with truly diverse forms of life on it, give humans free will, and then demand to be worshiped in only one method found in one book (which is really a best of Nicea collection) written by imperfect human beings who claim to be speaking to it.

    I am not a pagan, people like you broadly apply it to any one who does not share your belief structure in an attempt to slander, when really it is a term that describes a particular belief system.

    Really for me there are many roads all leading to same place as part of the human experience and for me the gospels are a story of the selfless sacrifice made by a man (perhaps divine) for his fellow man, on the convictions of his religeous beliefs, (like a saint on the pyre) and yes by most traditional accounts i am probably what is normally called a heretic by the orthodox. I regard myself as a Deist however and continually seek historical knowledge in an effort to discern truth rather than blindly accepting what those with out true knowledge would have me believe.

    For there is another reality here more true than not and it is that time and again some who claim to shepard lead the flock to the slaughter for their own benefit. preaching is the easiest way for a wicked person to decieve the faithful, Koresh, Jim Jones, and that Comet dude testify to this.

    Lastly i will leave you with this thought earlier I noted this:

    Xenophones of Colophon who said if horses and oxen had gods then the god of an ox would resemble the ox and the god of a horse would resemble a horse.

    I will expand… if asses had a god they would fashion it in their own image.

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  49. sally Says :

    MGS, I tried to respect that you are our guest author and I am always the first to say GREAT POST, but THIS?

    Your opinion is welcome here, no matter how it conflicts with everything Bring it on! believes but your pompous tone is not welcomed!

    The basis of your ideaology is that God talks to you and therefore we all should listen to you, is that right?

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  50. Jet Says :

    God talks to MGS and GWB! Coincidence?

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  51. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    Billion Year Old Commet, I do not doubt for a second that you worship a diety, although to me, your god bares a striking resemblance to the Dark Prince.

    Sally, my “ideology” is that American is in serious trouble and that it needs individuals with strong moral character to step up and lead. I am one such individual.

    Jet, I do like to think that George W. and I are cut from the same cloth.

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  52. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    Right because I don’t believe a loving god intended its creation to live in the dark and under the oppresion of other men and that men such as your self perpetuate a mythology of alleged moral behavior and anti-science aimed at suplanting the thought of the rational minds of men with repressive tripe for your own economic gain while claiming that this is what god wants and he told you so. WELL…You have some hubris my friend, but thats about it. I have to say intellectually I am un-impressed, you have yet to actually answer anyones questions here today and I think you’ve done well to show the nature of the beast big, growl but toothless and confused in the end.

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  53. The Bastard Says :

    MGS, must be a cheese cloth you were both cut from because Bush is just plain cheeeesy!!!

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  54. steve Says :

    Bigot? Lacking decency? Retard?

    Sounds just so hateful. What did I do? I just agreed with MGS’s post. It was awesome, sorry, there I said it. Sorry I said MGS’s post was awesome. It was awesome to me because if you stand back and look, the post is sort of correct. Why?

    Well, first off instead of offering a better scenario, you know, like a better way this country should be run; this site is totally built on the character assasination of every person in the Republican leadership or the Republican Party. You are trying to make us like a lesser class or even trying to discriminate against us. Some Republicans do it back to you as well. However, it’s true, it’s totally American to use your right of free speech to criticize a leader. I enjoy it, you enjoy it and life goes on. It wouldn’t be America without it. But when you use ridicule to promote progress, does it really help the situation? It is un-American to destroy a dissenting group of people because they support a freely elected leader. What I mean is, immediately classifying someone as a “bigot” or a “retard” because they think differently or may not be as well read on a political issue such as, Karl Rove’s little problem or the pending debates for a Supreme Court Justice is nothing less than equal to such issues as racism, or sexism or even discrimination. If the left has the better way then why is it not transcending the current leadership’s paradigm?

    What I like about MSG’s website and this post is that it is so abrupt. It’s so in your face. I feel like he stuck it to you guys with no fear or shame or consequence. It’s meant to startle you, get your juices flowing, it’s meant to get you to speak out. It’s also meant for understanding. When I first really stopped into this blog a month or so back, I could not believe what I was reading. It was just like MSG’s post to you. And then when I posted some resentment to the issue, I was called a bigot on the very first response. Something draws me back. MSG’s post is almost as if the reverse has taken place here. Do I agree with every detail, absolutely not? Do I agree with the message? Yes. Even if MSG’s site is totally a satire, which it very well may be, the main message is correct here: Republican’s are in charge for now, deal with it in 2006 and 2008! There is nothing satirical with that.

    In a public forum such as Bring It On, you should embrace the other side. Bastard… Pia… I have discovered this place and I am not going away. I enjoy it way too much, despite the negativity towards my posts. I am a simple person. I have worked hard all my life to support myself and my wife to build what I have, just like many of you have. The people I value the most are my friends and family and not myself. I enjoy performing music, the leaves in the fall and finding a 20 dollar bill in a pair of jeans I just pulled from the dryer. My father and his family immigrated to this country from Germany to chase an American Dream. My mother grew up disabled but has had a very very normal life and is also still chasing that dream. They’ve been married 40 years this year. It wasn’t all Ford Tauruses and white picket fences growing up, but their here, my brothers are here and I am here and we’re all still one big happy family despite the flaws. I care about this country very much as do you all and I believe we all have commonality in a way because we don’t want to see it ruined. We just don’t see eye to eye. Does that make me a bigot or a retard? If it does, then I am, so what?

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  55. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    Well come on man is this what your agreeing with?

    “And you have to admit, a world without gays, feminists or non-Christians wouldn’t be all that terrible.”

    Who else do want to put on the list? come on say it… go on we’re listening. Lets follow the truth of this thought out: How do you propose to dispose of all these people? By converting them? what do you do when they don’t want to?

    Now I happen to think that qualifies as bigotry.

    Lets try this one on next:
    It is un-American to destroy a dissenting group of people because they support a freely elected leader.

    Destroy? hey we’re just talking my friend, commrade MGS is the one advocating conformity to the point where the individual is supplanted by the we. “We are of one mind and one voice.” kind of sounds like something Karl Marx would love. Benedito M. would have dug that sort of philosophy too.

    By the way, is that only when the dissenting group supports their leader, because I have to tell you there are many con. and Republican sites that practice hard core censorship against the dissenting voices of democrats and the liberated like their an extension of Fox media and the posts never get posted - now thats un-American

    Oh and does it count when the leader is appointed by a court or not?

    We are sugesting a better way to run the country which is to do a 180 but its going to take years to undo the damage that has been done. Mind you the country was in great shape before these guys got their hands on it and did the first 180.

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  56. OTTMANN Says :

    I must admit that MGS is even more abrupt than I am, usually, and that’s saying alot from the comments I’ve received on some of my posts.

    I figured liberals would take most of what he said wrong however, as I’ve had all these same arguments on line for years with many liberals. I know that most of the time, trying to explain to self-professed “intellectual” liberals is like talking to a brick wall. So please allow a heavy weight (experience, not fat)to take a crack at providing some insight and expand on some of what Steele says here.

    I’ll try to keep it short.

    First off, I agree with much of what MGS has to say, only he goes a bit over the top, which probably scares some people. The reason it’s better to be a Republican is because we are for individuals and families making their own lives better through hard work to make money so they can help others who need it most by using faith based guidance in their own lives, thus transferring the love of God through their success, without reliance on government or interference from it by imposed taxes, and undue regulations that make living more complex than necessary.

    The fact is that Bush’s tax cuts have worked wonders for the economy, and are translating into the deficit being reduced at the same time, by a just reported $100 BILLION. Job growth is steady and inflation is low. All this while fighting a war on terror in attempts to keep them from destroying the world. It proves that democrats have been wrong all this time, and many are admitting it now too.

    Secondly, In accepting God’s love and guidance one needs to accept his laws before those of man. Threatening all of that are people who are more interested in themselves and their personal desires such as gays, lesbians, pedophiles, rapists, criminals, terrorists’ etc., et al, many of whom do not have any true relationship with God, and are therefore lost souls without faith, only out for what they can get from society while pushing a secular agenda that they can identify with that is supported by democrats and liberals to have heaven on earth.

    So as you can see, being a whole person requires sacrifice which clearly most of the people in one party are willing to do (Republicans), and the other (democrats) are not.

    Well, I hope that clears up any confusion.


    Comment unrated
  57. sally Says :

    Steve, while I am glad you like this site and keep returning, lets get a few facts straight…

    You and your blog entered our radar only through happenstance. This blog is all volunteer and there is no way we can find everyone who links or writes about us. I happen to find your blog through BlogExplosion. You had issues with us and a post but did not comment on our blog. You chose to write about us on your blog.

    This irritated a lot of the people on Bring it on! and this started a bad attitude towards you…why it never occured to you that this was sleazy I am not sure why.

    This was how you were introduced to us! It’s not a flattering introduction, is it?

    And, to top it off, you did two more times…

    Comment unrated
  58. The Bastard Says :

    Ottmann, do youself a favor and disconnect your self from the borg for a second and listen to yourself.

    Liberals don’t help others?

    Can you back that up?

    How is a gay person wanting equal rights any different than the christians trying to shove their agenda and their God down everyone elses throat?

    And to think, you lumped gays and lesbians in with the criminal element. Are you saying that their activities are illegal (or should be)?

    How does worshipping God make you a better person? And is it only worshipping your God that makes a person whole or can I worship Buddah?

    You see that is what America is about, a melting pot of ideas and interests. And the great experiment is trying to make it all work out so that no one person is better than anyone else.

    Except you don’t preach that, you preach that we have to worship your God to be whole.

    This country was not created to form God’s army, this country was founded on the principles of religious freedom by people that know all to well what it felt like to be persecuted for their beliefs.

    One last question, which church should I join? The protestant, the catholic, the baptist, the lutheran, the evangelical, the David Koresh church of guns and womenizing in the name of God?

    Which one of their God’s is the right one to follow?

    You see the church is a man made institution and all those church’s were created because someone didn’t agree with how someone was preaching.

    Oops, one more question, did you ever here of being spiritual?

    Comment unrated
  59. steve Says :

    Sally…. uh…

    I was called a bigot here well before I started writing on my blog about Bring it on. I also directed my points on my blog towards individuals or certain posts and not to Bring it on as a whole unless you are just reading the title of the whole Bizarro thing I wrote on. In fact, since I wrote pretty extensively on Terri Schiavo on my own, I felt I should respond after being called a bigot. That incident clearly occurred here on June 16th. I wrote about Terri Schiavo on the 17th and I addressed the post “What do you have to say now” Look in the comment section and you will clearly see where I appeared and was called a bigot, immediately after I posted. That was uncalled for and it was a good time for me to comment on Terri and “what liberals think they won” in that battle. Secondly, if you agree with BYOC and what he says up above about Conservatives and their blogs regarding “censorship” then are you saying I can’t write about anything I want on my blog? I mean, are you giving me rules? You talk about the Republicans and Bush pretty badly and you are not censored. You never will be either. And in fact, your blog here will always be successful… unless you go too far and you are nowhere near that point. Lastly what BYOC also states in regards to the quote from MSG about gays and non-Christians is a very good example of bigotry. I also however stated:

    “Do I agree with every detail, absolutely not? Do I agree with the message? Yes. Even if MSG’s site is totally a satire, which it very well may be, the main message is correct here: Republican’s are in charge for now, deal with it in 2006 and 2008! There is nothing satirical with that.”

    In order for one to argue on this blog against the majority of it’s members, you must have pin-point precision or you will be thrown under the microscope. I unfortunatly can’t always cover every base in my points however, there are a lot of instances where my responses aren’t thoroughly read before I am shot down. I at least read your stuff. Do I need to be under the radar? If so, can you at least use it before the guns start blazing?

    Comment unrated
  60. bushcheney08 Says :

    Amen micheal! amen ottman! amen steve!

    I dont think I really have to comment here except for that the truth here has been told by these people, and to deny it is only more liberalism (satanicism) on your part

    Comment unrated
  61. Benjamin Solah Says :

    Moxie, brave move this guy is obviously nuts and should be locked up. Convert us all to christianity? I wonder why the west are hated so much.

    Comment unrated
  62. MoxieGrrrl Says :

    Just giving the freak equal time, Ben! ;)

    Comment unrated
  63. sally Says :

    Steve, the first time we noticed you was after you wrote this and then you wrote this.

    I asked people here if they knew of your blog, and no one answered.

    Comment unrated
  64. sally Says :

    Steve, I went back through the comments and your timeline is correct.

    I did notice how you had a tactic of screaming at someone and metaphorically jumping on the backs and just repeating over and over the same point…that was “you repreesent the bigotry we are fighting” came out.

    If you look through the archives you will notice how in the first few months we were civil in our comments. Debate is only achieved through civil discourse…but, as the months have passed there have been personal attacks on different members here. So now if anyone at Bring it on! feels a commentator just won’t quit they are more curt and direct to them.

    Your contention was that all liberal bloggers felt vindicated when the Terri Schiavo autopsy was revealed. Vindication? Vindication that we were right and they were wrong…through the course of many many comments from you you kept on repeating that assertion over and over no matter how many times we said no.

    When TB does the same tactic to you…you were annoyed, very annoyed!

    Comment unrated
  65. pia Says :

    Steve this is what I said:
    you represent the closed minded bigotry we are fighting.

    I stand by those words. Bigots are not just racial, etc. You believe that a woman doesn’t have a right to decide when it comes to her own body; that’s an example right there

    Bigoted thinking is thinking that you know what’s best for another person. It puts you in the position of thinking that you are superior therefore…Here are some synomyns for the word “bigot” as used in Roget’s Thesaurus
    “dogmatist” “hater” “intolerant person” “orthodox”
    “bigoted” also includes “fanatatical”
    “bigotry” further includes “hate”

    You never say what points you disagree with in this post, but yes, Steve, I do know how you feel about a woman’s right to chose. By wanting to take away that right you demonstrate bigotry

    You don’t say that you disagree with the statements on non-Christians and gays–so I have to assume that you agree–that’s bigotry

    Why am I not a bigot by these standards? Because I’m not trying to tell another person how to live.

    As long as they don’t kill another person, hurt another person, etc., I believe people are free to live anyway they want.

    and I never called you a bigot; my statement was less than that. It’s you who keeps on coming back and bringing that up, as you kept on bringing up 9/11.

    So what do you agree with or disagree with in this post?

    Comment unrated
  66. pia Says :

    one last thing Steve, we have discussed Terri often at Bring it on! Our stances (mine, yes, especially maybe) are well known. Terri’s dead; unfortunately something that should have been private became a very expensive national matter.

    Terri’s never mentioned in this post. I will only discuss things that are mentioned here

    Come here as often as you like

    Comment unrated
  67. Argent Says :

    Did you notice that all his reasons for being Republican are childish ones? The first reason is because he wants to be on the team that wins. So I suppose he’ll want to be a Democrat when they win - that’s not a reason, that’s a deep emotional need.

    Then he says that he doesn’t have to worry about offending God. As if war-mongering, turning people against one another and killing soldiers because they volunteered are good things that will be looked on with favor. Again, the need for a fairy-tale ending fulfilled.

    Then he says that it’s good that he doesn’t have to think for himself anymore… that’s the whole problem with complex issues like politics and governing - it takes so much thinking.

    And then he says that he has more money now and the poor do not, even though he’s paying more for education, property tax, gas, insurance and medical care than ever before. Here we see the childish belief that having more money is like a wink and a nod from God.

    I always knew Republicans were very gullible and narcissistic (?), but it’s scary to see how happy they are to wallow in it all. If it’s possible, I have even less respect for them now, which is not a good thing. You should be able to take each person on their own value, but what’s happening to them these days is just a real shame.

    Comment unrated
  68. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    See now this is the kind of bullshit I’m talking about:

    Comment unrated
  69. imhomeless Says :

    man.. yall are a bunch of political fanatics.. don’t you know they control everything.. not you.. neither do your votes..

    Amsterdam.. now why can’t America be like Amsterdam!!!

    Comment unrated
  70. JustaDog Says :

    They lie in wait to attack anyone with character, principle, morals - beware!

    Comment unrated
  71. Jay Says :

    You Liberals have just proven that you truly are complete idiots ready to jump on anyone…even members of your own political party. I thought the entry was hilarious, and I found the comments even funnier(even though it saddened me that members of my political party are this stupid).

    Comment unrated
  72. Gun-Toting Liberal Says :

    I’m sure Mr. Steele will be relocating to South Carolina with the rest of the Christian Exodus (.org) fundies soon. This is VERY good news for 49 states. My hat’s off to Mr. Steele for proving everything I’ve ever blogged about against the far-right, LOONY NeoCons is DEAD ON. Please give him a weekly post, Mox!!! This nutcase is actually a GOOD thing for the promotion of liberal values.

    Comment unrated
  73. Gun-Toting Liberal Says :


    A Christian fundamentalist blogger speaks his mind as a guest blogger on a major liberal blog (y’all have GOT to read this!)

    “Some say, “You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar”. Mr. Michael Gregory Steele (I thought full middle names were a popular fad with serial axe killers, not bloggers?), in his quest to convert some liberals over to his ideology of far-right wing, NeoChristian, NeoCon, fundie way of seeing things.”

    Comment unrated
  74. Joseph (OKDemocrat) Says :

    Who invited Satin to visit this website? Or is it only Satin’s son or lover perhaps? Maybe it’s only one of his minions? In any case, someone let Satin or a Satin-worshipper (yes, that’s what someone like this unknowingly is) into this place. I’m ashamed.

    Comment unrated
  75. The Bastard Says :

    Sometimes you just have to say “what the fuck” and well, I’m saying it, why? Because I know that we all make a difference and at the same time make no difference at all.

    That’s my liberal take on it!!!!! Why? Because I have a strong belief (not faith) that we actually could all sit down and knock back a few without ringing each others neck.

    I don’t know about any of you but I’m quite tired of these guys (all politicians) dividing us. It’s not about party lines, it’s about the distribution of wealth and how it is going to be done. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t have much wealth although I would like to help out my fellow brother when I can but at the same time my brother might need help when I really can’t help but I do help in any way I can……

    That is what this country is all about!!!

    Comment unrated
  76. The Cranky Liberal Says :

    You know the craziest thing here, I’ve heard all these sentiments echoes on other brain dead conservative sites before. Every single one of them.

    OTTMAN your economic analysis is a bit weak don’t you think? Wait of course you don’t.

    Let me just pop your bubble. The “improved” deficit numbers are a temporary abberation that were caused by a few things, none repeatable. One - profit taking in an improved Stockmarket and home market. People cashed in, so they had to pay capital gains. WHAT???? Isn’t that what the republicans want to do away with the taxes on? And the second reason was better than expected corporate tax revenue because a temporary tax cut expired. What??? More revenue because of taxes???? Amazing!! If your theory was correct, tax revenue would be growing from income tax recpiepts (more people working making more money blah blah. Laffer curve stuff). That isn’t happening. People are working, but they are not making any more. As a matter of fact, they are barely keeping up with inflation.

    Also OTTMAN the deficit you are crowing about reducing like some puffed up peacock WAS BUSH’S FAULT!!! He created the deficit. So bragging about how your reducing your own deficit is like a fat person bragging they only gaind 2 pounds instead of 3 on their diet. Big fricking deal!

    Don’t even bring up 9/11 or the War. The War costs are mostly off-budget items and the bulk of the deficit is from the early Bush tax cuts.

    Lastly unemployemnt is still not as low as it was. Job growth is lower than where it should be for this phase of a “recovery” and the “recovery” is uneven and not beenfiting everyone.

    So if THAT’s what tou are a republican, your pretty much a dope.

    Comment unrated
  77. Michael Gregory Steele Says :

    I am somewhat angered, but not at all surprised by the response my post has elicited. I decided to simply come here and tell it like it is, without trying to be all cautiously sensitive or politically correct. I put it all out there without worrying about offending people.

    Liberals just can’t handle brutal honesty I guess. Of course the reaction to my truth is that I am persecuted for my faith. Same old story, but none of you will silence me.

    Comment unrated
  78. steve Says :

    MGS, I second that.

    Comment unrated
  79. pia Says :

    Thanks Cranky for answering Ottoman. When the cost of living goes up constantly, wages don’t, as you said the defecit was caused by Bush and company, etc., me think these people are a bit delusional.

    No the cost of the war is too much to mention; as is the cost of 9/11–still going on. Would find it amusing that Wyoming gets around $36 per person in terrorism aid, while NY gets around $6 a person, but hey what are the people of NY for if not to keep on paying for 9/11 in everyway. Constant COLA increases, high taxes, Freedom Tower is a whole in the ground, people are out of work or working for less money than they used to work for

    If MGS, Steve etc are being persecuted for their faith, it’s because their faith isn’t real. True Christians are compassionate and caring; will even tolerate liberals with all our whining ways.

    Comment unrated
  80. steve Says :


    I agree with you on the wages and cost of living thing but that’s not necessarily a political problem. There are many, many other factors than Bush being in the White House. Bush did not cause the 9/11 disaster, neither did Clinton. Bush did not cause the tech bubble in the late 90’s, neither did Clinton, though many claim life was better under his clock, during that bubble. There are major extraordinary circumstances changing the world other than the war on terror and Iraq like the burgeoning economies of China and India, where almost half the world’s people live. It sucks New Yorkers get less terrorism aid than the people of Wyoming but what if we did take it away from them? What would that increase your rate to? $6.25? California’s is probably 4 bucks. Do we need it? I don’t think so. I’d be happy to send it back.

    I don’t believe I am being persecuted for my faith. You have no idea how compassionate or caring of a person I am to even comment that I am not or say I don’t even tolerate liberals. I do tolerate liberals, just not “these” liberals. Big difference.

    As far as Bastard, I am a big fan of Guinness and Irish Whiskey. Irish Car Bomb anyone?

    Comment unrated
  81. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    Ah yes the would be persecutor of others,

    “And you have to admit, a world without gays, feminists or non-Christians wouldn’t be all that terrible.”

    now claims persecution by the potential victims,

    “Of course the reaction to my truth is that I am persecuted for my faith. Same old story, but none of you will silence me.”

    No one is out to silence you to begin with because you are your own worst enemy.

    “This relates to the central fact that the government should not be concerned over souls for three main reasons: (1) individuals, according to Locke, cannot alienate control over their souls, (2) force cannot create the change necessary for salvation, and (3) even if coercion could, there is no certainty that the religion doing the oppressing is the true (Christian) religion.”
    -synopsis of John Lockes, “A Letter Concerning Tolerance.”

    Comment unrated
  82. Cattrin Says :

    BYOC, all respect I’ve had for you in MoxirGrrrl’s house has just increased tenfold!

    I’m commenting about this shameless dolt on my own blog… I’m not a religious person but you seem to have your own religion in hand. I hope you don’t mind If I quote you (in a good light, ofcorse) in my post. (see, Steve, I tell people when I qote them.) Someone is just bound to argue that I don’t like this waste of flesh simply because I’m “Godless”, So I want to prove that it’s not just me. Let me know if you don’t want the quote there and I’ll take it off.

    Comment unrated
  83. billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    Its all good, enjoy, but thanks for the option.

    Comment unrated
  84. pia Says :

    If all the states who were given much more aid than NY for 9/11 terrorism measures because of pork barrel programs gave us part of their money, it would make a significant difference.

    Then there’s the symbolic message it sends. We might take the hit for the rest of the country,but we’re New York, not really part of this country. We can pull ourselves up as we always have–by ourselves

    and yes Steve many New Yorkers haven’t recovered–some stopped taking public transport after 9/11; some stopped last week.

    I would agree with you about the economy, but as you said there are extraordinary circumstances–such as the cost of the war in Iraq, and all the costs that are somehow associated with it.

    If this is a Christian country as you all claim, how are you persecuted for practicing your religion? You never give specifics just blanket statements.

    There are an ever growing number of swatiskas and other blatant symbols of anti-semitism at cememetries and Jewish centers. We have to have armed guards and police protection on an everyday basis at some Temples, and at all on holidays. That’s overt persecution; won’t even begin to go into the amount of covert persecution

    And for the record, you made very personally hateful statements that yes I pharaphrased on my blog, without identifying you in anyway. You came to apologize to my readers for my misquoting you. I then quoted you to show exactly what had been said. Didn’t see you apologize to me.

    You might be the most compassionate caring Christian in the world, but since you never said what you disagree with in MGS’s post, how would anybody know.

    And yes, I second or third BYOC’s comments.

    Comment unrated
  85. steve Says :

    I should have expanded on the faith part…

    I feel I am being persecuted here for being a Republican and for believing in what I believe are moral values. I am for free speech, owning a gun and for free religion for all for example. I am Pro-Life and that includes being against the death penalty. I am against the death penalty because the balance of justice is not right and there is a heck a lot executions where this is doubt in the guilt of some people. If Michael Jackson and OJ can get off then what about the poor man that was at the wrong place and wrong time sitting in a cell on death row, who is totally innocent? In your eyes I am of a criminal mind for not supporting the right to life and being anti-abortion. I am not against you for being a woman, I am against destroying an unborn child. For that I don’t see anything wrong. I just want to see the innocent live. Is there a crime in believing in that cause? Or will these last statements be declared as hateful as well. (This has nothing to do with my support of the War in Iraq so don’t tell me about the innocent lives lost in that one)

    It sucks there are swatstikas and anti-semitism and vandalization of synagogues and cemeteries. It’s deplorable but it is not caused by me or my beliefs or my circle of friends and family. It’s not caused by me supporting the Republican Party either.

    Lastly I thought we had made a truce over those 9/11 comments after my experience with my family and the London Bombings? We didn’t hear from my sister in law Katie for like 12 hours. I understand you, pia, a heck of a lot better by going through that. Don’t you see that? It may have been a bit of Karma that the night before that on this blog you almost made a wish that I had been killed in 9/11. I didn’t even want to respond to that or bring it up again but then the London thing happens and well, look where we are at now. After these terrorist events, people have their own unique experiences. We shouldn’t judge people who lived through them or were affected by them.

    Comment unrated
  86. Keith Eubanks Says :

    Mr. Steele,

    Your post, no doubt, was the first of any real substance on that site.

    Comment unrated
  87. pia Says :

    I said that you were acting as if you wished you had been in New York on 9/11.

    How is that almost wishing you had died on 9/11?

    I don’t know how many millions of people were in Manhattan that day, only 3,000 died. I thought that you were talking as if you had wanted to be in the city and part of the experience; certainly not dead. That’s not comprehensible.

    I would never make an almost wish like that on anybody, including Osama Bin Laden who I have fantasized about killing.

    I am truly sorry that you thought I said that.

    Comment unrated
  88. TheChosenOne Says :

    I just wanted to be the 88th post. It’s a great number to have on the back of a football jersey! Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

    Comment unrated
  89. Kevin Says :

    Mr. Steele, although I do not agree with you completely, I’d like to thank you. You’ve exposed the idiots that worship this blog as some idol more important than the Lord Himself.

    Comment unrated
  90. The Cranky Liberal Says :

    Oh Yep - he exposed Lots of idiots :)

    Comment unrated
  91. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    A) I am simply amazed by the number of people that actually seem to lend support to to a man who has expressed some rather bigoted views in tne name of christianity and the conservative end of the republican party. Your really willing to let these rather un-American ideas taint the name of your party rather than speak out against them?

    B) saying that you don’t agree with him but patting him on the back at the same time would seem like a lovely way to try obsolve ones self of the guilt of actually supporting these bigoted views .

    C) I’m not sure that everyone understands what this country is really supposed to be about so todays book reccomendation is John Lockes, “Second Treaties of Government,” because it is actually the base philosophical foundation that the framers layed our constitution on.

    Comment unrated
  92. superman Says :

    Evidence of what happens when you eat too many paint chips…
    That guy was awesome! I love how he admits to being evil instead of trying to hide it.

    Comment unrated
  93. sally Says :

    Billion Year Old Carbon, why are you surprised by that fact…during most of his post MGS was right on the border of saying “who cares about the poor (any poor person regardless of race)it’s either their damn fault or what is the damn point about helping them anyway”. How many right wingers have suddenly felt emboldened to comment? And, how many have said that is the best thing I have seen on this blog? Now we know how uncompassionte and mean spirited they really are!!

    Cranky, Yes a lot of idiots were exposed!

    Steve, Steve Steve…I don’t know where to begin! Persecution? You have the habit of repeating a claim over and over and when you get an answer you don’t want to hear you go sulk on your blog. That is annoying…exactly how are we persecuting you?

    You make numerous baiting comments and then act surprised when people call you on it.

    What the hell is this? you almost made a wish that I had been killed in 9/11?

    Comment unrated
  94. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    Actually Sally you make a point at the time of this post 6 people seem to express some sort of support for this post, two of which positivly affirm MGS’s sentiments, even one is one too many when you think of the natural conclusions of what a statement like the following implies.

    , “a world without gays, feminists or non-Christians,”

    When you think it through you would basically be looking at a final solution scenario at the very least itsw the equivelent outcome.

    What I find even more interesting however is that a fair number of your nomal conservative readership (not all) seems particularly absent from commenting in this post as if in silent afforemation. I really hope its just because they haven’t had the time this weekend or something.

    Comment unrated
  95. Timmer Says :

    You know, there comes a time when one must call BULLSH*T….and this is one of them. My BS radar is just about ringing off the hook.

    As many of you know, I am a republican/conservative blogger who readily engages with true and tried democrats/liberals on a regular basis. That said, I am smelling something very fishy about “MICHAEL GREGORY STEELE” and CONSERVATIVES FOR AMERICAN VALUES.

    *** “Michael” is a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, posing as a Conservative Republican. ***

    Do you doubt me? Those of you who have been blogging for a while must have had your BS alarm going crazy too while reading his posts. Let’s face it, he is a Liberal blogger’s Dream Come True — and if I thought he was a REAL GUY, even I would have a big problem with his outlandish posts. Here is my proof:

    -DOCTORED UP photos of him and his supposed sidekick blogger Herman (who writes only on occassion, but exactly the same way as “Michael”)

    -NO BLOGROLL of fellow conservatives…only a list of Liberal blogs
    (”Blogroll of Iniquity”)

    -OUTLANDISH and laughable posts, to even the most conservative folks. I almost spilled my kool-aid!

    -NO additional profile info, save the bragg-o-blurb of self righteousness next to the faked-up photo.

    Sorry folks, but some of you have been HAD by this guy. I would venture to guess that lots of you have been asking yourselves all along “Who the HELL writes this kinda’ crap?” The answer is NOBODY…at least not in all honesty.

    Sorry “Michael Gregory” (or whatever your name is)…this cat ain’t buyin’ what yer sellin’…but GAWD BLESS all the same.

    Comment unrated
  96. sally Says :

    After 95 comments someone noticed!

    Comment unrated
  97. The Cranky Liberal Says :

    Sad thing is, I stand by my statement I can find every one of those items in this post in a “legitimate” conservative blog. Every one.

    Hell, just read the comments. You found them all here.

    Satire works best when it points out reality.

    Comment unrated
  98. sally Says :

    Cranky, you are so right! Everything written IN the post MGS has been said in other conservative blogs and was even championed by a few of the comments here.

    Comment unrated
  99. Billion Year Old Carbon Says :

    Nice, you really had me and I really dug my teeth in hard, this sort of ideology is everything that rational, intelligent, and good hearted people must resist and overcome, and like GTL I stand by everything I said, because there are people like this out there.

    If you want to view something like this as an expiriment its really interesting to see who is willing to quietly roll over and who would agree with shit like this. To go further these sorts of ideas get pushed by conservatives in the mainstream media all the time, by shmucks like Farwell, Robertson, and of course there was this sad but true stoty: http://www.cnn.com/2005/US/07/15/adoption.church.ap/index.html
    The world is in reality very discriminating.

    Comment unrated
  100. pia Says :

    Cranky Sally, BYOC,
    It is true that I see much worse in many Conservative blogs

    Steve, Sally is correct. Why continually come to a liberal blog and expect to be agreed with?

    We all believe in the rights guaranteed under The First Amendment. That is why we have never banned you from our site. The right to free speech also includes the right to be silent.

    That is why I try to ignore you until you have distorted my prior comments so badly I feel compelled to answer.

    If I continually went to your blog and insisted that Roe V Wade is a great amendment and how dare you disagree with me, you would tell me that it’s your blog, and you have the right to your pov on your blog, and I was just whining

    You would be right. On your blog you have the right to continually harp home your points.

    We have tried to answer your comments rationally. However when you said I almost made a wish you were killed on 9/11 (in another thread; I said nothing of the sort) you went way too far. I had to go back to read the different threads to see what you were talking about

    You would have shown true Christian compassion had you said that the words MGS used to great affect were both vile and gross. However…even in your last comment you complained about being persecuted here.

    What do you expect? A gold star for driving points home past the point a cow comes homes, is milked, breeds, and has calfs?

    BYOC you are so right; ” a world without Gays, feminists, and non-Christians…”

    I’m not exactly sure what the word “feminist” means in a post-feminist world.

    If it means the ablility and the want to support myself, even when married, then yes I am a feminist; if it means wanting all women to be able to support themselves through living wages, be given the same opportuntities as men without being harrased then yes I am a feminist. Yes I support a woman’s right to choose.

    As a non-Christian, feminist with many gay friends, this post showed me that I should be very scared.

    Thanks MGS for writing a post that wasn’t over the top at all. Too many people agreed with you.

    Silence under the First Amendment works both ways. It can be used to ignore comments such as Steve’s and other peoples’s; it can also be used as tacit agreement with the POV’s MGS expressed.

    Any person who commented on this post, agreed with it in part, but didn’t state that the tenor of the post was mean spirited and vile, thus agreed with the whole.

    How sad

    Comment unrated
  101. Timmer Says :

    So the question of the day: Which of you Honest Liberal folks put up the phony site? This obviously satisfied your ideology on some oblique plane.

    But before you congratulate yourselves too much on this li’l fishing trip, remember that others may (and probably did) misrepresent themselves as well. Outlandish posts like this can turn a righteously indignant blog article into a venue for utter chat-room mentality (as it did here)…don’t trust what you read on some of these, folks.

    Happy Bloggin’! Timmer

    Comment unrated
  102. ????????? Says :

    So a majority affirmation of a commitment to civil rights and religious freedom is a bad thing?

    Comment unrated
  103. Cattrin Says :

    The onl;y reason I haven’t really commented on this yet is because I put it all in my blog… and if anyone sais something I disagree with someone else always beet me to the punches.

    I Will mention my political stance, Just a fraction left of center.

    One more thing I will mention, I remember a guest talker on a news show complaining how the name ‘Hitler’ was being carelessly thrown arround.

    “a world without gays, feminists or non-Christians wouldn’t be all that terrible”
    To me, it sounds like Greg here has a thing for the Aryan race. Doesn’t it sound reminiscent of Hitler? (and no, I’m not ‘throwing the name around’)
    This Religious Reight is willing to do anything to purge the world of anything but the ‘perfect’ race, themselves.
    Anyone who believes in a different religion or way of life doesn’t deserve to live, plain and simple. (according to him. That is not a statement of my own personal opinion.) The only thing they haven’t done en masse is pull the trigger. This man is sure as hell are pointing the gun. Cocked and loaded.

    Comment unrated
  104. pia Says :

    Thanks Cattrin for saying what I can’t. Being a New York Jew; I would get called on for playing that card, though the cards are shuffled randomly as I see it.

    I’m already damned for mistakenly having been in Manhattan, where I live on 9/11. The funny thing about that is I oh so much want time to reverse itself to 9/9–the last great Sunday, 8/6 would be even better–and Bush acting on the Intelligence briefing, but…

    In this week’s New Yorker there was an article on the NYPD and counterterrorism techniques. No matter what anybody think of the name, it does have a reputation for excellence, and lack of bias, in fact checking. It left me thoroughly depressed, as it confirmed everytning I think and much more.

    it was damn scary. I might post it on the sidebar later this week.

    How anybody can agree with any part of MGS’s post is beyond my comprehension

    I don’t understand how people could even partially agree with a post that said a world without….wouldn’t be that bad.

    Comment unrated

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