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Why Vote Democrat?

July 31st, 2006 | by Dr. Forbush |

You have heard all the reasons to vote against the Republicans. It is quite clear that Republicans have their faults, but it is easy to point out the faults of the Democrats as well. What’s the difference? Why does it matter who you vote for?

Well, as I have said before, there are people who are favored by the Republicans, and these people will certainly find it in their self-interest to vote Republican. But are you one of these special people favored by the Republican Party, or are you just a vote that can be bought with promises?

Here are what the Republican Party stands for, see if you are part of the “in group.”

1) Republicans work for corporate special interests. If you own a large corporation, the Republicans are on your side. If you own a large portion of stock, enough that you could quit your job and live off the interest and dividends of your bonds and stocks the Republicans like you and they will work for you.
2) If money ranks high on your purpose in life; ranking so high that you are willing to cheat, and steal to get it, the Republicans are on your side. Of course, robbery at gunpoint isn’t the Republican style. Instead Republicans favor those who find loopholes in laws, or even write them into law themselves. Deception and fraud, is the preferred way to exploit power and acquire their desired cash.
3) Republicans prefer cheap labor for their corporations. If you are an owner, this is an opportunity to pad the bank roll by skimming cash from the blue collar worker in your factory. The cheaper the labor you pay for, the less comes out of your pocket to pay for them. The minimum wage should be set to zero, but since that would be slavery a dollar a day might be fair.
4) If you have enough money in your bank account to pay for your own open heart surgery, the Republicans think you are smart and shouldn’t waste your money on health insurance. Why should health care costs be controlled? It’s the free market! If you have the money, you get the best health care available!

Of course, we all know these reasons to vote against the Republicans. But, why should we vote for the Democrats?

1) The Democrats are for the working class. If you are a member of the working class the Democrats want to cut your taxes. The Democrats would let the tax cuts that went to the dividends on stocks be reinstated and cut taxes on wages instead.
2) Democrats seek to lower the cost of health care. If you pay for health care through insurance, the rate for insurance will be lowered, so that deductibles will be lowered and out of pocket expenses will be minimized. In fact, preventative health care will be stressed so that diseases like TB, will be contained.
3) Democrats care about the health of everyone and they would encourage stem cell research to find new cures for terrible diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.
4) It’s not just health, but also jobs and pay for the middle class. If you work at a low paying job, Democrats want to raise the minimum wage so that if you are working you are able to live off what you earn. Democrats believe that it is immoral to make people work for less than a living wage.
5) Democrats seek to protect the weakest in our society from exploitation. This includes the exploitation of our soldiers in Iraq. Our young men should only be used to protect and defend our country. They should never be used for the gains of a few people or large corporations like Haliburton. Democrats seek to clean up the mess in Iraq in a “new way” with the help of the international community. Brute force staying the course is not working, and it never will. How many more Americans need to die?

So, I would say that if you find yourself aligned with the Republicans, then vote for them. But, if you find yourself aligned with the goals of the Democrats, then vote for them. If you are a member of the middle class you will be glad that you did.


Don’t forget what Stephen Colbert said, “Reality has a well-known liberal bias.”

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  1. 23 Responses to “Why Vote Democrat?”

  2. By Gun Toting Liberal on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    While I am not willing to encourage people to vote straight ticket Democrat yet, I am willing to encourage people to vote against EVERY Republican incumbent on the National level without hesitation.  These people are traitorous BASTARDS and they should all be locked up in prison for what they’ve done to our once proud Democracy.  To HELL with them.

    And that is where *I* am coming from…

  3. By steve on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    Cool… More fiction from the small mind of Dr. Forbush!!!

    Here’s a tip, stop being so stuck on being so condescending AND maybe then people would vote for your party.  Again you sound like a wanna be Al Franken!!!

    Number one thing in this Republican’s life:  Family.


  4. By Dusty on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    Personally I consider the two party system to be Repub and Repub Lite. They both protect the lobbying freaks, who are lobbying for big business’s. They both do not wish to see the big money leave elections, nor do they want term limits. And neither of them want to do away with those lovely gifts they get from the lobbying fools, they want someone else to pay for their lunches and fine dinners at fancy restaurants. Oh..and they both LOVE pork. Not the other white meat, the kind of pork they attach to every single bill that gets passed.

    But I will vote the lesser of these two evils..which is the Dems.. 

  5. By Joyce on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    I’m one of those special Republican targets: elderly and poor with deteriorating health. Could they buy my vote? Have to have the millions in hand before considering casting a vote for Republicans. Think I’ll get an offer?

  6. By godhatesrepublicans on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    A fine idea, but I’d add that anyone who actually believes the 5 points listed should pay attention to the primaries in their area to make sure they have a candidate who actually follows those 5 points.  Lieberman and Clinton aren’t the only “Republican-Lite” candidates cluttering up the landscape sadly.
    Something like 98% of the incumbants run unopposed in the House.  If your Representative is to the right of Attila the Hun, and they’re unopposed, then maybe you should run against them yourself if there’s still time to get on the ballot in your state.  I ran for Congress once, it was actually fun.  So dear readers, now it’s your turn.

  7. By Sandy on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    Dream on. You wont’t win. You can’t win. You have lost 5/7 of the last elections. You’ll lose the next one too. Ha!

  8. By Dusty on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    That’s a recent percentage of incumbants that run unopposed? I had no idea it was that high. We do have two Dem’s running unopposed here in my area, one is a state rep that doesn’t thrill me one bit.

  9. By ken grandlund on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    I agree that voting Democrat (primarily) this time is just the lesser of two evils in most races. The elected Democrats have done little to inspire me as to their being better stewards of democracy. But the current Republicans are downright destructive and must be replaced.

    I can only hope that a shift of party control will bring more than just the same old political crap but from the other side.

  10. By Dusty on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    I am with you on that “hope” Ken.

  11. By Dr. Forbush on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply


    The number one talking point of the Republicans is “family.” The number one action point of the Republicans is “money.”


    Actions speak louder than words, soon the American middle will see this truth that we have been talking about for years now.  

  12. By Michael K on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    This description is simplistic and unfortunately inaccurate — esp. the Democrat description. I wish it weren’t. But, the fact is that the Democratic Party is very much controlled by corporate interests as well. Maybe less so than Pugs, but still beholden to them in some respects. How else do you explain the continuing decline in influence from blue-collar workers? True, some of it has to do with the fact that we have less blue-collar jobs. But, that doesn’t explain it all. When was the last time you heard a Democrat taking hold of true family values as a platform — a liveable salary? Health care? Education? Instead, we hear GOP Lite much of the time. Or we hear nothing at all because they’re all afraid of an ape in the White House.

  13. By Dr. Forbush on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply


    Republicans will buy all the “cheap” votes first. They just need enough to win the election, not win a landslide. 

  14. By Dr. Forbush on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply


    The continuing decline of the influence from blue collar workers is because of the decline of labor unions. It is difficult or maybe impossible to organize the 7/11 and Burger King employees. Higher unemployment in high paying blue collar jobs has put fear into these workers. New factories in the soutern “right to work” states has had an even more devistating effect on organization. Lack of organization has confused the politicions, because they don’t know what issues have the highest priority, so they don’t come across with one voice.

    I could go on, but I think I made my point. 

  15. By landcomm1 on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    Boiled down in my world: Republican = batshit nuts without hope for recovery.  Democrat = patient with a future.  I’ll take slightly sick but treatable over the sick & twisted this time around, thanks!

  16. By landcomm1 on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    I should partially retract my earlier post. I vote as an Ind, although registered as a Dem. Not all Republicans are insane but those few who have the best interests of America in mind are certainly in the minority. Likewise, not all Democrats are batting for Team USA either. Alas, in my neck of the woods - a place that brought you Jessy Ventura - there are few clear choices (today) except to vote the bad people out of office by chosing the DFL-encorsed candidate.

    My earlier post was more humor than reality and subconciously I was perhaps hoping to get a rise out of Sandy. It is after all entertaining to read her posts after she has worked herself into a mouth-foaming tizzy. :-)

  17. By Dusty on Jul 31, 2006 | Reply

    Landcomm..I can appreciate your attempt to rile up the local nutjob known as Sandy, but she isn’t worth the effort..trolls never are. And since she never posts, only comments, she fits into the troll catagory.

  18. By Sandy on Aug 1, 2006 | Reply

    Democrat=delusional without a plan. Hey, I saw Kerry on Hannity saying he may run again in ‘08. LOL! Bring it on! He’s an idiot…

    I’m not a troll either. Just a conservative, Christian Republican who makes Ann Coulter look like a nun. And is damn proud of it. Call me names. I don’t care.

    And at least I don’t resort to vile, perverted, filthy, sick personal attacks and name-calling like some of the ‘men’ here.

  19. By Rifleman on Aug 1, 2006 | Reply

    I am a working man and I will never vote democrat because I resent the same democrats taking every dollar possible and giving it to others in order to buy votes. I also resent my freedoms being taken by democrats and RINO’s like John McCain in order to make me “safe”. (gun bans) Aborted baby stem cells have not cured anyone, yet democrats promise all kinds of miracles to the most desparate people, the terminally ill and their families.  I especially resent the fact that government schools are forced by democrats and the courts into teaching my kids that there is no God. They then make totally sure that 95% of the population cannot afford to send their kids to the nearly always superior private schools. Democrats also refuse to defend the country and have a long history of the same, supporting ONLY democrat started wars and cutting money, personnel, and equipment from the military as well as forcing social engineering upon the military.

  20. By Dusty on Aug 1, 2006 | Reply

    Sandy, I deleted a homophobic comment you made on one of my do not get on YOUR soapbox about name-calling. Its the pot calling the kettle black and makes you look ridiculous..

    Rifleman must not mind the Repubes taking his tax dollars and wasting them in Iraq on corporations that couldnt do the job or just came by for the free hand out. As far as PACS, the Repubes currently receive the bulk of that money..corporate money btw, which seeks to screw over taxpayers and give big business huge profits. As for gun control..not all democrats and liberals support it.

  21. By Paul Jordan on Aug 1, 2006 | Reply


    Get a life and a new History book, tune into Cspan, and expand your knowledge to today’s world instead of watching PeeWee’s Playhouse all afternoon! The Republican asshats are the ones denying armament, cutting budgets and otherwise sodomizing our military. If you wanna send your kids to Catholic school with the Kennedy’s, move to Boston and get in line! 

    I am sick and fucking tired of listening to Lemmings like you dribbling your syncopanthic drool. Grow up, tune in, vote for a real person instead of an ideal that your Grandpa lost control of long ago. 


  22. By Dr. Forbush on Aug 2, 2006 | Reply


    Karl Rove is laughing when he thinks about all the poor slobs like you that support a Republicans ideology that makes the rich richer and the middle class and poor poorer… 

  23. By Matt on Oct 29, 2006 | Reply

    Rifleman.  You are the problem.  Utterly delusional and without hope

  24. By nancy austin on Nov 7, 2006 | Reply

    I know a lot of ignorant people who vote republican while they’re reaching out trying to get public assistance. If it were all left up to republicans there would be no public assistance. All they care aboiut is money and any person who doesn’t have gobs of money who votes republican is stupid. I’m tired of these poor people in Texas[a republican state] voting republican. If the poor and middle class in Texas were better educated about the two parties they would not vote republican and we’d have a democrat run  state with better chances for everyone’s survival. Texas is a state full of poverty as is Arizona yet to look at the price of housing you wouldn’t know it. Everything is higher and cost more. Taxes are much higher in these two states because their rupublican. Republicans ought to banned and kicked in the can cause their evil just like that damn devil in the white house. They don’t care if the world ends in nuke war and they don’t care if people starve to death, because they’re arrogant criminals with no soul. You’d have to be a satinist to vote republican.

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