January 26th, 2006

Hamas Wins Majority Seats

Hamas appeared to have captured a large majority of seats in the Palestinian elections. Something’s missing though, where oh where are all the Republitards running around Washington with purple fingers to display their support for these free elections?

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  1. yeah see thats the “bitch” about Democracy. You let people vote, and no telling what loser will end up elected. 

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  2. LiberPaul Says :

    Hear Hear!  Where IS all the rhetoric and show of support for our Democratic brethern in Palestine?  Democarcy must only be good when the “right” people are elected….


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  3. The Bastard Says :

    Yeah, it’s a bitch when you can’t fix an election in your favor. Any thoughts out there what Bush will do?

    I bet he stops all funding and lets Hamas takeover. Isreal should be back into the Gaza and the West Bank by the end of the year. Way to go Shrub!!!!

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  4. jerseymcjones Says :

    I think this is good, guys.  Let’s take a look back at another torn-up state of yore - Ireland.  It was the mainstreaming politization of the IRA through Sinn Fein that was the number one factor in the peace that we now have.  By bringing Hamas into the mainstream political system, they just might find that they have to mature and behave if they are to bne taken seriously.

    I think this is good news.


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  5. The Bastard Says :

    Jersey I definately wasn’t making fun of Hamas. I just wanna know where the outpourring of support from the right is. I mean you had the Orange Revolution and they were claiming it as their own victory, then you had the Purple Finger Revolution and again, they claimed victory and now another Purple Finger Revolution that happens to not go their way and you seem to have a Disappearing Revolution on the right.

    C’mon you Cons it was free elections, show your support for the newest Democracy in the middle east!!!!

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  6. Mike Lehman Says :


    I agree it was a free election. But we don’t need to cheer about it. That would be like giving a good ol’ “Sieg Heil” if the Nazi Party suddenly came back to power in Germany. Remember that Hamas is a dyed-in-the-wool, self-proclaimed terrorist organization formed explicitly to destroy Israel. At least Sinn Fein gave itself a different name than the IRA.

    I do hope that Jerseymcjones is correct, and this represents the changing of Hamas’ political views, and not simply the institutionalization of their terroristic(sic) aims. If I were Israel, I would have one hand holding out an olive branch, and the other covering my metaphorical gonads.

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  7. 4Truth Says :

    Great Quote CL 

    We have the biggest LOSER that was elected 

    Now we have deficits  & Big Business gets all the breaks

    Lets not forget the older folks.

    Medicare “D” is a nightmare

    Medicare now has a 5 year look back.

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