January 18th, 2006

Recommends and Comment Ratings

First off, I would like to thank everyone who has joined the Bring it On! community since we launched last week. It has been a real pleasure blogging with each and every one of you. If you are reading this and haven’t registered please do, you don’t know what you are missing.

I just wanted to bring to your attention a couple of functions we have on the site.

Recommends: Under each post in a diary there is a button you can click to recommend the post. What this means is, if you enjoyed the post and believe it was well written you would click on that button and recommend that post be moved up to the “Recommended Diaries” section. This lets other readers know that the diary is especially worth reading.

Some of you may want to know how this happens. It is a secret, but it does rely on a few different factors. Once a post is in the “Recommended Diaries” area, it can still be recommended for the main column of Bring It On. So if you read a diary in the recommended area and have not already recommended it and feel it is worth even more attention than by all means recommend the diary for the main column. Again the post must meet a certain criteria for this to happen.

Basically, if you like a post and you want to honor that person for writing a good piece, then go ahead and recommend it. And remember you don’t have to agree with the post for it to be a well written objectively argumentative post that warrants further discussion and more exposure so please be kind and also recommend on quality and content.

Comment Rating: Comments ratings can be found below each comment on every post. The comment rating system is set up on a scale from 1 to 5. A 1 being a stupid or useless comment that does not pertain to the post or otherwise does not add to the discussion. A 5 would obviously be the opposite of a 1. A 5 is a well thought out comment that expands the discussion in a positive manner. You can only rate each comment once and it serves a very good purpose.

If a comment is consistently rated low by a number of different users then that comment will go into moderation where upon an administrator will decide if it is appropriate and they will add it back to the discussion or the administrator will decide it is in fact a useless comment and will delete the comment. If your comment is sent to moderation you will be notified provided you have left a valid e-mail address.

On the other hand, if a comment is consistently rated on the high scale it will end up in the “Most Recommended Comment” column on the front page. This can be found in the left hand side bar.

The rating system was designed so that the readers can decide and police the comments section of each post. So, it’s your neighbrhood please try and rate comments often and keep the area clean and free of distractions. It was also designed to pull exceptional comments out of the comment area and highlight them on the main page. Because we all know that sometimes people write a comment that should have been a post.

Ok, that’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for future posts like this one and look for new features on the site as we move forward. Any comments or suggestions can be e-mailed to admin@bringiton.com or just comment below.

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