May 31st, 2006

Colorado Judge Rules That a Baby Is Not a Fetus

Sounds like those damn radical-right activist judges are at it again. The case involves a pregnant woman who was involved in a car accident last year. The pregnant woman was rushed to the hospital where the doctors decided that an emergency C-section delivery was needed because of massive internal bleeding. The baby fetus was removed four months early and did not have the lung maturity to survive. The baby fetus died one hour and six minutes later.

The judge on the case ruled that the baby fetus that was born prematurely was in fact a baby and thus had the same rights as a living breathing human being.

The article mentions that the emergency procedure was performed because of massive internal bleeding, what it doesn’t mention is whether or not the procedure was performed in order to save the life of the mother. The article seems to want you to believe that the procedure was performed to save the baby fetus.

It’s amazing how the story changes from pro-life to pro-choice when you substitute the word baby with fetus. I guess we also have a case of radical-right activist journalists reporting the story.

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  1. jdhunter Says :

    Can I get enough lumber out of a handful of acorns to build a house?

  2. jdhunter Says :

    Let’s hope this doesn’t have a life beyond this case, though it does still remain that the status of a fetus has a lot to do with its mother’s attitude towards it.

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