January 22nd, 2006

Q: Why does the DOJ need a million Google results?

Q: Why does the Department of Justice need a million random Google search results to find porn?


Because you

have to

wade through

a lot

of crap

to get

to the


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  1. icoman Says :

    This may have something to do with an article in SciAm last month noting that terrorist groups could probably not function without the Internet. It is their primary means of communication. OK, so studies may give these Neocons justification to start investigating the Internet. However, typical Bush, they can’t be trusted to “limit” their survielance.  One of the major reasons is obvious.

    If the vast majority of Americans are on the “no fly” list then this will greatly decrease the wait time at the airports for the wealthy right wing executives. I know, I know there’s certainly a lot of other reasons but the obvious just struck me as totally unfair especially when these execs are getting paid 500 times as much as the average employee in their company. Let ‘em buy their own damn planes. Oh, that’s right they did but their corporate jets are all being used to ferry Republican Congress Reps around the world with their lobbyists. I hear that they show a lot of porn films on those private flights.


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  2. Pia Savage Says :

    Because they define porn as anything not favorable to Bush, his friends and family

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  3. The Bastard Says :

    That is too fucking funny!!!!

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  4. Joe Snitty Says :

    Anti-terrorism is only a piece of it — this is a wet dream for the interests that want to data mine on all sorts of ‘fishing expeditions’ — the same ones pushing Big Brother programs like MATRIX. The federal government has figured out that groups such as the American Library Association and the ACLU will fight them hard on crap like the privacy-invasive provisions of the Patriot Act, but that corporate America will bend over and offer itself up for a nice, slow rectal exam. 

     I’m a bit annoyed that Yahoo, Microsoft and the others immediately rolled over, but hardly surprised.  Google has done something rather extraordinary by refusing to do this. And while their motivation may be more tied to protecting their search algorithms and discouraging onerous legal discovery demands than any real regard for privacy concerns, it’s still a balls-out move that ought to be commended.

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  5. frstlymil Says :

    What Google did by refusing to turn over the records requested was actually an example of a company adhering to the laws in our country.  Laws the current administration seems to disregard as pesky little things that don’t apply to them.  The fact that once again, some within the administration attempting to disregard matters of far greater importance, i.e. poverty, healthcare, ending the war in Iraq, global warming, etc. by focusing on dirty, dirty sex and those who think about it or might want to look at it - is simply not going to fly - nor is the claim that it is in any way, shape or form, an actual attempt at protecting the children in our country.  Do we honestly think that denying food, shelter and healthcare to children - but spying on web addresses that surf porn sites - is truly the way to go about strenghtening our nation and its values? 

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  6. The Bastard Says :

    We have a bunch of people that have secretaries that probably print out their e-mails because they don’t know how to do it themselves trying to regulate the internet. Whats wrong with that picture? No pun intended.

    These people should all be required to take a basic course in “computering” before they even go near the topic of trying to regulate the internets.

    I wonder how many of them have surfed the net looking for love in all the wrong places? You know what, on second thought let them do it, lets find out which CEO’s kids will get snagged and which congressmans kids have a tendancy to pop their cherries via the internet. That would be interesting to know, don’tcha think?


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  7. Joe Snitty Says :

    Yeah, but we all know how that sort of thing tends to work out, don’t we? 

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  8. ken grandlund Says :

    Great link Joe. I guess these politicians were too busy decrying pot in the media to actually talk to their own kids about “family values.”


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  9. JoeD Says :

    The worst part I think, and most indicative of knowledge and experience, is they can just go to sites like this one:


    And it would be as entertaining, but not all that helpful for their supposed needs.

    Unless it was a specific time frame when they knew something happened but no, it’s any time frame. What’s up wit dat? Very anti-fourth.

    Anyways here’s a tip to the feds, (Why? I don’t know.) http://searchenginewatch.com/facts/article.php/2156041


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  10. Theo Says :

    Now watch the ‘Administration’ go after Google because they had the audacity to stand up to their demands.  I bet the bad mouthing and other ‘Rove’ tactics will be used to put pressure on them and will cause the price of the stock to drop. Remember George’s famous words “You’re either with us or for the terrorists”.  Never mind the 67BILLION a year in computer crime, the missing 2.6 TRILLION from the Pentagon, the 47 BILLION in Isareli ’security’ contracts from from the SS, oops I mean Homeland Security.  They are just phishing like DoD and NSA did in their wiretaps. Their need to control the masses is going to be needed real soon as the coming wars and economic crisis come to a head.

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  11. pnguine Says :

    Maybe they’re just doing their super-agent Bill Gates a favour.

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  12. steve Says :

    I just found 2.2million porn sites for the DOJ here.  Just one search!  That’s it!

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  13. Tom Harper Says :

    Interesting link (Joe Snitty, several comments up).  Nothing new, though.  It’s almost a cliche, having these law-and-order fire-and-brimstone types bailing their own kids out.  I think George W. got bailed out of a few drug busts by his father during his partying days.  Then when he was governor of Texas he signed a bill for tougher drug laws.

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  14. The Bastard Says :

    Joe I believe you need to turn your link above into a post. Interesting stuff there.

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  15. Cadavre Says :

    It has nothing to do with spying. Microsoft has become a government agency. If you installed XP SP-2 then don’t worry about being spied on - you’ve opened the door and put out the welcome mat.

    M$ has been hot for ggogle for a long time. When Dubby’s crew gave M$ a “get of jail” card for the “monopoly” case, Microsoft had to return the favor with XP SP-2 and was then allowed to buy into a naval ship yard (about 8%) - now M$ is a weapons dealer just like their partner at MSNBC, General Electric.


    Why market to citizens when the US treasuy’s pursor will habd out money all day long? 

    Well things were going good - and Microsoft thought why not get some additional income from the “killing” business by swapping out SUN SPARC platforms on AEGIS destroyers for Windows. Why indeed? The government don’t mind M$ facilitating spying on US with SP-2, Root Kit - WMF - but Military aint gonna let M$ do it to them. A few weeks back Microsoft was told to stop installing Windows on Navy Ships and to put back the SUN systems they had already unplugged. We you can image (UNIX is Un-American) Steve Balmer had prissy fits and threatened to show the world the kiddy porn downloads by the neo-fags at DoD. The DoD had to give in, so they took the matter to the DoJ and told our (I never picked cotton) AG Gonzales to figure out a way to get Googles copyrights and patents into Microsofts portfolio. So the the request was made. And thats all that’s fit to be said - for the moment - stay tuned - life is about to get a lot more thrilling than anything we see on TV.




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  16. Guy Says :

    So eventually, after Google is beaten into submission to the Bush regime, there will be government agents reading through ordinary people’s google search phrases.

    The *bright* side of this, is that any time you want, you’ll be able to send a personal message of encouragement to a nazi government snoop. Just type what you think into google, and away goes your ’search term’, added to a long list of other useful suggestions for the world’s favourite government.

    Remember when it was fun to have “Kill the pResident! Bomb the White House!” as an email tagline, so Echelon didn’t fall asleep?

    Well, this is even better, because now when you ’search what you think’, you discover the interesting and surprising fact that many other people had some pretty similar ideas. (Well, surprising only if you believe mainstream media polls.)

    This latest Bushcon stupidity may turn out to provide a fine example of the Law of Unforseen Consequences.

    Never mind Impeachment, skip straight to Impalement.

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  17. Joe Snitty Says :

    I do remember that back in the 90s, one of the anonymous remailer services had the added perk of including a random string of ‘red flag’ phrases to every post.  Used to run across a lot of those while reading newsgroups on Usenet.

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  18. Can’t Keep Quiet! » Bits and Pieces Says :

    […] Maybe this site knows the reason. […]

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