May 26th, 2006

Mr. Bravado

“Bring It On,” “Wanted Dead or Alive.”

These are signature phrases of George W Bush.

And, yesterday George W Bush claimed that uttering this tough talk was the number one mistake of his presidency.

Why was this a mistake?

George W Bush says that this tough talk was misinterpreted by “people.”

What can anyone say about this?

Well, this shows us a couple of things about George W Bush. First of all, he still doesn’t get it. How was he expecting this kind of talk to be interpreted? I’m confused, when he first screamed this nonsense sane people were surprised that the leader of the free world would stoop to name calling. Sane people know that provoking a wounded animal is stupid, but George W Bush was sitting there poking the snake in the face with a stick. Sure, anyone can cut the head off a snake, but George W Bush chose to poke al Qeada in the face. Normally this would be a sign of insecurity. A bully is most likely to be a kid using force to deal with insecurity. George W Bush fit the profile like a glove.

But, he also says that this was misinterpreted by “people.” What “people” misinterpreted this? How was it misinterpreted? It seems pretty clear that the conservatives in the United States thought his reaction was brilliant. Did they misinterpret the tough talk? Or, was Bush just saying this to energize his base for his benefit, without any thought of those outside the US that might hear his words?

Maybe George W Bush means that the subject of his statements believed that he was actually encouraging them to bring it on. What a silly notion. I don’t know how anyone could come to that conclusion. I personally wonder what he really meant, because I only know one way to interpret “Bully Talk.”


Don’t forget what Stephen Colbert said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

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