February 5th, 2006

Jesus Will Survive–It’s A Super Sunday Theme

And Muslims are upset about a few cartoons….

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Posted in Religion

62 Comment(s)

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  1. Dude that was so wrong. FUNNY as hell, but just wrong. 

    My family loved it. 

  2. ken grandlund Says :

    I’m sensing an impending call for death to the producer from Pat Robertson on this one.

    But VERY funny!


  3. The Bastard Says :

    I sooooooooo didn’t expect the ending!!!! I spit coffee through my nose!!!

  4. Cupie Says :

    That’s a coffee spitter if I ever.  LMFAO!

  5. Ruth Says :

    As a Christian, I find it tasteless and gratuitous, but that doesn’t mean, of course, that its illegal or that you need to avoid dark alleyways …. would you dare to publish something similar about Mohammed?  No!  Didn’t think so ….

  6. mulligan Says :

    I didn’t expect that ending, either.  I was just glad I wasn’t trying to drink anything when he tossed his robe off at that point.  

    Thanks so much for putting that up there, Bastard.  I think I pulled something trying not to laugh my ass off.   

  7. The Bastard Says :

    Actually Ruth, I would have no problem publishing something about Mohammad, Buddah, Satan or any other diety.

    Question, how is it that preachers can preach their hate for faggots and non-believers from their pulpits but one cannot criticize their religion or make fun of it without be worried about being killed?

    A little humility never hurt anyone. I find it hard to believe that Jesus didn’t tell a jewish joke at least once in his life.

  8. mike in philly Says :

    Even though I’m a recovering Cathaholic, I never really felt comfortable with Jesus jokes.I feel everything he said (or was supposed to have said, if he existed at all), was in complete contrast to the Old Testament, which I find to be complete lunacy.I can’t even watch the “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life” scene from “Monty Python’s, The Meaning Of Life”.
    Having said that that Jesus video was hysterical.

  9. mary Says :

    from the Wayne Madsen report;   www.waynemadsenreport.com



    February 5, 2006 — Neo-cons use Denmark as their latest tool to bring about the “Clash of Civilizations.” Denmark is at the center of the ongoing neo-con plot to bring about a bloody military confrontation between the West and Islam. This “Clash of Civilizations” is a hallmark of the neo-con philosophy and is most exemplified in the writings of Prof. Samuel Huntington and Daniel Pipes.

    This follows a pattern of neo-con activity designed to ratchet up tensions. The latest example was the rapid spread of arson across France and Belgium involving neo-Nazis, skinheads, and false flag agents that was blamed entirely on Muslims upset about the deaths of two Muslim youths in a northern Paris suburb. French Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy stoked the flames with his rhetoric about Muslim “scum” just as Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen defended the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed in an offensive manner in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten as a freedom of speech issue.


    Neo-con Rasmussen covered with red paint thrown by a protestor. He uses Denmark as a tool for the global neo-con “Clash of Civilizations” criminal conspiracy.

    Rasmussen, who is one of George W. Bush’s leading supporters in the war in Iraq (Denmark has sent several hundreds troops), governs with the support of the neo-fascist, xenophobic, and inaptly named Progress Party. After riots in Arhus, Denmark (at the same time as the arson attacks spread across France, Belgium, and a few German cities), other newspapers in the West began publishing the same cartoons. Danish embassies in Damascus and Beirut have now been set on fire and tensions (and terrorist alerts) have been raised in many countries where the cartoons have been republished. Coffee mugs, T-shirts, and key chains are now being sold on the Internet depicting the offensive images. Cui bono? Who benefits? These tactics, of course, are very convenient for the neo-cons.

    Neo-con media outlets such as The New York Sun, Fox News, and others are having a field day with the Muslim riots that have spread around the world in protest over the cartoons just as they had with the French “Muslim” arson attacks. Two New Zealand papers — The Dominion Post in Wellington and The Press in Christchurch, have published their own controversial cartoons of Mohammed. The papers are owned by Australia’s Fairfax Group, which also owns Melbourne’s Age, and which is financially connected to indicted neo-con Lord Conrad Black’s scandal-ridden Hollinger publishing empire, which also includes arch neo-con Richard Perle.

    The neo-cons ignore and even relish in the offensive nature of the inflammatory cartoons depicting Mohammed as a bomb throwing terrorist and pedophile. Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell have made similar comments about the Prophet that Muslims consider blasphemous. What would the neo-cons say if newspapers published cartoons showing a shady looking Moses stealing gold and silver artifacts from the Pharaoh’s palace before high tailing it across the Red Sea in the middle of the night? Or a wine-drunk Jesus cavorting with prostitutes in the red light district of Jerusalem? There is no doubt that rabbis and evangelical preachers would be calling for the heads of the offending cartoonists and editors. They’ve done so for far less.


    Moses: “I grabbed ten of the Pharaoh’s best urns. I have a list here.” Jesus: “I’ve got the wine. Where are the Jerusalem girls?” See why Muslims are so outraged by unflattering cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed? The neo-cons relish in constant religious warfare, which they have now re-coined “the Long War.”

    With so many hotheads in the three Abrahamic tradition religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), such inflammatory speech is like yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. The Danish Prime Minister is wrong when he states that the offensive cartoons are protected speech. He would certainly not defend someone who yelled fire in a crowded Copenhagen theater. And struggling Danish farmers, bakers, and fishermen will now pay the price for the boycott of Danish exports by Muslim countries. Lego stockholders will suffer from a boycott of the toy company’s products.

    But Rasmussen, like Sarkozy, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Netanyahu, Jack Straw, and Australia’s John Howard, is marching to the martial music of the neo-cons. They are the shock troops for the Clash of Civilizations, Project for a New American Century, The Long War, A Clean Break, and all the other neo-con plots, conspiracies, and contrivances. It’s clearly time to investigate the neo-cons, their networks, their funding sources, their media ownership and investments, their doctrines, their false flag terrorist operations, and their political contributions. Just as Islamist terrorists, they should be rounded up as dangerous members of society and detained until they no longer pose a threat to public safety and the global commonwealth.

  10. mike in philly Says :

    I just figured out why I love this video so much. To watch Jesus (an icon), sing an iconic(?) gay song gives me the message that Jesus is on my side.

    Or maybe it’s just  the robe tossing scene

  11. The Bastard Says :

    Mike, I think it is just the whole damn video!!!

    Mary, thanks for sharing that. I just watched a special on BBC about the neo cons and man, I’m scared!!! 

  12. Jamilah Says :

    I am a Muslim, and I did not find this funny.

    For the record, Muslims honor many religious leaders (we call them prophets)–Abraham, Moses, Jesus–not only Muhammad.  We have kinship with all monotheists, and we respect all houses of worship.

  13. The Bastard Says :

    But Jamilah, what of freedom of speech? Should it not guarantee all forms?

    Or are we to come to terms that we as a race will never learn tolerance? 

  14. Rico Says :

    I am Catholic. My personal beliefs are that people should let other live the lives that they wish to live.
    Someone wants to put up a Jesus video? So what? If I don’t like it, I don’t have to watch it.

    Religious hatred is killing this world. Can’t we all just get along?


  15. microbe Says :

    It one thing to be offended, quite another to react violently!

  16. Jamilah Says :

    There’s a saying that my freedom to extend my fist goes as far as the next person’s nose.

    When I was a little girl (remember, I grew up in the 50s and 60s) my mother taught me to be respectful of others.  I didn’t have the freedom to call my sister names or punch her–no matter how badly I wanted to.  I didn’t have the freedom to stand up in church and argue with the minister–I was Lutheran for the first 23 years of my life. I certainly did not have the freedom to talk back to my mother.

    Times change.  Now people feel they can say anything, do anything.  But maybe it’s time for us, as a society, to learn a little self-restraint, and consider how our actions affect others.

    Again, for the record, I despise the violence in Beirut and Damascus over the cartoons.

    BTW, I do have a sense of humor.  I liked “Always Look on The Bright Side of Life,” probably because it was so out of place.  And I think I would have liked this piece better if the victim had been someone I truly don’t like–though I often lecture my sons on how violence is not humorous.

    To get back to your question.  Yes, I believe totally in freedom of speech.  In fact, I am very worried these days because even the old dependables (SNL, Doonesbury) seem to be playing “hands-off” when it comes to Bush. I also believe that freedom carries responsibility.  Did you know the recent stampede in Manila was caused by someone saying there was a bomb–the old “yelling fire in a crowded theatre”–because he wanted to get to the head of the line?  Nearly 100 people died because of his poor exercise of freedom.

    I grew up under the mantra, “Be a good girl.  Act like a lady.”  And so on and so on.  My generation railed against that attitude.  But maybe we threw out the baby with the bathwater.

  17. Surrender Monkey Says :

    RUTH - Lighten up!!!  There isn’t a ‘war’ against Christians.  Do you really feel persecuted at the moment?  Do you feel like ALL the media and ALL the government’s actions are really out to get you? Do you see other Christian countries being invaded and other Christians being arbitrarily arrested, shot at, raped, bombed and killed?  No you do not. Therefore your lazy analogy doesn’t work.  On the theme of ‘freedom of expression’ - when muslims vent their anger by, say, stamping on the Danish flag (and, yeh ok, torching a few ‘embassies’) they’re dubbed “extremists” yet the sorryarsed  cartoonists who printed those anti-Muslim pictures in the first place are never described as ‘Freedom of expression extemists’ are they?  I’m a dyed in the wool liberal - I know me John Stuart Mill inside out - and even he - the THE defender of free expression in the Voltaire mold, reckoned that  you haven’t go the freedom to pointlessly shout ‘FIRE!’ in a crowded auditorium, for the obvious reason that the ensuing rush for the exit will crush people to death.  Those wrtechedly unfunny cartoons are the ‘FIRE’ and the crowded auditorium is the war on terror.  It’s just a provocation.  And as for the film clip, if Jesus ever existed as in as it said on the tin he existed, well, he did kind of survive and so will shrug, smile enigmatically and get on with that sermon he’s writing or testing the watery wine trick etc.  Relax

  18. Mike Says :

    Perhaps you could have taken it one step further and put a big , brown stain on the front of his loin cloth and a quick shot of satan behind the wheel of the school bus.  Go git’em bung busters.

  19. xeric Says :

    “As a Christian/Mulism/Jew etc. I’m offended blah blah blah”.

    Get off the internet. Go and pray in your cave and leave the rest of us alone. Have your religious wars with yourselves over how many angels dance on the head of a pin. Believe in your flat earth. But don’t expect the rest of us to go along with your special version of insanity.


  20. Mohamed Says :

    Using “music, skin, and violence” is just a typical means for unintellectual minds to pass their useless time.
    Ofcourse as believers, we disagree with violent reactions. But sometimes words and images could be as violent as swords and guns.
    I don’t think this video is funny, and I disagree of anyone making fun of anyone else “weather it’s a Muslim, Christian, or a non-believer (Kafir).
    I feel sorry for the person who did it.

  21. Jackass Says :

    Just stumbled in ,and what a sicko bunch of children—Can see none of you know your daddies….

  22. Message of Peace Says :



    To learn about the real Jesus please visit:





    Peace to all

  23. Kamau Beno Says :

    Good to see that most of us can still laugh with one another without getting bent out of shape.

  24. Bijord Baan Says :

    I am so inspired by the folks who put that little skit together , I think I’ll go out and make my own video on the folks who think it’s OK to beat on Jesus but predictably flip-out when a person rags on them.

    I think I’ll start off with a gay leather parade but instead of where their manhoods would be , I’ll place long , plastic brown feces hanging down.  With peanuts.  And a limp wristed devil boasting how proud it is to be a part of it all.

  25. Cindy Says :

    I believe that God has a sense of humor, has infinite patience and infinite mercy.  There was so much reaction to the cartoons about the Prophet of Islam because they do blaspheme their beliefs, but they were definitely intentioned to instill hatred and violence.  In other words, they are the work of the devil, who is without doubt a neo-con.

  26. cooper Says :

    sorry it’s been a long weelend I laughed my ass off…………………………… I know i’m gonna end up in the DARK PLACE.

  27. hey Bijord, and if you do it right, it might even be as funny as this video. 

     Of course one could ask how do you know about the people who put this video together and what they flip out about? For all you know this guy agrees with 99% of what you do. You assume since he was camping around he must be gay or something like that.

    Whats even funnier is your reaction to people who are “beating on Jesus.” I think after all the man went through, you know being crucified and yet still having mercy for all of humanity, that instead of wanting to ridicule gay people, he might just have a laugh and enjoy the music.

    But what do I know. Hm for that matter - what do you know?

  28. BYOC Says :

    I have to say that I am fairly impressed that this post has brought multiple denominations to the table to engage each other in conversation. One of the dialogs that has been left out in the cold over the past few years actually concerns Jesus as viewed by Muslims. While I am not Muslim and do not wish to put words into the mouths of others, my step dad is from Kosovo…my uderstanding is that Muslims through history have regarded Jesus as prophet of god similair to Moses but not as the God incarnite, not the son of God but rather as a man who though some means spoke with God. And in earlier times refered to Christians as, “People of the Book,”

    With that said for my self I am a man with out any book who has read many and I find comfort in the words of the philosopher Voltaire who said that, ” God is a comedian playing to an audience afraid to laugh.

  29. Jep Lover Says :

    I love this! I fully expected Jesus pop up after the the bus went by and start a second chorus. That would have made it reaaly hilarious!

  30. Larry Says :

    Well I do not want to be standing next to you when Jesus comes back
    I’ll pray for you!

  31. Bijord Baan Says :

    Crank it up Cranky, yer holding back!   Tell you what, I’ll overlap that frontal lobe brain bleeder “leather parade,” idea and put one together about two male dogs named Faun and Fartus. And how they share more then a fire-hydrant in the park. The end result of their “bark-door”  [get it?] being [now this is funny] little brown hotdogs running around. Oh, my guts is bust’n now!  I’ll call it   “Fertilizing Fartus’s Feces Produces A Furry Fetus”  So what do ya think, title too short or what?

  32. OTTMANN Says :

    All I tell is you is that Jesus would not find it funny being made fun of. The video is only cool for fools. The bashers and unrepentant gays are gonna be crying for him soon enough, and those who don’t believe, mock and curse him, have already chosen their destiny, undeserving of sympathy.

    It is so obvious what is happening in the world for those who can discern the times, observing the disintegration of humanity.

    Evil is having its last hurrah.

    The only question is how long God will allowed it to go on. I know one thing for sure, it’s going to get much worse and much uglier in the meantime.

  33. Nan Lemons Says :

    OMG.. risking the wrath that was too funny! 

  34. NorskBamse Says :

    Well I thought this was one heck of a great video.  I couldn’t stop laughing…

    As far as the -you’re all going to heck- crowd ranting as usual, guess what…  I can promise you that there will be more gays, single parents, and progressives in heaven than there will be self-centered, war happy, Bible thumping, self-proclaimed Christian, ‘regressives’…


  35. Adam Says :

    Damn people, lighten up, it’s just a movie.

  36. LiberPaul Says :

    ROFL!!!  Didn’t see that coming.  OTTMAN, you are an idiot…. 

  37. inigo Says :

    Just really funny.

  38. me Says :

    Does that mean folks who like getting pissed and shit on will be going to heaven too?  We’ll probably be judged by God by what we do not who we are.  You’re own conscience will tell you if you deserve heaven or not? Most people can BS themselves their whole life but some souls sneak out of the lower spirit world to maintain that BS freshness , only soon God is going to put an end to that. I don’t think going to gay parties and fashion shows is sending you to hell but their is no neutral ground you either serve God or lucifer and your heart will lead you to the next world. Only in the end you will know if you we’re right or wrong, just remember, God is just.

  39. mGoLos Says :

    Omg, so funny. Must stop … laughing … painful stomach … oh god … so funny … sooo funny … god that’s funny … must stop laughing … so funny …

  40. mike Says :

    rotlmao, this is hella funny nice job.

  41. Bill Dubay Says :

    I’ve seen so many to that tune, but the end was was so damn funny, I just roared laughing.

  42. Tom T Says :

    HAHAAHAHAHAHAHA, SOOOOOOOO funnnny!!!! I had to watch like 4 times, its that amazing… Just the dance and the singing were hilarious..WOW… Now when i skateboard, it’ll be stuck in my head! Cheers

  43. chasingdogma Says :

    I’ve saw this one before, but its still very very funny.

    Oh..yeah..and all you pharasees who THINK you know what God finds “offensive”… get off your high horse. Do you SERIOUSLY believe that an all knowing, all loving, all encompasing God would find something that an insignificant human being with a video camera and a nice disco song was “performing” as offensive? Don’t you think God has better things to do… like make good on all of Pat Robertson’s smites?

    Get a brain, morans!

  44. Starlight Says :

    This was SOOOO funny!  Yes, lighten up people.  You could change the main character to anyone?  Would any of you Oh-So Religious Right have minded if it were Howard Dean or John Kerry?  Or the left would you have cared if it were Cheney or Rumsfeld?  Wow, that’d actually be funnier! 

    It’s a video people.  Nothing to start a war over especially people who are supposed to share the came constitution…ok, we all perceive it differently just like we all perceive what’s right and wrong etc.  Live and let live.  This is not a sin…betcha Mother and Father God are laughing too.

    Just for the record.  My uncle died 12/29.  My aunt spoke to a Medium, it was real.  My grandmother who is with her husband, gave my aunt a message.  “Everyone goes to Heaven when they die.  And that’s it’s not true that babies that aren’t baptised don’t go to heaven.  That God forgives everyone for what they have done.”  How awesome is that? 

  45. MarkS Says :

    I also hear that in Heaven there is no Budweiser… only Guinness.

    How awesome is that!?

  46. Ann Says :

    Fits right in with The Producers and The Life of Brian: it’s called ‘humour’ and I thank God for it.

    BTW: MarkS - that’s why they call it Heaven.  If you want Bud, you’d have to go somewhere a lot warmer….

    Starlight: I’m not sure I wanna go to a place that lets all these religious ’fundamentalists’ in  - from any ‘faith’ - who’ve been allowed to get away with murder and mayhem throughout history (in the name of progress and or/self defence, largely), for all eternity. Dang, that’s not how they sold it to me at Catholic school! Did you’re uncle not mention any secret Oasis up there, you know, for people who weren’t complete freakin’ lunatics down here…..


  47. PatrickMonk.RN. SF.Ca. Says :


    Grim as the situation is, if we cant find humor somewhere we might as well kiss it all goodbye. For more in similar vein suggest you check out> freewayblogger.com < and watch his “Iraq. The Musical”.

  48. swissffun Says :

    what those who didn’t like this need to think about is….   do they honor the icon of jesus or do they honor his teachings? The wacky evangelicals only believe in jesus NOT in his teachings. Just look at that Kansas preacher and his anti-gay diatribes to see the real values of that 60+% of the US population.

     smacking em in the fucking face with something as FABULOUS as this skit is what they need MORE of! THANKS!!!!!!

  49. jb Says :

    Who do you people think you are telling me what Jesus or God would find funny?  You are the same people who put that idiot in office to invade a non christian country and you say I’m going to hell. Do you not realize that all that you have been taught and all that has been written has been done so by man, who will always serve his interests first. Wake up. Faith is supposed to be  a healer, a place for comfort in dark times, not a way to use fear and shame to get people to live the way you think they should. Release yourself from the burden of judgement and live your own damn lives.

  50. Zenden Says :

    umm and do u think that this is a joke ?! just tell me when u see this Shity vidoe what do u feel when u see soome on making this on ur prophet do u will just smile ?! btw am Muslim .. but i dont like even this Vidoe GUYS for GOD sake this is not a game or somthing that when we see we will just smile ! it is damn forbiden

  51. Von Cortes Says :

    I think it’s time muslim and christian fundies consider their god as being integrated within them - a part of themselves, and not some outside object that when ridiculed can trigger a cause for alarm for humanity. Just keep it between you and your gods. Don’t mind us infidels who’re just out for a good laugh in this friggin’ existence.

  52. JB Says :

    unbelievably funny. i admire the folks who spent time to put this together. i hope more is coming….

     is there a way i can download this as a video file playable on Media Player?

  53. Wilf Hanes Says :

    Alot of lowlifes that I read here on this site, must have escaped from the lower levels on the human nature scale of nature. If you sadistic pukes (those of you who get excited over blood lust) need to gratify your funny bones by watching a person getting hit by a bus (more then once for some of you) your mental pattern leaves little room for doubt that you probably enjoy other indulgences that no doubt borderline psychopathic pleasures.

  54. preroll.net » Blog Archive » Says :

    […] Jesus Christ: The Musical […]

  55. Loulou Says :

    Well whats funny is how the christians can accept this video on their prophet..and as a muslim i dont accept regardless of all the religions any insultant for any prophet or even an ordinary human..we should respect everything…if you are civilized…wish my message could influence any reckless words..

  56. MB Says :

    But… he’s Jesus…  so he’ll be ok… right?

  57. Bod... Says :

    Allah Akbar! By the Profits to be made in an all night Kasbar, that was so funny…



  58. Soph Says :

    It was wrong, but very funny. I am a Christian with a sense of humour, obviously. I thank God for creating humour and would not be surprised if he was chuckling too.

  59. spicemind Says :

    i don’t see any funny, this video….i don’t care if ur not a christian!!! i think this not good…who’s creat this satanic video? are you satisfied!!!? hahahah

  60. Shizzle Says :

    Thanks for the laugh, now I have to clean my monitor again.

    All of you whining about sacrelige get a sense of humour about yourselves. Sometimes humour is just meant to be in good fun. With all the crap going on today the last thing anyone needs is more religious outrage from some uptight religious conservatives.

     Take a joke and move on for a change.

  61. Oojo Says :

    I think it’s brilliant and very funny. Much funnier that
    any islam I’ve seen - the more we send up religion the better - christ it all just fairy tales handed through the ages made up by human who can’t face the fact that when there Dead that it’s ….bring it on send everything up

  62. Oojo Says :

    I think it’s brilliant and very funny. Much funnier that
    any islam jokes I’ve seen - the more we send up religion the better - christ it all just fairy tales handed through the ages made up by human who can’t face the fact that when there Dead that it’s ….bring it on send everything up man must learn to laugh at it the ultimate stupidity of religion

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