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Propaganda and America

June 29th, 2006 | by Paul Merda |

Don’t buy what most of the MSM is selling folks. The media has been consolidating since the 1990’s, leaving most media outlets in the hands of a few corporations intent on doing nothing more than making money. Now the MSM is mainly a propaganda tool for Dear Leader and his policies. The really sad part is, they are giving America what they want…

Many Americans find the government’s message much more reassuring than the actual facts. The government’s message is: “America is virtuous. Virtuous America was attacked by evil terrorists. America is protecting itself by going to war and overthrowing regimes that sponsor or give shelter to terrorists, erecting in their place democracies loyal to America.”

Let’s not forget that we keep hearing about troop re-deployment and it seems kinda funny that we are talking about it in an election year. All the while the largest “Embassy” in the world is still under construction in Iraq which will house thousands of troops and an air-base. Seems to me like its more of a Military Base than an Embassy, hmnn. We aren’t going to redeploy our troops out of Iraq, maybe some, but certainly not all. They aren’t building bases for nothin’.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not buyin’ what they’re sellin’, are you?

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  2. By 4Truth on Jun 29, 2006 | Reply

    America can not lose sight that America HAD to go to war with Afghanistan. THAT is where OBL was & is. OBL is a proven Terrorist BUT BUSH LIED to go to war with Iraq.

    America could of been in & out of Afghanistan in a year. BUSH is killing our soldiers in Iraq for HIS Lie.

  3. By Paul Watson The Cranky Brit on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply


    Sorry, but we wouldn’t have been in and out in a year. Afghanistan is very difficult terrain with lots of hiding places for insurgents to camp out in and hit us then vanish back into the mountains.

    I agree, it was absolutely necessary, but it was never going to be easy. Going to Iraq and splitting our focus, hasn’t helped, but it wouldn’t have been a cakewalk anyway. 

  4. By 4Truth on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply

    I’m sorry to disagree BUT 150,000 soldiers in Afghanistan could have sealed the borders. Then putting listening devices in caves & night vision attacks to clean up. In Afghanistan we could of put an Honest Democracy together. America attacked, destroyed & set free the people of the tyrant goverment that attacked us. THAT was the way it should of happened. BUSH ruined history. BUSH is a Liar & Cheat and IRAQ is now the history instead of Afghanistan.

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