April 29th, 2006

Snitches Get Stitches

From BoingBoing: “Every year on 4/20, students and residents gather on Farrand Field at CU Boulder to defy the authorities and smoke marijuana publicly. This year, the University of Boulder Police Department fought back by taking pictures of as many participants as possible. They have a website with photos up, offering an $50 reward to anyone who positively identifies someone who was photographed. Nothing about what the authorities plan to do with the information is posted. Scary.”

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  1. Joe Friday Says :

    So, Officer Friendly, you have a picture of someone smoking a pathetically rolled something…  what constitutes proof that it wasn’t just a bad hand rolled cigarette?  How is this in any way actionable?  Oh well, I guess since there is no other crime on campus, and $50 dollar bills to corrupt the morals of weak-minded youth grow on trees…

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  2. dusty Says :

    Eeeek gads..pot smokers? What the hell are the rent-a-cops going to do, revoke their scholarships? tell mommy and daddy?

    Those campus cops need to find something else to do..like folks breaking into cars, raping female students as they walk to their cars at night alone..other crimes that involve victims..not the victimless crime of smoking a doobie..jesus. 

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  3. CSC5502D Says :

    Yes it’s always scary to liberals when laws are enforced, especially the ones they blatantly break in public.

    Sounds just like all the whining from the illegals when…DIOS MIO…ICE actually does its job and picks their sorry asses up and sends them back.  Now if only we could set up the border so they couldn’t come back in five minutes…..

    Here’s an idea for you.  I heard they’re considering legalizing pot in Mexico.  If they do, we’ll just deport you with the illegals and then you get a free trip to Mexico AND you can smoke all the pot you want while you’re there.

    Cool huh?


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  4. steve Says :

    Steve sidesteps to his left for a second…

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  5. The Cranky Brit Says :

    Yeah, that’s us liberals. Always on the side of the lawbreaker. Not at all like the Republicans. I mean, Tom Delay, Jack Abramoff, Scooter Libby, Rush Limburgh, Ollie North and Timothy McVeigh never did anything wrong, did they? 

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  6. steve Says :

    I am quite amazed this morning that you’d lump Tim McVeigh in with Delay, Abramhoff and even Rush.

    WTF is Ollie North doing on your list?  He shredded some documents, no biggy. 

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  7. The Cranky Brit Says :

    McVeigh was because I was struggling to come up with another Republican lawbreaker. You’re right. He shouldn’t have been used in this. Can we swap him with Kenneth Lay? And Rush is perfectly appropriate for this. It’s the same sort of crime, after all.

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  8. the instigator Says :

    throw a wrench in their system - report a “person” (i.e. call CU PD, and make up a name - send them on a weird path.

    also, they are getting these people with trespassing, not smoking dope. they made a closure on the site, and thus enacted trespassing statues on them.  photos of them there = trespassing.

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  9. Kevin W. Says :

    Awesome! These police deserve raises for nailing these addict freaks!

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  10. Mags Says :

    Of all the utterly ridiculous things I’ve ever seen. What is up with college students being vilified and attacked for protesting these days? Isn’t that what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing when you’re in college? First UCSC and the whole Michelle Malkin debacle, and now this at CU. Ridiculous. I hope it only serves to fan the fire of our nation’s university students, rather than creating a cadre of young intellectuals who are too afraid to speak up for what they believe in. We can only hope.

    What’s sad too is that there are quite a few folks on that page who have already been stamped with “identified.” I mean, who are the people who sold their friends out for a measly $50?

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  11. Scott Says :

    More and more we are becoming a nation of f**king FINKS.

    Within 10 years this country will make the old Soviet Union

    look like a libertarian utopia.


    “Teacher, teacher!  Look what Tommy’s doing!”

    Fifty bucks, please.

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  12. The Cranky Brit Says :

    Inform on your friends and family! Fabulous prizes to be won.

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  13. opposed Says :

    Do your part.  Waste those resources!


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  14. Steve O Says :

    Police state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s all I have to say, and the funny thing is that CSC5502D thinks he is immune to these actions because he insanely agrees with them.

    He to is under survellience and can be thrown in the Halliburton jails just as easily. 

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  15. Tom Harper Says :

    Next April 20th, the hottest selling items on the Boulder campus will be:  costumes, masks, stockings and Groucho glasses.  No more $50 dollar prizes if you can’t identify anybody.

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  16. xxyyzz Says :

    1. Get enough people to call the number listed continuously.

    2. Dos the web site.

    3. wait for 4:20pm…

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  17. Joe Snitty Says :

    I’m with xxyyzz on this one, but if I lived in the area I’d use a local phone book and start reporting random names from pay phones.

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  18. Yes the police are trying to enforce the law. That is what they do. I’m not blaming them for a blatant waste of taxpayers money. This is a direct outcome of the “father knows best” rule of law that we live in now a days. The Republican party has made a killing off of the idea “we stay in your bedroom so that we’re out of your boardroom.”  It’s not the cops, it’s whatever politician authorized this to begin with.


    However I am with Joe and xxyyzz, I don’t see the harm in trying to “help” the police. I’m not to worried about them trying to arrest me.


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