July 26th, 2006

If you want the DOJ folks to stop by your blog use a buzzword or two.

The boys at the Dept of Justice stopped by this morning. Here is the info from my sitemeter:
Domain Name usdoj.gov ? (United States Government)
IP Address 149.101.1.# (US Dept of Justice)
ISP US Dept of Justice
Continent : North America
Country : United States (Facts)
State : Maryland
City : Potomac
Lat/Long : 39.023, -77.1993 (Map)
Language English (United States)en-us
Operating System Microsoft WinXP
Browser Netscape 7.1
Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv:1.4) Gecko/20030624 Netscape/7.1 (CK-DNJ71R1)
Javascript version 1.5
Monitor Resolution : 1024 x 768
Color Depth : 32 bits
Time of Visit Jul 26 2006 7:52:22 am
Last Page View Jul 26 2006 7:52:22 am
Visit Length 10 seconds
Page Views 1
Referring URL http://technorati.com/tag/FOIA
Visit Entry Page http://leftwingnutjo…uesswhy-dont-ya.html
Visit Exit Page http://leftwingnutjo…uesswhy-dont-ya.html
Out Click
Time Zone
Visitor’s Time Jul 26 2006 10:52:22 am

It seems they use Technorati to see who’s blogging about key words..mine today was the Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA for short. THANKS FOR THE HIT BOYS! You guys are doing a shitty job and I hope your all unemployed soon :) These guys either don’t care if we know they are looking or cant figure out how to go into stealth mode on the internet..jeez.

So, I would like to suggest we all use the technorati tag of “FOIA” regardless of the topic of our posts and keep those fucktards busy as hell reading ALL OUR BLOGS. Fuck em.
Impeach Bush 20 dollar bill

Tags: War on Terror,Government Spying,FOIA

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35 Comment(s)

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  1. landcomm1 Says :

    Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet post, dusty.  You brought such a smile to my face this morning!

  2. Dusty Says :

    Thanks Landcomm1. I hope they enjoyed the post I put up this morning on my blog, I of course used the prerequesite FOIA tag, even though it had nothing to do with the post :p

  3. Demon Princess Says :

    I suppose it’s just another instance of Bushco’s richly unintentional ironies…searching for a keyword tag for a law that only AMERICANS can use to request information from AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AGENCIES.  Proof, Imho, that what they’re really concerning themselves with is the activities of American citizens IN THEIR BLOGS (1st Amendment=free speech) as opposed to the evil demon terrorists overseas. 

    Of course, it’s all about the “enemies within” now.  Makes me just violently ill!!

  4. Matt Browner-Hamlin Says :

    Great to see our friends at the DoJ are spending their time to find out what we Americans are writing about a thirty year old, duly passed law of Congress.

  5. Bring it On! » Blog Archive » DoJ Visits Bring It On! Says :

    […] Dusty was right. In her July 26th post, she mentions that the Department of Justice visited her blog because she used the term FOIA (Freedom of information Act). She teased that if you wanted to get them to visit you, just use the Technorati tag ‘FOIA.’ Well, it’s not a joke anymore. Today they visited Bring it On. […]

  6. Emboldened » Blog Archive » DoJ monitoring blogs that write about the FOIA Says :

    […] This is disturbing. The Department of Justice is apparently tracking blog posts that use the Technorati tag “FOIA” or “Freedom of Information Act”. Dusty first wrote about it in a diary at Bring It On! July 26th and lo and behold, the DoJ came back and visited that post, which also had the Technorati tag “FOIA”. Tom Baker has posted an update on it, we’ll see if it brings the DoJ back. Dusty was right. In her July 26th post, she mentions that the Department of Justice visited her blog because she used the term FOIA (Freedom of information Act). She teased that if you wanted to get them to visit you, just use the Technorati tag ‘FOIA.’ Well, it’s not a joke anymore. Today they visited Bring it On. … If the DoJ was tagging sites that mentioned something related to terrorism then I could understand. If we had written that we wished the President was dead (which we do not, btw) then I would agree they need to keep tabs. That is not what happened as you can see. Dusty mentioned the FOIA, not something subversive, but they came anyhow. Unless of course asking questions is now subversive. Unless demanding that OUR government follows the law and is accountable to the people is suspicious activity now. […]

  7. Dusty Says :

    They are paranoid Matt. Plain and simple. And I beleive they are monitoring dissents more than terroristist activities..they proved my point..god love em :p

  8. Demon Princess Says :

    EVERYBODY who receives a visit from the DOJ whether on your blog or at BIO, SAVE a printout of the site meter or whatever alerts you to it!  Especially if it’s as innocuous as making a mention of FOIA!  (Note, if you can tell what topic they were looking into, note that, too.

    The ACLU is interested in surveillance of American anti-war & other types of civil dissent. 

    Let someone here at BIO know about it.  Maybe we should DO something about it.

  9. Dusty Says :

    Well DP, I have had 3 consecutive visits..all when I use the FOIA tag. Yes, they hit the post that has the tag specifically.

  10. Demon Princess Says :

    Save printouts somehere.  Keep a file!

  11. Dusty Says :

    I put it in a word document. Is that sufficient?

  12. Demon Princess Says :

    That’s good!  Just as long as it has all the info:  Doj traceable address, date, post of interest to them (be sure to also save the text, unaltered, as it appeared when they visited the site.  Just document & save it :)

  13. Viviane Says :

    I found the URL towards your site on Joye’s blog   

    and will try to give poetic reading to your vigils 


    Bisous d’une française de Bordeaux!! 


  14. Dusty Says :

    Joye, when you say technorati stopped by, someone came to your blog using the technorati tag of FOIA? Where was the visitor from? Your site meter will tell you all that information usually? If its Washington DC you might of got your visit from the Feds..

    Feed em a line of bullshit..its all they deserve..serve it cold..or  hot..your choice :p 

  15. Ann Says :

    Raw sewage and cyanide…?

  16. Dusty Says :

    Or that too Ann 

  17. Dusty Says :

    It wasn’t technorati that visited you, it was someone that used their service. Since you do not have a “sitemeter” you wont be able to tell if it was the Feds :( they do not leave a message, but they do leave a footprint of their visit, if you have a stat counter or sitemeter.

  18. Demon Princess Says :

    I hate to be the alarmist voice of paranoia, here (well, not really–we should all understand where this is headed & not let this Administration’s paranoia, like Richard Nixon’s. catch us flat-footed). 

    The Administration argues that the novel legal designation “enemy combatant” should apply to American citizens as well as foreigners.  That would be, “it means whatever we say it means, & any activity we unilaterally deem to be subversive.”  As God is my witness, I only WISH I were making it up. http://www.tompaine.com/articles/2006/08/02/were_all_enemy_combatants_now.php

  19. Zebster Says :

    Anybody tried impreachment as a Technorati tag to see what happens?

    Lost my drink through my nose on “fucktards”!!! 

  20. Dusty Says :

    Zebster, try them all and let us know if they come to visit you..its the grand experiment.

    DP..I get the daily newsletter fromm TomPaine.com I saw it as well. This is turning into a Facist state with every move the Shrub’s administration makes. FUCKTARDS! 

  21. Demon Princess Says :

    I dared a friend of mine to google “impeachment,” “shoe bomb,” & “White House” (AS A JOKE, ‘Berto!), but as far as I know, he didn’t take me up on it.  Zeb, let us know how it turns out.  I bet “surveillance,” “spying,”  & “state secrets” would provoke the DOJ, too. 

  22. Dusty Says :

    I constantly technorati tag using spying, NSA, state secrets privledge..nothing.

    That’s why I was freaked when they came by over FOIA..its a law thats been on the books forevah! In fact, a group I belong to puts out a report yearly about how well the government responds to the FOIA requests..that was the article that got their attention, the yearly report.

    DP..I got a total of three hits from them in the course of a week with the FOIA tag..and I don’t know how many BIO got..I know of at least two. Total of 5 that I am aware of. 

  23. Radfem Says :

    They must know what CPRA(California Public Records Act) means because I had posted how many days late an agency was on responding to one and the DOJ crawler visited twice.

  24. Demon Princess Says :

    This has just gotten Orwellian!  I’m going to see about tipping off a newspaper as well as the ACLU.

  25. Craig R. Harmon Says :

    Demon Princess,

    Tip off the ACLU? For visiting the most public domain on the plannet: blogs? What on earth is the legal issue there? 

  26. Demon Princess Says :

    Hey Craig,

    Because our experience here proves the DOJ is overtly keeping tabs on people who blog about FOIA matters–why would they do that? 

    Covert surveillance of our own citizenry is not only offensive but, as lawyers say, “a chill on First Amendment freedom of expression guarantees.”  Especially where so many of us are staunchly opposed to Bushco. 

    There’s a difference between disagreeing with & criticizing one’s government (last time I checked it was legal) and trolling for terrorist activities (which, once upon a time, required them to show some probable cause to believe there’s something illegal going on) here in.  Is it a sane monitors its own citizens for talking about & perhaps excercising the rights of American citizens to get information from its own government (enacted in the interest of transparency of government)?  Once an unquestioned right fo any citizen to do that…now it raises red flags (just talking about it!) at the DOJ under Bushco fear-monger Alberto Gonzales.  

    They have plenty of LEGAL tools to sniff out & nab REAL terrorists.  Monitoring innocent American citizens for even TALKING about FOIA matters on their blogs & here at BIO is ludicrous & smacks of a new McCarthyism, Rev.   

  27. Craig R. Harmon Says :

    Demon Princess,

    Couple of points:

    First, is this covert or overt surveillance. In Paragraph 1 you refer to it is overt but in paragraph 2 you refer to covert surveillance. Was one of those a typo, because those words describe two entirely different modes of activity. So which is this: overt or covert? Do you really think that the government couldn’t visit your blog without leaving a trace to lead you right back to it if it wanted to? This certainly isn’t covert if you can find out that they’ve been visiting you.

    Second, what possible expectation of privacy can you possibly have on the single most public of domains on earth?

    Why would they visit blogs using the FOIA? Who knows. Maybe they want to know who wants to know what about the government. The thing is, if a crime is committed and evidence of that crime is published on a blog — your confession to a murder, for example — the government wouldn’t need a warrant to gather that evidence and use it against you in court, would they? Is there actual case law that forbids the government from reading public reading material?

  28. Demon Princess Says :

    It’s not a privacy issue, Craig.  It’s a First Amendment free speech issue. Citizens of the USA have a right to dissent.  Covert or overt surveillance–doesn’t matter which.  Point is, Big Brother is monitoring what you say–”chilling effect.”

    I’m not aware of any case law saying they can’t read public blogs on the theory that someone could confess to a murder or something.  But that’s a different issue having to do with the rules of evidence, which are concerned with provenance, authenticity, & credibility.

    There IS a lot of caselaw pertaining to “dragnet” style evidence-gathering.  FIRST, a warrant is required to monitor communications.  Whether blogs & to what extent are included I don’t know.  Never been a criminal lawyer.  However, all are interesting enough issues to get the ACLU’s take on it.

  29. Craig R. Harmon Says :

    Demon Princess,

    First of all, I get what you are saying. Honestly I do. I just don’t agree. 

    Seems a bit like publishing a book and then complaining that the government reads it because it would chill your right to say what you want in your next book. Well the fact is that you can’t just say whatever you want in a book. Some things that you say might open you to civil litigation, for example. Some things that you might publish might open you up to legal jeopardy. It’s like putting out a global communication on satelite tv that could be viewed by anyone with a satelite dish and complaining if the government turns the tv to your channel and listens to what you say there because it might chill your next broadcast or, more to the point, publishing a newspaper and complaining that the President reads it (insert “the President must first know how to read” joke here) because that would chill your next report. You are publishing this stuff. It’s like standing outside the FBI building with a megaphone and complaining that someone from the government might hear what you’re saying and chill what you say. A blog is an open letter to the world.

    Of course, I’m not any kind of a lawyer so I can’t say for sure. It just seems so counterintuitive to me. 

  30. Demon Princess Says :

    The point is that all the attention from the DOJ is as a result of talking about the FOIA. The DOJ is about prosecuting CRIMINAL behavior.  Talking about the FOIA is a crime now?  Americans merely discussing it is, in what way shape or form a criminal act? That’s ludicrous.

    It’s not about the forum so much, whether a book, a blog, a newspaper…the point is that knowing the DOJ with its emphasis on prosecuting crimes IS.  The “chill” effect is the point.

    P.S.  Who cares if Geo reads, he does love a good fart joke.

  31. Craig R. Harmon Says :

    Well, all I can say is, go for it.

  32. Dusty Says :

    Craig, if you don’t mind them reading blogs..how does spending our tax dollars to do it sit with you? Its another wasteful government tactic that jacks my jaw for that reason alone. Our government spends money like it HAS it..and we don’t. 

  33. Radfem Says :

    I think *”CIA” keeps them coming as well. I used it not literally but as an analogy before the DOJ appeared. I just don’t know why they send their crawler to lurk when employees of both the state and federal DOJ have already read my site. Now that’s a waste of taxpayer’s money to engage in such overkill.

    It doesn’t chill my free speech. The threats I’ve received did that for a while, but then you figure that if people stoop to that level, then you must be doing something right. Or so I’ve heard.


    * I hope my reference to this certain tag word doesn’t gain you another visit here.

  34. Dusty Says :

    RadFem, I do not fear their visits..not yet anyway..we still have freedom of speech.

  35. Demon Princess Says :

    Well, for the time being, anyway.  The fact that our own govenment is monitoring our blogs is not a good sign regarding their intentions.

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