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A Victory for Women’s Health

June 29th, 2006 | by Paul Merda |

The influencial Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices has recommended that all girls aged 11-12 should receive the vaccination of Gardasil to prevent the spread of HPV which can cause cervical cancer. Read it and weep religious right wackos, read it and weep…

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  2. By Steve O on Jun 29, 2006 | Reply

    Oh my Gawd, now they can all have sex without fear! Abstinence everyone, remember abstinence!!!

  3. By Paul Merda on Jun 29, 2006 | Reply

    Looks like its gonna be a f–kfest now ;-)

  4. By Liberal Army Wife on Jun 29, 2006 | Reply

    now they can be protected against a nasty, quiet, killer of women… I’m sure it’s not as important as making sure Rash Lamebrain has his little blue pills… the Viagra is soooooo much more important, right? and what would you like to bet insurance will cover THAT first…


  5. By Mike Lehman on Jul 13, 2006 | Reply

    Not to belittle what is a serious contagious cancer causing virus (which, as a cytopathologist, I see the adverse health effects of every single day), but if you can name a single solitary person who has hesitated to have sex for fear of HPV, I would be truly amazed. As such, this vaccine can save many people lives, but it hardly will cause a f—fest (at least, I hope not).

    As a man (formerly an adolescent male) I know that the urge to have sex is a strong one, one that I didn’t resist when I probably should have in my teens. I am a Catholic and the whole religious ‘Sex is bad, mmkay?” cut zero ice with me (and continues to).

    However, as the father of 2 boys and a girl, I would hope that the derision heaped upon the very thought of abstinence is due to the idea that people who encourage abstinenece do so as the only acceptable form of contraception (which is naive at best), and not because the idea of abstinence in and of itself is laughable.

    The pressure to have sex is, for some teens (myself at the time, included) insurmountable. However, we shouldn’t heap scorn on the idea that sex should wait until marriage, simply because we were not able or inclined to make it so.

    My take: abstinence should be encouraged, not to the exclusion of, but in addition to the pragmatic(condoms, birth control pills, etc).

    I know, I am a close-minded, jaw-droppingly stupid slavish devotee of Karl Rove et al, so what do I know?

  6. By Paul Merda on Jul 14, 2006 | Reply



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