February 11th, 2006

A Log Cabin Republican Speaks Out At CPAC

From Campus Progress.

“…with all due respect… you just said ‘what homosexuals want”–how in the world can you speak for all homosexuals? … I don’t know what you want because I’m not you, so with all due respect please don’t speak for all homosexuals… Everyone likes to throw around the labels anti-family, pro-family–as a gay person, I would like to know how I am anti-family. Because roughly six months ago I was holding my grandfathers hand as he died, and I sat there at his bedside for two weeks… holding his hand while he died… sir, with all due respect, I am pro-family in every sense of the word… I am a proud Republican, I am a patriot, I support this president, I support this war on terror–this is where we need to be putting our focus, not on a constitutional amendment [against homosexual marriage].”

Hat tip to August.

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