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Experts: U.S. is Losing War Against Terrorism

June 30th, 2006 | by Liberal Jarhead |

From the Cox News Service, 6/29/06:

“WASHINGTON - The United States is losing its fight against terrorism and the Iraq war is the biggest reason why, a majority of American terrorism and national security experts has concluded.

One participant in the survey, a former CIA official who described himself as a conservative Republican, said the war in Iraq has provided global terrorist groups with a recruiting bonanza, a valuable training ground and a strategic beachhead at the crossroads of the oil-rich Persian Gulf and Turkey.

“The war in Iraq broke our back in the war on terror,” said the former official, Michael Scheuer, the author of “Imperial Hubris,” a popular book highly critical of the Bush administration’s anti-terrorism efforts. “It has made everything more difficult and threat more existential.”

Scheuer, a former counter-terrorism expert with the CIA, is one of more than 100 national security and terrorism analysts who were surveyed this spring for the poll by Foreign Policy magazine and the Center for American Progress, a left-leaning think tank headed by John Podesta, who served as White House chief of staff in the Clinton administration.

Of the experts queried, 45 identified themselves as liberals, 40 said they were moderates and 31 called themselves conservatives. The pollsters then weighted the responses so that the percentage results reflected one-third participation by each group.

Asked whether the United States is “winning the war on terrorism,” 84 percent said no and 13 percent answered yes. Asked whether the war in Iraq is helping or hurting the global anti-terrorism campaign, 87 percent answered that it was undermining those efforts. A similar number, 86 percent, said the world is becoming “more dangerous for the United States.”

Another participant in the poll, retired Army Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, said the U.S. military deserves credit for actions in Afghanistan and elsewhere around the world meant to disrupt terrorist operations. But he criticized the Bush administration for what he called an over-reliance on the military in the anti-terrorism campaign.

Wilkerson served as chief of staff to Colin Powell while he was the secretary of state during Bush’s first term.

Wilkerson and Scheuer made their remarks Wednesday during a panel discussion the poll’s sponsors held to announce their findings.”

Nuff said.

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  1. 6 Responses to “Experts: U.S. is Losing War Against Terrorism”

  2. By Paul Merda on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply

    Hear, Hear!  I read that article, glad you posted on it LJ…  It’s what so many people have been arguing for awhile, it’s nice to see some professional validation.  I’d put a smiley face there, but this is really nothing to smile about :-(

  3. By Emmet on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply

    Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Blah, blah, blah.  Na nu, na nu, na nu.  COCKS NEWS I understand now.

  4. By ken grandlund on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply

    Way to have an open mind Emmet. Don’t bipartisan opinions from acknowledged experts in their field mean anything at all?

    This report just confirms what rational minds already realize…Bush couldn’t win the battle with overgrown brush on a prairie. Why are you so sure he’s winning the war on terror? On the other hand, if you never plan to step outside America’s borders (well, I guess Canada is safe enough) then yeehaw- you’re probably going to be safe enough. But locking your door and hiding behind it isn’t the same as making the world safer.

  5. By Liberal Jarhead on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply

    The truth doesn’t give a damn whether you believe it or not, it just sits there grinning at you and being true.

  6. By Liberal Jarhead on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply

    One of the basic requirements to be considered sane is to be able to recognize reality.  Insistence on believing something that is in conflict with the overwhelming majority of the evidence is called being delusional, which is one of two ways to identify schizophrenia (the other is experiencing non-drug-induced hallucinations).  Schizophrenia is also known as psychosis.  At this point, the behavior of the president and his supporters in this war can fairly be defined as delusional, i.e. psychotic.

  7. By Demon Princess on Jun 30, 2006 | Reply

    Hahaha!  Great repartee, LJ!

    On the other hand, I have to wonder (perhaps marvel) at the way Republicans have managed to convince so many Americans out there that anything, from any source, that contradicts what they want to believe (the party line)–well, they just dismiss it outright.  It’s as if, in STARTING this all-out-propaganda (i.e. slanted, sometimes pathetically transparently, news) they’ve captured & controlled the debate, or even whether it gains traction at all.  Truth is always malleable to a certain extent, but this is RIDICULOUS.

    The culture–or cult–wars are upon us, & even in the face of mounting, irrefutable factual evidence to the contrary, now that our media has FINALLY gotten its balls back, it never gets through to some who continue to behave like brainwashed zombies.

    In light of the fact that we need an alert & informed populace for democracy to funtion as intended, the fact that we can’t even hold civil debates over matters of great national concern really scares the shit outta me! 

    If there’s one thing I resent most about these hellish GW years, it’s that they’ve managed to completely trash & distort SO many good things about America, but I miss the freedom to debate civilly most of all.  Thank you Karl Rove.

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