June 25th, 2006

Stay The Course?

(Click image to enlarge and download)

Steal this poster please, and help us counter Karl Rove’s “Stay the Course” message. It’s time to fight.

Bring It On!.

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  1. Tom Baker Says :

    A big thank you to News Writer from What is it Today (http://www.thenewswriter.com/)for putting up the sign. Power to ya man, power to ya. Keep spreading the word.

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  2. LiberPaul Says :

    You did it!!  Good one!

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  3. Tom,

    The link isn’t working. Good job on the poster, though.

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  4. Tom Baker Says :

    Which link CB? 

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  5. D’oh. Sorry. The link to the newswriter. It looks like it’s got a trailing character on the link when I click on it.

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  6. tos Says :

    Looks like that car went “off course”.

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  7. Tom Baker Says :

    Just like the country TOS, just like the country.

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  8. Emmet Says :

    Kinda reminds me of Ted Kennedy driving off a certain little bridge in Chappaquiddick! 

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  9. Steve O Says :

    Emmet, two wrongs don’t make a right (well actually two righties together is just wrong) at least Ted didn’t have the entire nation and the stability of a region in the front seat of his car.

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  10. Emmet Says :

    Commentary under the poster above, “Steal this poster please, and help us take on Karl Rove’s “Stay the Course” message directly. It time to fight.”


    “It time to fight”?  You’re welcome. 

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  11. Tom Baker Says :

    Thanks Emmet. You try typing from a PDA at a red light.

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  12. Nicole Says :

    Oh this is awesome, I love this!

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  13. Emmet Says :

    Tom, just in case I wasn’t trying to “bash” about the spelling.  Lord knows I have my thousands of mis-spells.  Just trying to help out since it was on the main page of the post.

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  14. Tom Baker Says :

    Na no worries. My typing sucks. It’s even harder on a teenie tiny keybad.

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  15. Dusty Says :

    Oh yeah..this rocks..seriously..I just gotta find a spot for it on my blogs..

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  16. Tom Baker Says :

    Dusty take it, use it, shove it somewhere please. Send it other people. We don’t even care if they link back. It’s just pushign the idea that is needed so badly these days.

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  17. Lizzy Says :

    I stole your picture. I am ready to

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  18. 1 Boring Old Man » Says :

    […] Posted on Sunday 25 June 2006 […]

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  19. Dark Sun » Lying is Dying Says :

    […] (graphic via) […]

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  20. john smith Says :

    sell a tee shirt!

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  21. Stay The Course » Oliver Willis Says :

    […] (via) […]

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  22. Kunkfublood Says :

    Stay the course ? Like our fearfull leader did when he cut and ran from military service?

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