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Axis of Evil

August 16th, 2005 | by Dr. Forbush |

The Cindy Sheehan story is an important example of how the Bush administration takes advantage of people. Cindy gave her son to the Bush administration and she doesn’t want to give his memory to them as well. Knowing that Cindy is no longer a donor to the Republican cause he is no longer interested in her. What value does George W Bush place on Cindy Sheehan’s son?

This seems like a strange question, but in reality it is exactly the right question. After all, George W Bush found time in his vacation schedule to go out and meet with donors at a Republican fund raising event. How much money did they give to get to meet with the President of the United States? Cindy Sheehan gave her son, obviously George W Bush finds the contribution of her son’s life to his cause much less in value than the contributions of the Republican donors. It seems quite simple when you step back and look at George W Bush’s priorities.

Cindy Sheehan’s story, as important as it is, is actually helping the administration. This is because no one is talking about the “Axis of Evil.” I’m not talking about the three countries that President Bush pointed out in his 2002 State of the Union speech. I am talking about the Axis of Evil that exists in the Bush administration - Karl Rove, Tom DeLay, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and the many supporting daemons.

The term evil may have been tossed around easily by the administration, but it has real meaning. Evil is defined as “the quality of being morally bad or wrong; wickedness” in the Yahoo dictionary which I assume not too many people will argue with. So, it seems that these four men easily live up to this definition based only on what they have done in the administration.

Since Tom DeLay is not specifically a member of the Bush administration I’ll describe his evil deeds first. First of all he created “Texans for a Republican Majority,” which isn’t evil in itself. However, the group took illegal money from outside of Texas to help GOP candidates inside Texas, which is illegal in Texas. Everyone understands that more money creates more opportunity to spread lies to the people in an effort for Republicans to be elected. Not only that, he made illegal trips to Korea to meet with business leaders who were involved in slave labor and prostitution. Of course Tom can plead ignorance, that would be the evil thing to do.

The remaining three men on the Bush administration axis of evil were involved in scaring the American public into going to war in Iraq. When an evil person is faced with the selfish interest of taking a country into a war they need to get support from the people. It is quite difficult to take a nation into war against their will.

Dick Cheney met with CIA officials more times than any Vice President in US history. And, as the Downing Street memo points out Cheney was fixing the intelligence in order to persuade the American people as well as the British government that the Iraq War would be worth the blood and treasure of the American people. Lies and deception are certainly evil traits.

Donald Rumsfeld has continued to paint a rosy picture of the War in Iraq. When the people continue to believe that victory is right around the corner they may be persuaded to continue the fruitless effort. Donald Rumsfeld does not present the facts, but only an opinion that he wishes the American people to support. Time and again Donald Rumsfeld’s vision of the future has proven false, but he continues to ignore reality. Feeding the American people lies in order to win their support is evil.

Karl Rove, the third prong but center on the Iraq War trident of Evil. (The trident sticks out one end of the axis of evil.) Karl Rove would stoop to treason to convince the American people that the Iraq War was a noble cause. He not only sought to discredit information from an expert on Nuclear Weapons when he disagreed with the administration’s position on the subject he also sought to punish him. Karl Rove spread the lies that Joe Wilson’s wife, a CIA agent, had suggested that Joe Wilson be sent to Niger to verify whether Iraq had purchased Uranium there. Both what Karl Rove did and why he did it were evil actions against the foundation of our country.
It is a good thing that Cindy Sheehan is showing the world how President Bush doesn’t care for the memories of the Iraqi War dead. But we need to remember that there is more to the “Axis of Evil” than his arrogance.

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  2. By TheChosenOne on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. For Bush wrote: “Cindy gave her son to the Bush administration”

    Sorry Dr. F. I said this once in yesterday’s post and I will explain it for you again incase you missed it o.k.

    Here is the fact and only fact of the matter. Twenty-four year old Army Spec. Casey Sheehan re-enlisted in the Army the August prior to be killed in Iraq. Yes, 24yrs. old when he RE-ENLISTED in the Army in a time of war. He knew full well what he was re-elisting for and what damn well could happen or not happen. Why did he re-enlist? Because he felt what he was doing was right and in best interest for his country. Casey as some of you would put wasn’t some 18 yr. old being taken advantage of just out of highschool. Casey had just finished serving out one enlistment in a time of war and CHOOSE to re-enlist to defend his country because of HIS beliefs NOT HIS MOTHER’S Cindy Sheehan! Casey ended up dying not for his mother Cindy but for HIS COUNTRY AND WHAT HE BELIEVED IN. Can I make it any more clear for you. Does Cindy Sheehan have the right to grieve for her son? Yes indeed she does. She has NO right to demand a second, or for that matter a first meeting with the President.

    Cindy DID NOT, I repeat DID NOT, give her son to the Bush Administration.

    Army Spec. Casey Sheehan gave himself to the Armed Forces (ARMY) and not to the Bush administration and he did it not once but twice!

  3. By Dr. Forbush on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    Chose None,

    I have said this before as well. Cindy Sheehan, mother of Army Spec. Casey Sheehan would happily have given her son in the defense of the United States of America. However, as we learn the truth it is becoming clearer and clearer that the Iraq War was not necessary to defend the United States of America. Not only that, but the administration knew full well that it was not necessary because they had evidence proving that Iraq did not have nuclear weapons, and the UN inspections were working.

    This is akin to a Used Car salesman lying in order to sell a car. Obviously the American people and especially the parents of all the soldiers were sold a bill of goods. They all bought lemons and they want to talk to the customer service rep.

  4. By BYOC on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    You know some one suggested that if the president had just invited her in an met w/ her, you know being that she’s just disraught lady who could maybe use a helping hand, You know give her 5 minutes of his vaction, her son died under his command, just as a courtesy give the lady 5 minutes if she needs to scream at him to get on w/ her life, let her who cares right, stand up be man and help this lady fix her life….instead his failure to act has let her make him look like a fool, like he’s hiding from her be hind his office, and now things are just getting out of hand, you know this is his fault for not managing the situation, its like he doesn’t care about her, what kind of great father does not come to one of his children when she cries out in pain for him, even if she is going to blame him for it?

    But Sheehan is not the thrust of this post in reality is she?

    Remember these?,3604,1471879,00.html#article_continue

    At very least the point is noted that the headlines concerning: Novak, Rove, Libby, Bolton, Wilson, Plame, Bush, Cheney, Haliburton, Tennant and the intelligence failure, Powells presentation to the UN, The investigation that the CIA requested concerning Plame that appears to have had some legal basis to go forward, and now Cindy Sheans accusing the president of being a Liar, and the assertions of the Downing Street Memo that the intelligence was fixed, all go back to one little forged report concerning Niger and Iraq about a transaction which never occurred, and who knew what? about that report when.

    And chosen while it is agruable that her son gave his life by his choice I’m certain that she would never accept the notion that she did not give him to this world.

  5. By Vulture 6 on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    Cindy gave her son to the Bush administration

    She made him enlist? She mad him reenlist? She made him volunteer to go on the rescue mission? What he was not a competent adult that could make his own decisions?

    How did she give her son, when Casey volunteered thee times to defend His country, his army and his buddies?

    Casey is a true American Hero.

  6. By The Cranky Liberal on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    OK how about she lost her son because OUR PRESIDENT decided to go to war unjustly?? Hows that then?

  7. By Billion Year Old Carbon on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    You know it is interesting that by not meeting with Sheehan and creating the resulting ruckuss that the media and the nation has been focused away from Novak, Rove, Roberts, Bolton, the export of US jobs, the faultering economy, and the rising cost of gasoline, and if Sheehan isn’t your type of distraction then your watching the same repetative story about the missing white girl in Aruba on Fox since they are limited in stories that read the admin in a positive light these days. I think this might be that old Bush genious here don’t meet with her lt it become a national sensation and the real crimes will get ignored.

  8. By TheChosenOne on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. For Bush,

    First and formost I am a Veteran first and a Used Car Salesman (second) after I got out of the Navy. And a damn good salesman as I was a damn good sailor/marine.

    I chose to join the Navy at the age of 20. I CHOOSE to join and defend our country not my fucking mother. My mother was fucking proud of me and would have been whether I had died or not. She would have repected MY right as a MAN for the choice I MADE. It was none of her business what I did with MY life after I turned 18yrs. old and moved out. IT WAS MY CHOICE, NOT HERS. SHE DID NOT GIVE HER SON TO THE MILITARY!!!


  9. By Dr. Forbush on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    Chose None,


    And your parents don’t love you? And your family doesn’t love you? No one cares for what happens to you?

    When you choose to give yourself to anything, you are not the only one effected by that choice.

    Unless you are a man alone in the world, and most would agree that that is one sad state of being…

  10. By steve on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    I agree with Chosen here…

    Doc, I skimmed through your well-written dissertation here. I am never going to agree with you on your stance on Bush. Don’t ever assume you will convert someone like me because you won’t. However I still respect your opinion. I just don’t understand the accusations the left makes from left field on this whole war on terror thing.

    There has never been a win/win situation for Bush on Sheehan. Sheehan is Pandora’s Box and if Bush opens it, he is going to be screwed and not for any of the reasons you may point out. I have sympathy for the lady but then again she’s nuts. She’s belligerent and unreasonable and there is no good for him or the country if he does talk to her regardless of your side on this. I’ll let you guys have your dissenting opinion of what’s on Drudge but her husband of 28 years is leaving her and that is a reality. This should tell you a lot more about her psychy. She is not a very good quality martyr for the left because there are some obviously damaging comments made by her, like the tax thing or telling Bush’s neighbor to deal with it. That’s very irrational. She’s growing more distant from reality every day despite her real cause of why she’s doing what she is doing. What are you going to do if she goes Ellie Nessler and caps a state dept. official or some other innocent party because of what she believes of their presumed guilt in this whole thing? And if not that far, what if she goes off on something you actually believe in? Bush, by the mere act of being President, did not put a gun in the hands of any terrorist, insurgent or her son’s killer. The military is ALL VOLUNTEER. To re-enlist during a war means HE WANTED TO BE THERE. To quote Bastard, “Rinse, lather, repeat”. There is no denying that fact. To take the left’s political ambition and dump it on her son’s life and say, “look Bush’s policies did this” is pretty far fetched and obtuse. Sorry, that is reality and not mis-guided fiction from a Neo Con. I have never been in the military and my parents still love me.

  11. By TheChosenOne on Aug 16, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. For Bush (I hope you know I’m only joshing you)

    I am going to take for the moment that I agree with you on the Cindy Sheehan case, ok.

    Let me put the following hypothosis to you and all here who agree with what she is doing. From what I am taking from today’s post and yesterday’s post is this:

    “Cindy gave her son to the Bush administration”. Therefore she deserves the right with a meeting with President Bush (a second time and any time there after she changes her mind). President Bush needs to explain why, “he killed her son”.

    Let’s take the following situation. My daughter of the age of 18 yrs old, 21 yrs old, 24 yrs old, has an abortion legally. Does the President of the United States have to meet with me because I am the Father/Mother of her? Because I believe the Supreme Court, or President have to meet with me because I am a grieving Father/Mother who believe HER and the government were wrong to kill my grandchild? What is the answer? NO, I have no right because SHE was an adult and able to make HER own decision! As a parent I’m aloud to grieve for MY lose but not to demand a meeting with the Supreme Court/President and ASK them why did THEY KILL MY GRANDCHILD!

    What is the analogy? Army Spec. Casey Sheehan chose to enlist in the Military by HIS own free choice, LEGALLY! Not once but twice. Once was enough because it was HIS choice. No different then MY daughter making the choice at whatever age to have an abortion LEGALLY.

    As a Republican, I could really care less about the abortion issue. In my mind, the person that makes that decision needs to take it up with a higher power, which to me is God whether or not it was legal or illegal. No different then if Army Spec. Casey Sheehan KILLED someone while he was in war legally or illegally. It was his choice! My parents have nothing to do with MY CHOICE! Can they grieve for me yes! But it was MY CHOICE. That’s why here in America we have the Freedom of Choice more so then in any country in the world! America doesn’t live by other countries choices it lives by her own. That is what has made us a great Nation. Are we always right, I’ll let you answer that question.

  12. By Brad on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    What all you jabbering neocons fail to understand is the fact that this war was proven to be based on lies. Do you really think Casey Sheehan would have reenlisted had this definitive proof come out earlier?

    Well, since you’ve all taken the moral high ground that Cindy, his mother, shouldn’t be putting words in his mouth, maybe you shouldn’t, either.

    So many more nonsensical neocon jabbering points in this thread, it would take too long to prove them all wrong, but they’ve all been proven wrong before, so I don’t feel the burden is on me.

    (Oh, and “Steve”, did you mean “psyche” instead of “psychy”? Just wanted to have that clarified. Also, are you from the Frist doctor school? Explain why you feel she’s unbalanced and irrational. Because she’s protesting? Because she’s getting a divorce? More than half of marriages end in divorce. Oh, no! Maybe the psychosis is spreading! Your move.)


  13. By steve on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Saying your not paying tour taxes is not unreasonable? Do you support this? Do you not pay your taxes when you disagree with the President? How could you get away with it?

    Telling Bush’s neighbor that if he wanted the protest stopped that HE should go tell Bush to come out? What does Bush’s neighbor have to do with it? Isn’t that a bit belligerent? Do I have to be a doctor to have an opinion?

    First it would take too long to prove all the points wrong but they have already been proven wrong before? Why because your a liberal and since you are you have magic powers, or a better or more have more tried and true knowledge? Brad, you don’t know shit.

    The only thing Brad, that you have accomplished is the following:

    You skim through points that you don’t agree with and call it neocon jabbering.

    You have “proof” but can’t offer it.

    You have such perfect spelling you feel the need to point it out when others misspell a word.

    Divorce is ok.

    Tell me Brad, what are the exact words we put in Sheehan’s sons mouth? In fact, forget all of what I said here. What are the words we, (chosen and I)put in her son’s mouth? I want to know what those are.

  14. By TheChosenOne on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Steve wrote: “Tell me Brad, what are the exact words we put in Sheehan’s sons mouth? In fact, forget all of what I said here. What are the words we, (chosen and I)put in her son’s mouth? I want to know what those are.”

    I’ll second that for Steve! The only words I put in Cindy Sheehan’s sons mouth were his own words when he enlisted and re-enlisted in the Army! To protect and defend the Constitution! I know these words because I uttered them once upon a time of my own free will not MY mothers own free will. By the way, my mother respected MY wishes and didn’t speak for me. What she told me was, “I’m an adult and could make my own decisions.” WOW, what a fucking concept Brad.

    Brad, I assuming your MOMMY still makes all YOUR decisions for you, speaks for you, tucks you in at night, holds your hand when you cross the street, still changes your diapers. Poor baby Brad. Never did grow up now did you now! Oh, and I guess I’ll be getting a letter of repremand from your MOMMY for being mean to you. Hell, your mommy will probably be protesting outside my house when I get home tonight because I hurt your feelings. God, people like you make me sick.

  15. By steve on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Now you did it Chosen. He’s going to come back with some smug neocon jabbering comments to impress his friends here.

    Brad, stop trying to be Bastard, Dr. Forbush or Cranky Liberal. You are failing miserably in trying to be like them. At least they make some great attempts at offering proof when they smite the right.

    Neocon is not a derogatory name.

  16. By Billion Year Old Carbon on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Hell not paying her Taxes? give this Woman the Repulican Red State Star Medal award, Oh wait I forgot, she doesn’t qualify .

  17. By Dr. Forbush on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply


    “I am never going to agree with you on your stance on Bush. Don’t ever assume you will convert someone like me because you won’t.”

    That’s fine, what I write is for an audience who thinks and is willing to look at both sides. I write for an audience who cares about the United States of America and not for a personal ideology. I write for the people in the middle of the political spectrum, because that is where I stand. I can see that moderate conservatives can make a sensible point and I can agree with it when it makes sense. But, I also write for people who care about the direction that the radical right wing of the Bush administration is taking our country. I write so those moderates will realize that we can’t let the country be fooled into following these idiots down another rabbit hole like Iraq.

  18. By Dr. Forbush on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Chose None,

    “My daughter of the age of 18 yrs old, 21 yrs old, 24 yrs old, has an abortion legally. Does the President of the United States have to meet with me because I am the Father/Mother of her?”

    OK, I admire your imagination.

    This idea could be taken in so many directions, and it is tempting to do so. However, I would like to concentrate on only one thing and that is the difference in the relationships.

    As for the Sheehan case, or any parent of a soldier there is a relationship that began either at conception as the right would argue, or at birth as the left might argue. The child was nurtured and loved and raised. Experience, both good and bad built the relationship and the history of that relationship lives on. No one alive can argue that a parent doesn’t have a special love for their child and that love was built through sacrifice and hard work through that long hard relationship.

    As for the grandmother’s issue with their daughters abortion I would say that the relationship was either just started or has not started yet depending on your point of view. I am certainly not saying that there couldn’t be any sense of sadness. Mother’s who have a miscarriage mourn that loss all the time. But, if I were to loose our six year old I would certainly feel the loss of the relationship more than if my wife had had an abortion. The sacrifices haven’t been made yet and the love has only begun to grow. It doesn’t mean that a mother might be upset that their daughter chose to have an abortion, but don’t you think that the mother would be more upset if their daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Loosing a person that you are in a deep relationship with is certainly worse from an emotional point of view than loosing a person that you haven’t had the chance to make a relationship with yet.

    If you are still in doubt about the difference consider a father who ran out on his girlfriend when he found out that she was pregnant. The mother has the child and doesn’t hear from the father for twelve years. This is because the twelve year old was killed and the father reads the story and realizes that that was his daughter that was killed. Who do you think is in more pain? Is it the mother who raised the daughter for twelve years or the father who thought about this for the first time in twelve years when he read the obituary? Should the father have equal say in the funeral arrangements? Should the father give a talk at the wake?

  19. By steve on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Doc For Bush:

    I too look at both sides, that’s why I read this blog. What I am trying to tell you is, the left is not convincing me to switch my train of thought.

    With that said, am I anti-American because I am for the war and for Bush and for this leadership? Seriously am I?

  20. By Dr. Forbush on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply


    If you have the facts and you are still for the war, then how can you not be patriotic?

    Just as 60% of the country now have the facts and they no longer support the War. That’s the latest polling. With the truth about Karl Rove and the Downing Street memo coming to light people are not so gung ho about the administration either. It’s just too bad that it has taken so long for the truth to surface.

    I just think that lying to get your support isn’t the way a Democracy should opporate. However, the Democrats are also at fault for not putting the Bush administration’s feet to the fire. Somehow the Democrats thought that the country was more important than the politics. I hope they know better now…

  21. By steve on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. Forbush:

    If the Downing Street Memo is the blue stained dress you guys have been waiting for then why is there an obvious conflict to what was said in the memo. If intelligence was “being fixed” around policy regarding WMD’s and war then why the warnings about Saddam using WMD’s at the start of the war on the US, Israel and Kuwait by British Intelligence. If the intelligence was fake then why say Saddam could use them? I am a reasonable person, this is a reasonable argument and yes, I have read the memo.

    If my reasoning is correct here, then where is the lie?

  22. By TheChosenOne on Aug 17, 2005 | Reply

    Dr. Forbush,

    On the topic Sheehan/Abortion

    Thank you for your reply. I may disagree because I did figure what the reply from the other side may be, but I can respect what you had to say. The point I was trying to bring about on both issues is everyone has there own point of view.

    On the one issue of a still born baby I will say the following. My wife and I had a still born baby 6 months old, LeAnn O’Byrne born July 7, 1994. LeAnn would have been 11 yrs. old last month. LeAnn means as much to me as her sister Megan who will be 9 yrs old next month and our son Tristin who is 6yrs. old. We were only able to hold and see LeAnn for just a few hours of her life but it mean the world to us. Yes, we took pictures of LeAnn and she looks every bit like her Mother, Father, Sister and brother even before they were born. LeAnn is about as pure as they come in life. If after LeAnn we hadn’t been able to have children she would have meant every bit as much to my wife and I as our children today. But then again as tears come down that’s only my opinion. LeAnn didn’t have to go through all the facets of life to be the apple in my eye. LeAnn made that in the blink of an eye no matter how short that moment was!

    I DO NOT hate or dislike anything Cindy Sheehan is saying for her son because you never know what one will do until you are put in that one and only situation.

    I DO believe that when my children become of age to make there own decisions it is there decision to make and hopefully we will have helped them enough to make that decision on there own. The only thing I can do at that point is respect there decision.

    Thanks again for your response. You post very well.

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