May 13th, 2006

Vote Republicans out of office in November, then we can talk

I haven’t had much time lately to write for BIO. Actually just reading the first page of the paper can reduce me to tears these days. But in reading some posts and the comments, I was struck by the hostility of some comments.

What I love about BIO and what separates it from the other liberal blogs is that everybody is given a voice here. We should respect and love that philosophy for only then can we have civilized discourse on the issues.

Speaking for myself I very much hate the war in Iraq, but will always respect the military. Yes, there does come a time when people have to ask themselves: “are we following the wrong orders?” Personally I would love it if the military rose in revolt against the American government right now. But is that realistic?

No it’s not. Simply because of the way this government and the military is run. The reality is that there wouldn’t be an en masse revolt, and troops who disobey orders wouldn’t be given a just court martial but would probably find themselves killed by enemy friendly fire.

That is reality. We do have to live with it. We don’t have to live with this government controlling both houses come November. Instead of fighting amongst ourselves, and I am talking about the liberals, we should be marshalling our resources and discussing how to best do that.

The government collecting our phone records is just another example of how sick it is. No terrorist would say the words: “Tomorrow we’re going to blow up the Empire State Building.” They would speak in code and that code would be constantly changing. At least it would for any group that does have the intelligence and the ability to blow up a building.

The only people who would get hurt from this if the government then proceeds to listen to their phone calls would be wannabe terrorists and wannabe other types of criminals.

If the government listened to my phone calls they would be bored out of their minds as most of my calls consist of making arrangements. If they read my emails, they might find more interesting material but only if they’re interested in my and my friends personal lives, with some politics thrown in and I do disparage people on the radical right in some of my emails. If they read my personal blog, I wish them luck in making sense of it, and hope that they would understand that I’m exercising my First Amendment right to free speech.

If the government finds that to be inflammatory, I would happily be arrested and glad that I live in a building where I can scream to the cameras and to the doorman for I would want as many people as possible to know. If they wanted to search my apartment based on my emails and without a warrant, I wouldn’t let them in. If forced to, I would think of something to let as many people as possible know for when people are aware they can fight back.

On another subject entirely, the price of gasoline in this country now. As a person who lives in Manhattan I have been paying the costs of 9/11 over and over again. There is that evil side to me that feels “now you’re beginning to understand what it’s like to live with a cost that’s spiralling out of control.”

But the increase in the price of gasoline will have a ripple affect. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have every day prices rise more than they already have here. I pay triple the amount for basic food items that people who live just across the Hudson in Jersey do. That’s me shopping at the cheapest store, and my friends in Jersey shopping at a regular supermarket.

While your prices will also go up, our prices will render an already unaffordable city even more unaffordable. Welcome to the post 9/11 real world.

I am so tired of living in a country where citizens fight each other over the most simple and basic rights. I get tired of explaining to new bloggers that The First Amendment didn’t establish a national religion but did establish the right for each person to worship or not the religion he chose to. That sounds so elementary, yet I can’t count the amount of times I have had to dredge out the supporting documents to The First Amendment.

I don’t find it amusing or fun when liberals fight each other. This isn’t to say that we can’t argue, but to come down on a person for supporting the troops yet not the war is sick to me.

There’s less than six months to the November elections; primary season is beginning. Very truthfully I no longer believe that we have free elections in this country, and haven’t believed it since November 2000. Maybe Bush did win Florida honestly, but the Re publican’s behavior during the after-election left me much doubt.

I want to be prove wrong in both the coming elections and the 2008 one. I can only be prove wrong if people stick together and do vote the Republican’ s out of office.

To all the people I know who voted for Bush because there wasn’t another terrorist attack I won’t even go into the absurdity of that reasoning but will appeal to you on another level. Do you want contraception to be available? That reads funny, doesn’t it? It’s not. There is a growing movement to stop all birth control methods; I assume they would include the rhythm method if they could get into peoples bedrooms.

I’m not sure if our government has been bought by the radical right or just enjoys appeasing them. It doesn’t matter. They are a threat to our way of life and our existence.

While I might argue that security cameras do stop crime, that’s not the real question or answer. The real question is “when does a security camera stop being a deterrent to street crime and begins to be intrusive into the every day life of everyday citizens?” I don’t know an easy answer to that. I would say that in my case, when the camera followed my from the elevator into my apartment. However, I know of security cameras that have caught illegal sublets that way.” Not that I have anything against people who rent out their apartments or rooms in one.

However I know somebody who made $13,000 tax free dollars a month doing that. And yes it is every Manhattanites secret dream to get rich off illegally subletting. But it is also the landlord or coop board’s right to stop that. While I might not agree, I also think “I’m following the laws and the rules, and I have a hard time understanding how somebody could so easily flaunt those rules and get rich off one apartment.” It did take his landlord 25 year and the placement of a security camera outside his apartment to catch him. He was able to send his son to private school, and to live a great life. Joe also had other not quite legal ways of making money so his income was much more than that $144,000 when the thousand dollar a month rent was subtracted. I would have felt that I won the lottery of life if I had a ten room apartment in Manhattan for a thousand dollars.

There is only one easy answer, and that answer is to vote the Republicans out of office come November so that an Impeachment Hearing can become a reality. We can discuss everything else after that.

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  1. Judy Says :

    Why wait till November?

  2. Pia Savage Says :

    I have been calling for an impeachment since I began blogging 18 months ago tomorrow–and would love one tomorrow.  

     But I have learned to savor small victories so that we can win the big battles.  That said, everybody associated with BIO knows how much I hate, and hate is the only word I can use, Karl Rove as he does do Bush’s thinking for him, and will consider the day he is indicted to be the next great American holiday.

    Unfortunately I’ve learned since I began to blog to cover all bases, not to give people room to take my arguments apart as they have been very misquoted and interrepted

    Each primary where a Republican loses to a liberal of any party will be a small victory to me.

  3. 4Truth Says :

    The Baby Boomers turned out to be the worse generation so far. They marched against war then voted for war. They elected a 1 Party gov’t. Hopefully this november & 2008 there can be a correction.

  4. Pia Savage Says :

    Do you have any idea what you’re saying?  This is one of the reasons that I’m stepping away from politics.

    There was the silent generation–those people who were born during the 30’s to 1946–then there was gen X who couldn’t care less about anything 

    There was also the so called “greatest generation.”  They are dying out now but played a significant role in determining power as did the silent generation then gen x by their non-actions.

    Sorry baby boomers aren’t the cause of all the world’s problems.  Yes we stopped a war, we revived inner cities, we made schools better, we have done much

    But the mantra is blame it on the baby boomer.  People who were born in 1965 have been of voting age since the mid 80’s–they were certainly old enough to work for political candidates before that–but they didn’t

    You can’t blame the problems of this country on one specific generation.  The “silent generation” did breed “gen x” so if you’re going to place blame I would begin with those two groups–and go onto  “the greatest generation.” 

    Baby boomers are an easy target–but really think before you make a blanket comment like that 

  5. Liberal Army Wife Says :

    voting is the answer.  Yes, I want impeachment too.  but unfortunately, he’d have to have sex with an intern for that.  and I cannot imagine an intern would want to…..  illegal wiretapping isn’t as important as having sex and lying about it… lying about WMD, Yellowcake, and reasons to go war, isn’t as important as having sex and lying about it….  sending men and women to an illegal war “with the army we got” isn’t as important as having sex and lying about it….

    so.  Since we can’t get them that way, we’ll do the old fashioned thing.. we’ll vote.  we’ll slowly start getting our country and our government back.  slowly but surely, we’ll do it.  It’s just the American way to do things..  the real American way, not the Bush amurrrrican bullying, bombastic arrogant way.


  6. 4Truth Says :

    PIA  - Come on. The biggest voting block in history. Baby Boomers did NOTHING. They voted in a 1 Party system. They killed medicade. They marched against all that was not good BUT then supported GREED. The greatest generation fought a War World. My father could of been killed & I would not have been born.  They did without …. to FREE the world. The Babby Boomers gave in to Corporate Greed & voted a 1 Party system. They doomed the USA with debt, today a CEO makes over 200 million $. That is not right.  Baby Boomers are the Leaders today so what don’t you get?

  7. steve Says :

    I thought it was just me but maybe I am not the only one who wonders what 4truth is talking about.

    Baby Boomer Generation doing nothing?  You cannot be serious! 

  8. Pia Savage Says :

    People are individuals not stereotyped groups.  Bush, Rove–were never part of my baby boomer world–and it’s my world that you talk about when you talk about Viet Nam.

      All my friends have teenagers to kids in grad  school, work constantly, have or had aging parents they cared for, are hoping that they’re not forced into early retirement because they’re planning to work until their 70’s as they can’t afford to retire.

    We were the people who did and do much–and people like you stereotype us with Bush who hated people like us.

    A big recesion hit in 1970–73 college grads couldn’t get jobs commensurate with education for the first time–the rest of the 70’s–oil prices?  mixed with stagflation–a recession and inflation at the same time.  August 82-the stock market jumped–five great years until October 17, 1987. 

     However there was a strange disease young men began getting in 1982–finding the diagnosis–the indignities–I will never forget that–nor will I ever forget nursing many friends who died way before their time.

    I truly don’t people are so eager to cast blame on an entire generation without looking at the individuals.  Because my part of the baby boomer generation are people to be very proud of. 

    What don’t you get? 

     I won’t answer any more comments on this. 



  9. 4Truth Says :

    PIA - “it’s my world that you talk about when you talk about Viet Nam.”

    It is my world as well. I have a big family so it was intense.

    I never said  you supported BUSH. I never said Rove was part of the Baby Boomers.  WHAT I did say is that OUR generation voted in those people, The WORST Adminstration in history.  The question is - HOW many Boomers vote? Our Justice suffers because People do Not vote.

  10. Pia Savage Says :

    Rove is 55.  He’s a babyboomer.

    You said that baby boomers did nothing.  You’re wrong, but to argue this is futile

    I live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Baby boom central. We voted in record numbers in 2000 and 2004. 

    I can only speak for the baby boomere I know  

    Many Gen Xer’s have never seen the point of voting.  They seem to have been born jaded and cyniical.  Their parents never cared about politics, why should they?

    Many older people don’t vote because they don’t want people knowing that they would need help in the voting booth.   


  11. steve Says :

    “Their parents never cared about politics, why should they?”

    Now that is the truth… seriously.  How many really care in my generation?  They’ll tell you this and that but on voting day where are they? 

  12. 4Truth Says :

    They, us Babby Boomers, did NOTHING to advance mankind that was against war & for afforable medical care & Social Security. The things that will matter in 20 years or less. The legacy of a voting block that could decide elections. We will have spent 1 Trillion or more for Iraq. Put that 1 Trillion to Social security. Problem solved. NY or CA did not vote for it but I am just saying as  A  generation, the majority did not vote for the common good, they voted for greed. 

    “Their parents never cared about politics, why should they?” - that is why so Americans do not vote, which hurts our democracy. AND the generation before us fought WW2 so that we could be free to vote.

    All I am saying is that it is never to late to vote, have your voice heard, put in your 2 cents …. make democracy work.

  13. The Cranky Brit Says :


    Part of the reason people don’t vote is that people like you demonise them the instant they vote for something you don’t like. Even when they’re on your side for the most part, like Pia, you rant and rave and scream and insult. Get a grip, for God’s sake because right now you are losing support for the things you want because people like me who are pretty liberal and progressive do not want to be associated with your kind of vitriolic attacks.

    And I, and everyone in my family (including my baby booming parents) have voted at every election since we were 18.

  14. 4Truth Says :

    I am NOT demonizing. I am talking about facts. We have BUSH because people don’t vote. If a TRUE majority voted for him, I belive in democracy. It is the Baby Boomers who don’t vote then complain about things & then say  “Why Vote, they are all crooks” that are the demons. Voting helps democracy & I applaud ALL who vote.  I am saying that the Baby Boomers are the biggest voting block in history and by Not voting that is still a vote not to participate even though the last generation fought a war so German is not our language. You people are just looking at your close friends & family and I think that is great. I am talking about our generation as a whole, not specific Blue or Red state.

    If 500 people more voted in Ohio, maybe a different outcome. When the count is that close, don’t forget, “It’s not the people who vote who decide the outcome, it’s the people who count the vote”.

    I thought this was a debate, it is not fair if you try to put words in my mouth. Thank God it is in print, where did I ever attack Pia?

    Iam saying Social Security, Medicare - Pensions, Medical care - should be our legacy but our generation voted for guting both.

  15. steve Says :

    Let’s see…  You attacked baby boomers therefore you are attacking pia.  You are complaining people don’t vote but record numbers of people voted in 2004.  How could people be voting more when there were record votes?  Your reasoning regarding voting and baby boomers make no sense whatsoever.

    Yes it is a debate.  But debates aren’t one sided attacks.  Debates involve reasoning which quite frankly, you lack.

  16. Pia Savage Says :

    I’m so beyond being insulted I probably wouldn’t recognize one ;)

    I never once mentioned baby boomers in my post.  It was an opinion post on survelliance cameras, phone calls and emails. 

    Sorry if I didn’t have any answers.  I was looking for people to give me their opinions on that as I just don’t know.  So any debate should have been on the subject at hand.

     You changed it, and if people “defended” me–it’s because Steve, Angry Brit and LAW, saw how you changed it. And voting–

    While baby boomers might be the single largest voting block–there are the generations who came before and the generations who came after–they comprise more voters in actual numbers if not percentage

    You’re looking at this as if Babyboomers are at fault for every problem.  Funny, I remember blaming my dad for every problem when I was 15–didn’t understand why he personally hadn’t done anything about the Holocaust.   Didn’t believe him when he told me that he didn’t know about it.  And I sure gave my dad a lot of power that he didn’t have–he was a member of “the greatest generation.

    You’re fixated on baby boomers.  So are many other people.  What if I were to say that my friends–and yes I can only speak for the people I personally know–are so turned off the this whole anti baby boomer thing that they refuse to get involved in anyway but voting?

    You don’t seem to understand that this anti-baby boomer mentality makes baby boomers think “I did my part.  Why should I do more when I’m being demonized?”

    My status as a babyboomer was never an issue–except in friendly debates with Cranky and Ken Grandlund.  Somehow lately I seem to represent an entire generation–and totally resent that as I think for myself–ask anybody at BIO ;)

     I don’t want to be a spokesperson for baby boomers.  I’m not a rah rah we’re so wonderful, we’re going to change retirement, and life as the world knows it baby boomer.  I am a realist.

    I used Rove becauseI personally detest him, and at 55, he fits the baby boomer demographic as does Bush–they personify the “other babyboomers.

      Your first comment was simply anti-baby boomer.  Given that limited info, I answered the best way that I could.

    Each comment after that was defensive.  I am not trying to put you down, but I’m not a mind reader

    Personally believed that baby boomers were only one factor in ending Viet Nam–the Viet Namaby boomer was 29 when Viet Nam ended

    You forget about the SDS, the Free Speech movement, the YIPPIES–and those are just the radical groups.  Most leaders were older than baby boomers.

    Tony Randall “emceed” the first anti-Viet Nam protest rally I attended–he was hardly a baby boomer.  I met Dr. Spock–the doctor not the Vulcan–had lunch with him at a rally.  Couldn’t tell my mother that I had met her idol as I wasn’t supposed to be visiting my boyfriend 

    There was a very large group called “another mother for peace.”  They were our mothers–not us.  I come from the liberal  New York world–I would run into friends of my parents at peace rallies in DC.  Some actually were members of the “silent generation.”  Some were members of the “greatest generation.”

    Babyboomers played a part in stopping  the war.  The oldest boomer was 29 in 1975–we weren’t the policy makers.

    We didn’t change the world, and we’re sure not going to change old age as we know it

    I resent typing in any form–if I made blanket statements about the generations before and after baby boomers, it was also to show how absurd blanket statements are.

    As to survare.Asce csurvelliance was a large point of this–I don’t know what the answer is.  My heart says it stops street crime, but….

    As to phone records, emails etc–I do believe that only idiots would plan a terrorist attack using things that can be traced.

    Yes I know about the emails that preceded 9/11.  Our government had been warned about the individuals—they chose to do nothing.  This was under Bush not Clinton–just want that clear 

    Personally I make a really bad spokesperson for baby boomers as many of my friends are younger–I trust people under 30–and for the reasons I stated above

    For evey Ken Lay there might be a Ben of Ben & Jerry’s. Well, I like to think so

    I believe that corporations shouldn’t be allowed to make large donations to political campaigns on general principle

    Many corporations are run by people who are older or younger than baby boomers.

    Debates are great when there are points being made.

    Social Security–try Ronald Reagan–he attempted to distmantle the system when he was first elected.  I know this as a big fact as I was in the first external SSI Claims Rep class in eight years–in the entire nation–when the first Bush tried to put it back together.  Medicare–look at what the first Bush’s son is doing to muddy it

    Sure pensions and implied lifetime guaranteed employment ended in in the 70’s.   I was a paralegal first and worked on cases involving these issues.  But rather than looking back and seeing how history, and history that is only 30 years old, effects each issue, it’s easier to place blame on “babyboomers.”

    I am one baby boomer who never expected a pension–even if I were to have worked at a company for 30 or more years.  Nor did I expect too much if any Social Security

    I was jaded, and cynical, by the time I was 30 so I totally believed in saving for my own future

    I had friends who developed AIDS—aome had been very dedicated to their companies which turned out not to be dedicated to them

    There’s a lot of recent history that you’re ignoring.  Maybe you think that people who developed AIDS deserved to be laid off several months before their pensions would have been fully vested—this was in the 80’s.

    The problems you bring up didn’t begin yesterday.  If the Republicans hadn’t been so busy trying to find some scandal they could pin on Clinton things might have been very different

    Couldn’t find him guilty in Whitewater–so they found him guilty of lying about a blow job.  The enemy isn’t baby boomers, it’s the people who fell for that crap–and many were younger

    I could go on–but…. 


  17. 4Truth Says :

    “Pia  - I am a realist.” I am also. This reality are the facts as of today. The reality is we have war & deficits & deceit. I do disagree that the Boomers are not to blame. Boomers  had the chance to vote in people who cared about old age problems of living & dying with dignity( pension (SS) & medical care  (SS)).  

    Pia’s title of the diary is to “Vote Republicans out”, who better to do that then the biggest voting block in history. Pia is right that they should be voted out but to do that Americans must vote. So you can make a blanket statement about a generation when the FACTS show they do not vote. Instead of having Elected Officials to make the laws & spend the money on the things that help Americans live the American dream, they don’t vote & just give up and let the greedy, lying, stealing rich take control. I have planned & saved so I am really not affected by the damage done by BUSH & Co. but I am sadden to see all of the people that are.

    Yes, Rove is a Boomer but that does not mean he will vote democrat. I do not know how the Boomer will vote But by God vote & show who you are for, make your voice heard 1 day of the year.

  18. 4Truth Says :

    steve - more dufass answers. Only 50% of the people voted so how is that record numbers? so to be president you only need 26% of the vote.

  19. steve Says :

    I sleep now.  It’s sleepy time…  Sleep…

  20. Pia Savage Says :


    Steve is right.-And I don’t like to agree with him all the time

    Americans did vote in record numbers.  That is a fact

    I totally don’t understand your comments.

    Of course Rove isn’t going to vote Democrat. Many baby boomers will vote Republican so once again you’re not using reasoning 

    If your hypothesis was that the Democrats would win if babyboomers vote in larger numbers–you’ve just showed a great reason why your hypothesis could be wrong

    The youngest baby boomer is 42-the oldest is 60. However the expression Gen X was invented by people who were born in the late 50’s–early 60’s so not every baby boomer perceives themselves as one.  There are also many people who are over 60–therefore the majority of voters–with or without deciding when Gen X began–aren’t baby boomers.

    I’m sorry.  I’m beginning to enjoy this a bit too much so I have to stop 

    Cute, Steve, very cute–and I agree

  21. cat Says :

    Obviously 4Truth doesn’t understand the electoral process so I’ll explain it: in the last two elections, Bush LOST the POPULAR vote (you moron), which means people did turn out to voice their opinions via casting ballots.  But since it is the ELECTORAL COLLEGE and NOT the people of the US who determine the outcome of presidential elections, Bush got into office - twice.  

    If our votes had any real power whatsoever, that fanatic wouldn’t be in the White House - a fact that has NOTHING to do with any generation.  While I continue to mail my absentee voter ballot every single election year, I firmly believe: “If your vote really counted, you wouldn’t have it.”

  22. 4Truth Says :

    “Pia - Many baby boomers will vote Republican so once again you’re not using reasoning.” How do you know? I said vote & let it be known.  I use to like you Pia but now your just empty words with no facts, just like steve.

    FACT -

    “An estimated 201.5 million U.S. citizens age 18 or over will be
    eligible to vote Nov. 2, although many are not now registered.
    Of these, about 55 million are registered Republicans. About 72
    million registered Democrats.”
    source: USA Today
    You Chose your own greedy future.  Don’t blame me face the facts & the future.Boomers don’t vote so they should lose Social Security, the safety net.

  23. 4Truth Says :

    Cat - how many of those electoral college points lost by less then 1% of votes, the votes that didn’t vote. Cat grow up, let me explain the election to you. IF more then 50% of the people vote you will need more then 26% to win.

  24. Pia Savage Says :

    Your “facts” from USA Today didn’t break anything down.  So let me link to Met Life

     In the 2000 election approximately 59% of all baby boomers voted.  Older baby boomers were more likely to vote than younger babyboomers 69%-56%

    People who are older than baby boomers–in the 2000 election had the highest percentage of voters  55-64 voted at 70.01%  65-74–voted at 72.2%

    They didn’t define who older baby boomers are but to make an educated guess it would be people born 1946-55–or 58 as 59 is often used as the beginning year for “younger baby boomers” or gen X*–so 69% of my cohorts voted

    They don’t give statistics for gen x–but to make another educated guess, they vote in lesser numbers.


    That might surprise you. So might this–I’m not running for a popularity contest.  I just get damn tired of my generation being blamed for everything that goes wrong with this country 

    *The term Gen X was invente in the 80’s by Jay Mckierney

     and/or Brett Easton Ellis–as while they were officially baby boomers they wanted to separate themselves

    Personally that made me happy as they wrote about drug addled slackers who never gave a damn about anything

    The sad truth is what I stated much earlier–Gen X and subsequent generations don’t vote.  That’s why MTV has “rock the vote.”

  25. cat Says :

    Pardon “4Truth”?  I’m being told to “grow up” by an idiot who can’t even manage proper word usage, grammar and punctuation - let alone make a rational argument that relies on more than personal opinion, repetition, and rhetoric?  You don’t even have the courage to leave your name or contact information, so if you’re expecting regard your comments as anything other than the ramblings of an uninformed rube…you’re S.O.L. pal.  

    I do however derive some satisfaction from rantings such as 4Truth’s; the knowledge that ignorance truly isn’t bliss.  Blather on my dim-witted friend, blather on! 


  26. 4Truth Says :

    Pia - so then 70% voted, so i stand corrected. Then 36% voted to have the worse administration in history. So Pia proved that the majority of boomers voted for war, deficits & deceit. May the boomers live with their decision for the rest of their lives since they voted for, BUSH, who doubled our deficit & trashed the US constitution.

  27. 4Truth Says :

    cat -  “But since it is the ELECTORAL COLLEGE and NOT the people of the US who determine the outcome of presidential elections”

    So you ignore the fact that less than 1% of the votes that determine the Electoral College in some states were not cast. If 10 % more people voted you would have  a deciding factor. The counting of votes would be too large to be a mistake on the counters, like Fla. I believe in the facts.

  28. Pia Savage Says :

    And you know that most baby boomers voted Republican? 

    You took my post and made a mockery out of it. 

    I have no idea what you were trying to prove nor do I wish to understand as I tried to understand your reasoning and it was so convulated that I couldn’t

    Understand this.  The people who are younger than baby boomers are the problem.  I picked the two authors who invented Gen X on purpose

    It’s people like them with a jaded sick take no responsiblity for my own action mentality that has and will continue to ruin this country.  They aren’t the spawn of baby boomers–and good night 

  29. cat Says :

    Best not to use logic when dealing with someone who isn’t a straight shooter P; it’s akin to banging one’s head against the proverbial brick wall.  In the end the wall is still there, as thick and dumb as ever, while all we end up with are frustration headaches.  

     You wrote an eloquent, succint post girlfriend and there isn’t a diatribe on earth that can take that away.  :-)   After all, it could be worse…we could have mindsets like 4Truth!  HEE!!!

  30. 4Truth Says :

    Pia - I did not make a mockery of your post. I pointed out that 50% of Americans do not vote. I was misinformed, did not have the facts, mistaken that the boomers were the worse. I thought 50% of the boomers did not vote. I am glad you set me straight. 70% of the boomers did vote & they voted Republican. I am for democracy & the majority voted for this Gov’t. I am living with this gov’t rules because the majority rules in a democracy. I am sadden that my generation (36%) decided that this is what they wanted but I will be able to live with it. It is really sad that the 21st century started with the USA leading the world with war, deficits & lies and my generation voted for it.  

  31. steve Says :

    Shit… this isn’t over yet?  Has anyone ever seen a Saturday post make it to Monday?

    How random is it that someone named “cat” picked up the ball and ran with it? 

  32. cat Says :

    :-)  Sorry for being late to the dinner table Steve, but I was on a blogosphere “break” and just started catching up on my favorite reads today, saw Pia’s “addendum” and decided to check out the commentor in question.

     *Chuckle*  Still confused about this statement: “How random is it that someone named “cat” picked up the ball and ran with it? “  People named “cat” not usually among the commentors here at BIO?

  33. steve Says :

    No I posted a picture of two cats back up at comment #19.

  34. tos Says :

    I don’t think just “voting republicans out of office” is the solve all answer. Personally I’m a little nervous about a dominate party and president. You need both to be able tio work together. We need to fix things and take a serious look at how to do that. The budget was balanced in the Clinton Admin and that was due mainly to a republican congress working with a democrat president. So either one cannot take all the credit for that. We need to work together.

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