February 15th, 2006

Devil in the Details

I think it’s time to talk about just that, time. Time is invaluable, fleeting and irretrievable. This is precisely why Cheney took some, 30 hours to be exact.

Think about it. If you believe that Cheney shot Whittington, got in the car, went home, bagged some Z’s, called George and went on about his business, let’s talk real estate.

I would love to know how many phone calls, texts, memos, emails and face to face conversations went on in that 30 hours. The time was crucial to build the story.

That’s the problem

You see, it’s not just Cheney who needed to build a story. The rabbit hole goes much deeper than that. Armstrong, the owner of the hunting ranch, is a registered lobbyist — to the tune of $160,000 last year. Armstrong needed a story too. I’m sure the “W”hitehouse wanted the story of “nothing to do with it”, and all three stories needed to match.

Armstrong was paid $160,000 in 2004 by the powerful legal firm Baker Botts to lobby the White House, according to records she filed with the U.S. Senate as required by lobbying disclosure rules. The records indicate she was paid the money after she “communicated with the White House on behalf of Baker Botts clients.”

…She also said that during the inauguration proceedings, she got Karl Rove to speak at a Baker Botts function. “I got them Karl Rove,” she said. — MSNBC

I am not calling anyone a liar here. But I think not looking at that 30 hours as a massive coordination effort towards control is uninformed. We’ve seen an administration whose modus operandi is secrecy, orchestration and manipulated presentation in operation for 5 years now. In this presidency, it’s how business is done.

The example set at the top sets the tone; at least that’s what the Republicans espoused during the Clinton presidency. In this country, are we comfortable with giving perpetrators and defendants additional leeway to craft their alibis? I thought we had a system in place for people to have their day in court, and that’s their chance to prove their innocence. Certainly, that’s how John Q Public is treated.

There were no police looking at the circumstances at the Armstrong ranch. no impartial questions being asked. Just calls, and emails and memos, oh my! 30 hours later, Whittington’s story was broke in a tiny Texas paper by Armstrong after she talked to Cheney’s office.

Their stories were ready. Showtime.

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  1. Steve O Says :

    What’s the chances that we will see a white Ford Bronco slow speed chase down Pennsylvania Avenue in the coming week or so?

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  2. Steve O Says :

    “If the pellet don’t fit you can go fuck yourself because I’m Dick Cheney!”

    I bet you thought I was going to be able to rhyme that one! ;-)

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  3. Jet Says :

    That white bronco incident was public alibi building. Cheney chose a more circumspect route, but the end results are similar.

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  4. Rhonda Says :

    There is now talk that he might have been drinking. That would be why he refused to speak to authorities until 18 hours later and only then after he had left the state. The man is a heart patient, and as one would probably be on blood thinners not to mention a few other meds, would he not? How bout I buy the next round!

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  5. Rhonda Says :

    In fact I’ve got some 100 year old scotch with his name on it.

    Doctors schmockters Mr. Vip…drink up! 

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  6. Jet Says :

    I heard the buzz about the buzz. Probably never be proven. Whittington needs the scotch more than Cheney, but I’d hate to pour 100 year old scotch into a guy with 300 holes in him. Seems a bit of a waste.

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  7. Rhonda Says :

    And what is with the Repub’s calling talk radio this morning, spending fifteen or twenties minutes per, talking about what a “non-issue” this is? If it is such a non story or issue in your mind would you call talk radio and blabber on about it? Methinks their so called “anger” smells allot more like “panic”

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  8. Jet Says :

    Smells like ratings to me. They want that share. Nothing more, nothing less. Talk show hosts are entertainers disguised as people who give a crap. What they give a crap about is whether or not people tune in so they can make some real money. Issues are purely secondary.

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  9. tos Says :

    The reason they are in “panick” is because they are reporting on this for 3 days when the real story of the week should be Traitor Gore getting paid by the enemy  Suadi Arabi, to insight them with more anti-American and Bush rederick.


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  10. tos Says :

    So before my misspelling of “Panic” and “Saudi” is the big story I already know they were misspelled. So no need to focus on that.

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  11. Rhonda Says :

    I’m talking about the people who call in to comment and rant,  not the hosts themselves. Being a former journalist and radio D.J. I am quite versed in how their side works.

    Really tos? Cause last I checked the Saudi’s were the Bushes best friend. So much so that Bush has just handed over control of our nations ports to a company owned by the Saudi’s. You know…the same folks WHO SENT PLANES INTO THE TWIN TOWERS.

    Wake up and know what you are talking about before you spout off something you heard from a drug addict (Limbaugh).

    You know Jet. I think that if you were to add the percentage of people who are mentally ill with the percentage of people who are illiterate…it would total 39%. Funny that.


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  12. Jet Says :

    Actually, I think the real under-reported story this week is Kurt Weldon’s press conference on Able Danger. That stinkeroo smears both sides, and demonstrates intel that predicted the bombing of the US Cole as well as the movements of Atta in the week prior to 9/11.

    Clinon ordered the shredding of the Able Danger docs in 2000. Bush ordered the backup copies shredded in 2004. Serious CYA going on there.


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  13. jerseymcjones Says :

    Tos, I hear there’s an open spot on the next hunting jaunt with Cheney.  Care to sign on?

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  14. tos Says :

    “Really tos? Cause last I checked the Saudi’s were the Bushes best friend. So much so that Bush has just handed over control of our nations ports to a company owned by the Saudi’s. You know…the same folks WHO SENT PLANES INTO THE TWIN TOWERS. “

    I purposely left that out to see if anyone would take the bait. For the last 4 years the Libs have been saying Bush is in bed with the Saudis,the 9/11 Hijackers are from Saudi Arabia that we should have invaded Saudi Arabia instead of Iraq. Now we have the Traitor Gore being paid in collaborating with the enemy and you Libs have no problem with it. By the way did you know that the Forum traitor Gore was speaking at was in part funded by the Bin Laden Family. Now I’m not gonna try and bait you this time but is that the same Bin Laden family that Bush got out of country after 9/11 or the Bin Laden family that cut ties with Osama and who got kicked out of Saudi Arabia. I don’t know why the Libs aren’t jumping all over this. This is a legitimate gripe.

    And by the way the Saudis don’t own those ports they are owned by the United Arab Emigrates. Funny that!

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  15. tos Says :

    Oh and Jersey I hear mountain climbing at Tora Bora is great this time of year. Care to give it a shot?

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  16. Ditto Says :

    tos bitchin about the Saudis… That is ALMOST as funny a liquored-up VPOTUSA hunting for white people.

    Is there some thread here on BIO that ’tos’ is reading that nobody else sees? Where is everyone chanting, ”Go Gore, go Clinton and go Kennedy?” I can’t seem to find it - but tos seems to be reading it, daily. I’m more concerned with our CURRENT (mis) leadership. Rest assured, tos, when the next Democratic administration or Democratic-lead Congress behaves improperly, mis-leads us, lies or further erodes our rights and liberties I will certainly be bitching just the same as now. In fact I’d bet most of the BIO Lefties would voice there displeasure with their own party. The Right will never do that unless they have to jump ship in order to survive. You are conditioned by the Right Wing Yack machine to tow… the… line. Internal dissention is not allowed within the Right. You question ANYTHING and you are branded as on-the-outside (Hagel, McCain, Spector, Andrew Sullivan, etc.) . Therein lies the big difference between the two parties.

    When you criticize Bush Dick & Co. for any of their misdeeds you may begin to be seen as something approaching credible. They’ve only got about 400 Watergates going on… pick one.

    I am probably a lot older than you so you may never have heard this… Back in the 70’s I heard a common refrain from Democrats to Republicans; “We’ll stop telling the truth about you if you stop telling lies about us.” I thought that was unfair and when I reached 18 I registered as a GOPer. I am much much older now and, unfortunately, that statement rings more true than ever.  

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  17. Rhonda Says :

    You purposely left that out because you didn’t know about it. You are a dumbass. One who now sits in the minority. 39%. See? That makes you in the minority. And I don’t think the United Arab “Emigrates” exists. What do they export there? Cheese?

    Anyway…bitch all you want toss-off. Your in the minority. I can’t hear you? What? What?

    Sorry, your being shouted down. By the MAJORITY. Live it. Love it.

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  18. tos Says :

    “You purposely left that out because you didn’t know about it. You are a dumbass”

    You can call me all the names you want but I won’t be stooping to your level. Of course I knew about it you @#$!. That’s all I’ve been hearing about  for 4 years. Now slap a big L on that forehead of yours.

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  19. I love me some Rhonda.

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  20. Jet Says :

    All the GOP is doing is trying to discredit anybody they think might run in 2008. God forbid the GOP should run on actual ideas. Insults are so much simpler, and the troglodytes have an easy time staying in line.

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  21. liberal vet Says :

    If old Dick was drinking we’ll never know, unless Whittington informs on his old buddy. Wasn’t Bush holding hands with Prince Bandahar in a photo op not too long ago? You know members of both parties have been or will be in bed with the Saudis. All of us know they are considered our allies. And TOS I have to tell you corruption within the republican party is rampant. The delay in reporting may very well be because Dicky was consuming potent potables while shooting at Quayle or is it Quail? We all know quails have been a thorn in the Bush families side for a long time. And TOS chill a bit, you come here knowing full well you are a minority participant. You and I had it out on many an occasion. These folks responding to you are just as passionate and patriotic as you. Name calling is being committed on both sides. Don’t take it to heart. Fondly to all. LV

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  22. tos Says :

    Okay LV I hear you. I guess I should have known what I got myself into. But I can’t help myself. I’m a dumbass and I guess we all feel strongly about what we believe in. I didn’t expect anyone to agree with me. Even when I’m right.lol

     Thanks for throwing a little rope my way.

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  23. Ditto Says :

    I guess my post to ‘tos’ was too long. Read it, you might learn something about the folks you’ve been brainwashed into disagreeing with… 

    tos sez: “You can call me all the names you want but I won’t be stooping to your level. Of course I knew about it you @#$!.”

    Kinda like, ‘I would never call you a name, asshole… I have too much class and only a dickhead would do that, you freakin’ idiot, gosh.’

    Are you serious… or just pretending to be retarded for humor’s sake? Or are you following the example of your glorious King W; “We must stop our addiction to oil! Well… hehe, not literally… but its sounded good in the SOTU speech! Hehe.” 

    Here’s something just about as funny; the Vice President of the United States of America shot some guy in the face!

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  24. tos Says :

    No Ditto-I just choose to ignore your comments.

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  25. Ditto Says :

    Enlightened I see. I read your posts. Confirms my position. 

    The truth can be painful.

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  26. Ditto Says :

    You know what else is painful?

    Getting shot in the face by the Vice President of the United States of America!

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  27. tos Says :


    I know you want a piece of but quite frankly there isn’t enough of me to go around. But okay I was going to reply to something you said but I am working and I was getting bombarded by the others. I never said you guys were cheering for Gore. BUTT, it amazes me how it means nothing to you. You are too hell bent on looking beyond that to see how you can “Get Bush” or now it’s “Get Cheney”

    Now don’t forget to look on CNN and MSNBC tonite and see more 3 year old pictures from Abugrab. You know the incident that is over with and people were punished for. I wonder what they are trying to divert our attention from this time . I think I know.

    I wonder why they didn’t print those cartoons here. Maybe because it wouldn’t hurt Bush. Or maybe they didn’t want riots over here so we can all see it for what it is.

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  28. Ditto Says :

    Wow, I’m so sorry. You truely appear to be lost in the wilderness. Yet I’m holding out hope that you will someday see the light and come on over to the human race.

    Do you hear me bitching about George H W Bush? No. That would be a similar situation, apples and apples as it were. Whether it comforts or hurts you right now is irrelevant to me, but George W Bush and Dick “Shotgun” Cheney are our “leaders” NOW. And I happen to disagree with most of their policies NOW. When would you prefer I express my opinion? Should I wait until Jeb’s first term?

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  29. tos Says :

    We can only hope.

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  30. tos Says :

    Ditto that’s a good name for yourself you sound so duplicated. Here’s  policy to live by “Love thy Country” and stop spreading hate.

    Don’t forget CNN tonite so you’ll have something to spout about tomorrow. They’re going to rally up the masses with their bias.

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  31. Ditto Says :

    It’ll never happen. I think Authority Georgie’s second term will be like the Energizer bunny… after the next “surprise” terrorist attack (caused by all the dissent) he’ll institute marshal law and call off elections for the security of the country. And the erections Righties get from living in an fascist, authoritative state will continue to throb perpetually. No doubt, you only hope.

    God bless America, I seem to remember her from childhood…

    I apologize for violating the house rule of two posts per thread. I’ll try harder next time.

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  32. tos Says :


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