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Culture of Lies- The Republican Legacy

October 27th, 2006 | by Ken Grandlund |

By now we’re all familiar with the kind of morals the Republican Party seems to live by- taking bribes, lying to grand juries, stalking underage children, approving torture, to name just a few-so it should really come as no surprise to find that paid Republican signature gatherers in Orange County, California, have been charged with felony counts of reregistering voters without their consent. It’s just another in a long line of illegal and immoral acts by those in the Party of Faith and Values.

The investigation began early this year when registered Democrats, independents and Libertarians began to get new voter registration cards from the county registrars and welcome letters fromthe OC Republican Party.

“That’s a crock,” roared Kenneth Dailey. “I ain’t never been a Republican. I signed a petition for my kid. … I never did anything that declared ‘Republican.’”

Signature gatherers duped voters during campaign initiative drives by telling them they were signing petitions to cure breast cancer and punish child molesters. Signature gatherers then told voters that they needed to list signers as Republicans because it was a Republican sponsored petition and had them sign partially filled out registration forms. In some cases, the gatherers would just forge the registration cards themselves. They were paid up to $10 per signature.

It is also no real surprise to find that some of the 12 charged had criminal records themselves, including- wait for it- child molestation.

And while Republican Party leaders in Orange County are applauding the charges that have been filed, you have to wonder if they are just trying to put on a good face. After all, the OC Republican Party already has one black eye this week regarding the scandalous “Immigrants Can’t Vote” letter sent out by OC Republican candidate Tan Nguyen.

This is what the Republican Party has become…a band of lying, deceitful, criminal thugs. I’m not saying that all registered Republicans are these things, because they are not. I personally know many good, decent Republicans who are outraged by their party’s actions and affiliations. But there is a saying about being careful who you associate with lest you be painted with the same brush.And there does come a time when you have to look around at the people who represent you or who you identify with politically.

If you are a registered Republican, it might finally be time for you to decide whether you want to ‘Stay the Course’ with this party of scum or whether it’s time to ‘Cut and Run’ from their mountain of filth, incompetance and lies.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Culture of Lies- The Republican Legacy”

  2. By Locomotive Breath 1901 on Oct 27, 2006 | Reply

    Dude! Your eyes are brown.

  3. By Dr. Forbush on Oct 27, 2006 | Reply


    I don’t get it. What do these guys get out of this?If they have more Republican registered voters, do they get more money somehow? It seems to me that this might be a problem for Republicans when it comes to redistricting. They draw the lines based on how many votes they expect to get, and these non-voters are counted as Republican voters could give the party less of a margin…


  4. By ken grandlund on Oct 28, 2006 | Reply

    It’s a bit of a puzzler, eh Doc? The easiest cooncept is that the gatherers were just trying to get more pay out of the job, but then why register people only as republicans? But inflated “registered Republican” numbers can be helpful to the party itself in terms of presenting a stronger base to recruit more members and contributions. It could also have had the effect of manipulating primary elections by excluding Democrats from voting on their ticket.

    But really, who knows?

  5. By Jersey McJones on Oct 28, 2006 | Reply

    Ah, good ol’ Orange County Cons.  Even the gays in OC are GOP!  It’s been that way since the Cold War as OC was a huge defense industry location.  Not so much anymore, though.  It’s the place that brought us Bob B1 Dornan, the blowiest blowhard in bloviating Blowhardville.  It would be a great thing to see OC turn Blue.  A great thing.


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