August 25th, 2006

Worst Restaurant Name Ever!

So you’re sitting down thinking of a name for your new restaurant in India.

Ghandi’s Grilled Eats? Brahman Barbeque? The Kashmir Kafe?

Wait…I know…how about…

Hitler’s Cross!

hitlers cross

Can’t you just see the crowds clamoring to get in? Oh, wait…that’s an angry mob.

Three letters only…WTF?!?

Hitler’s+Cross, Indian restaurant, worst+name+ever

Tags: Hitler’s+Cross, Indian restaurant, worst+name+ever

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  1. Ah, but Ken, it’s not THAT Hitler, it’s a completely different Hitler. Honest. The owner just liked the sound of the name. At least that’s what he said on an interview over here.

    Personally I think it’s just sharp advertising. Get every news broadcast in the world talking about your restaurant then once the furore is dying down, change the name “in the light of public sensitivities” and get a whole new wave of publicity. 

  2. Joe Snitty Says :

    I saw this the other day. Very tasteless. 

    On a lighter note, there was one in Erie called “Rhonda’s Ribcage”. Very briefly.

  3. liberal vet Says :

    Sambos was right up there. LV

  4. steve Says :

    Sambos…  I remember that place!!  We used to eat there all the time until they closed it.

  5. liberal vet Says :

    Never closed it, now known as Denny’s. There was a massive law suit. LV

  6. Liberal Jarhead Says :

    Yeah, I remember Sambo’s too - they used to have a logo with a caricature of a little black boy.

    In the same vein, last year a court levied some heavy penalties for discriminating against black customers on the Cracker Barrel chain.

    Paul, didn’t you mean “until der Fuhrer dies down?”

  7. Craig R. Harmon Says :

    They seriously thought about “The Skinhead Cafe” but that leaves out a whole slew of racial purists. This will draw a much bigger crowd.

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