February 9th, 2006

Diaries 2.0 - quick “How to”

Some of you may have already noticed the slight change to the way your individual diaries look. We thought that your profiles (and links to your blogs!) deserved a lot more attention than they were getting in the sidebar, so we have expanded them.

What’s still the same: entering your information. You can put in a little or a lot through the same old administration menu. You can access this page easily by clicking the “Your Profile” on the sidebar.

What’s new: - Profile Images!

You can now specify an image to be displayed with your profile. There are two ways to do this.

1) Through the administration panel (a new menu called “Gravatars”right next to your profile tab), where you can either enter an external image url ( http://www.something.com/file.gif ), or an image uploaded previously on BIO ( /files/something.jpg for instance ). Most traditional image formats are supported.

2) If you have used Gravatars before, the profile page is gravatar enabled. If you have assigned a gravatar to the e-mail address you have used when registering with us, your profile image will be updated automatically. Find out more about gravatars here

You may also replace the default Gravar image that is automatically displayed on your profile with a custom one just for Bring it On! by using method 1) (Note, this will not alter your gravatar registered with Gravatar.com)

We will be adding even more fun things to the diary pages soon, so watch out for your user statistics in the near future!

PS. Please do not upload images that you wouldn’t want your kid to see, they will be removed without notice.

Did you know?

You can link directly to your diary page and send people over to a page with just your entries, almost like a real blog! The url is really simple too:


The last bit is your username (that is, the username you first specified when you have used the registration form to sign up with us. Note that this is different from the “displayname” you select on your profile administration page.)

If your username is longer than one word, for example “My Name”, simply add a dash “-” inbetween each word, like so:


You can leave any technical issues/bugs in the comments section of this thread.

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  1. The Bastard Says :

    You rock Anna, boy are we lucky! :-)

  2. Pia Savage Says :

    Yes, yes we are;-)

  3. Jim Thrushman Says :

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  4. Jim Thrushman Says :

    I ask what was acompilished when Bush flew the plane and landed on the aircraft carrier. Not a bame thing. Only that there was a road to bagdad.

  5. Friend Says :

    I like www.Teambio.org, its great.. :) i might consider registering not sure what to do yet..

    I would like to recommend the following website, it is by Muslims who wish to dispel all misconceptions about Islam and the Islamic world that people might have. -

    Its just unfortunate that people just have to hate and be so superficial. Keep up the great work heere guys, its doing something!

  6. Friend Says :

    woops, i meant to put the link in, www.turntoislam.com

  7. Stacked Stone Says :

    Thanks for these tips.

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