November 1st, 2005

Religious Groups Try To Ban Halloween

Fucking absurd is all I gotta say;

"No costumes. No parade. No Halloween. Costumes that do make it to school will be "neutralized."

Then cancel the fucking Christmas pageant while you’re at it!!!! When does this madness end?

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  1. LiberPaul Says :

    And we are the ones with issues? Egad!

  2. The Bastard Says :

    Yeah I know! Who would have thunk that Halloween would ever come under attack. Just read yesterday that the Netherlands actually allow you to write off witch classes because it is a form of school.

    Could you imagine that here?

  3. The Cranky Liberal Says :

    Hey it may be our best shot at improving the education system. Spell casting 101. All these little Harry Potter freaks should love it.

  4. pia Says :

    Witches classes aren’t for credit here?

    And all these years….

    Until I was an adult I had no idea that Halloween was based on anything. I just thought it was a really fun day–until my mother began giving out money, and wouldn’t let us eat the candy

  5. Joe Snitty Says :

    Witch classes for credit? Sure, but only at the graduate level and only at Naropa.

    -Sigh- I might have gone there for an MFA in creative writing if I’d had $20k lying around instead of $20k in student loan debt to pay off…

  6. Frank Castle Says :

    EdWonk at The Education Wonks had a post
    about this going on last year in Washington.
    A classic line from the post: “Canceling Halloween because it would be
    offensive to real witches would be like canceling Christmas because it offends
    elves and fat people.” However, the post does offer some more reasonable

    “District spokeswoman Karen Hanson indicated
    that Superintendent Dr. Tony Apostle of the Puyallup School District made this
    decision for three reasons:

    1. Halloween Parties and Parades waste valuable classroom time.
    2. Some families cannot afford costumes, and the celebrations thus can
      create embarrassment for the children.
    3. Halloween celebrations and children dressed in Halloween costumes
      might be offensive to real witches.”

    Now, I can kind of see the
    first one: school should be about learning and not about parties.
    However, kids will be kids, and need some down time. The second hit a
    little more to home with me though. I volunteer with an after school
    program in one of the poorest counties in the state, and just last Friday I had
    a little boy tell me he wasn’t going to dress up for the Halloween party on
    Monday because he couldn’t afford a costume. Perhaps a more appropriate
    response than just banning it outright would be to get together and discuss
    some alternatives that are not so "offensive," in theory, and more
    appropriately, ways to help out those in need.

  7. The Bastard Says :

    Well, they could insist that costumes be home made or make it a project that is worked on in art class (if they still have art class these days).

    Kids have become spoiled. I don’t think I ever bought a costume. They were always home made.

    Maybe that’s the problem, its become to commercialized.

  8. Jersey McJones Says :

    Kids costumes are very cheap. Heck, all you need is a friggin sheet. You can steal that off the neighbor’s line!

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