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Bombs Away! Look Out Below!

July 31st, 2006 | by Ken Grandlund |

That’s the sound of the most advanced military in the Middle East lobbing bombs in the general direction of rocket launches from their enemy. When you care to send the very best, you send Hallmark. When you don’t give a shit who gets the message, you send the Israeli Air Force.

The latest Israeli air strike in Qana has ended the lives of at least 56 Lebanese civilians, 34 of whom are reported to be children. The Israeli government says the strikes were targeting positions from which Hezbollah fighters had launched rockets into Israel. In other words, more ‘collateral damage’ in the game of war.

Except here’s the thing. Israeli intelligence (via satellite data, radar imaging, and advanced warfare technology) should be able to pinpoint a suspected position with enough accuracy that they don’t have to obliterate an entire town. And when they know that the tactics of Hezbollah is to hide in the shadows of civilian populations, they must know that indiscriminate bombing campaigns like this will ultimately result in horiffic tragedy. If the goal of this entire conflict is to eliminate the terrorist threat of Hezbollah, how does emulating their atrocities possibly seem like the best way towards success?

I admit that Israel is in a tough spot, but this is no way to win. If the average size of a family in Lebanon is 4 people, today Hezbollah just got 224 new recruits.

Olmert is still pretty new at the game. Sadly, it seems as if he’s using the U.S.- Iraqi War playbook. I think we all know how successful that’s been so far.

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  2. By Froenx on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    The US-Iraq war playbook is a lot like the vietnam war playbook.. don’tcha think?

    Even the hezbollah tactic of hiding among civilians is in dispute.


  3. By Ann on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    I just got these from my Lebanese friend - examples of Isreali targets

    (If you are of a sensitive disposition: grow up)

  4. By Lost One on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    At some point the powers that be ( in the US, UK, ISrael, Canada (Now with Harper parotting Bush’s lines)) may finally come to realize that the only way to get to peace is through negotiations.  Winning a battle against insurgents by destroying a civilization just results in more fanatics for the next battle.  The win ends up having no consequence in the overall result of the war.  I would have figured that the UK after going through the same with the IRA and Provisionals would have thought through their actions a little bit better.

    My real beef is with the media, the so-called keepers of honesty, who allow the very actions to continue with barely a murmer.  It is not treason to show the results of a smart weapon attack.  So far, all we have seen is the dead.  Want to be really ill, wait for the video of a 3 year old, screaming in pain and terror, not understanding the mess below his/her knees. 

    Lost One - still waiting for the peace dividend.  By the way, why are we funneling still more arms into an area under this type of crisis.  Want restraint?  Prohibit any weapon sales or shipments into the area (UNDER EMBARGO - it worked with South Africa) - for a duration that runs from the time hostilities begin until 6 months later. 


  5. By ken grandlund on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    Ann- thanks for the picture link. It’s not exactly what anyone wants to see, but needs to see to understand the madness happening now.

    Lost One- I agree that a weapons import ban could be helpful.

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