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Another Defeat for the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy

August 31st, 2006 | by Jersey McJones |

You’d think, after the failed Clinton impeachment conviction, and the failed attack on Joe Wilson via his CIA wife no less, that the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy would learn a lesson. You’d think. Well, here comes another failure.

In 2004, NAACP Chairman Julian Bonds gave an NAACP convention speech that was critical of Bush and his failed “administration.” Seeking to leverage GOP racism prior to the 2004 election, a group of sleazy GOP politicians masquerading as “the general public,” petitioned the IRS to audit the tax exempt status of the NAACP because they were allegedly electioneering by being critical of the failed Bush administration. Needless to say, this particular “general public” has been mum on electioneering in tax-exempt, rightwing churches.

Let’s see who this “general public” is:

Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), then-Sen. Strom Thurmond (R-S.C.), Reps. JoAnn Davis (R-Va.) and Larry Combest (R-Texas), then-Reps. Robert Ehrlich (R-Md.) and Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.)

Yes, Joe “Regular Joe” Scarborough of MSNBC fame - if you can call that fame. And he’s been after the NAACP for a long time. Here he is in 2003 peddling his racist rightwing rabbling rhetoric to the Jewish World Review:

The last time I checked, the Christian Coalition was passing out voter guides to church-going Americans. They certainly never ran an ad with the vitriol contained in the NAACP’s anti-Bush slur.

It’s like taking a hypocrisy pie to the face. The reference here is to an ad run during the 2000 election that reminded people that Bush was against “Hate Crime” legislation by pointing up the horrific, racially motivated, slaying of black Texan James Byrd.

On June 7, 1998 in Texas my father was killed. He was beaten, chained, and then dragged 3 miles to his death, all because he was black. So when Governor George W. Bush refused to support hate-crime legislation, it was like my father was killed all over again. Call Governor George W. Bush and tell him to support hate-crime legislation. We won’t be dragged away from our future.

Now, Scarborough & “Country” took this to be a direct allegation of Bush’s abbetting of the crime. Does it read like that to you? Sometimes you just can’t tell whether the guy is stupid, a liar, a stupid liar, or really stupid pathological liar. Thank God the vast rightwing conspiracy is so stupid. And the Christian Coalition, “Regular Joe”?:

Pat Robertson, television evangelist and chairman of Christian Coalition, says it is time for Pres Clinton to resign and for Congress to begin ‘repairing America’s moral fabric;’ asks ‘Christian Americans’ to send money to his orgn to help it get job done.

I’m thinking it’s really stupid pathological liar.

Well anyway, in a press conference today, the NAACP’s Bruce Gordon, Dennis Hayes, and Julian Bonds, the President/CEO, General Council, and Chairman, respectively, announced that the IRS investigation of the 501 tax-exemption of the NAACP has been dropped as of August 9, 2006. Though the NAACP at first balked at the IRS, in defensive indignation, in the end they released all the requested documentation, and were cleared.

In an NAACP press release, Gordon said, “Tax-exempt organizations should feel free to critique and challenge governmental policies under the First Amendment without fear of IRS intervention.” Amen.

Score one for the good guys, zero for the imperial presidency and the vast rightwing conspiracy.


  1. 2 Responses to “Another Defeat for the Vast Rightwing Conspiracy”

  2. By Tumerica on Aug 31, 2006 | Reply

    Great job, Jersey! Awesome coverage of a news item we might not have heard much about. Wish it would be a harbinger of more right-wing cards tumbling in the Bush House o’ Cards.

  3. By Jersey McJones on Aug 31, 2006 | Reply

    All I can say is - Thank God for C-Span!


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