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“What’s important to you?”

October 31st, 2006 | by Jersey McJones |

You gotta love the Family Research Council - for it’s entertainment value. And so, I get their wonderful, brilliant, concerned, psychotic emails so I can share them with you, the discerning, disturbed public!

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October 30, 2006 | Refer a Friend

Great fun at parties!!! (What, no “Dear Jersey?” - how rude! Mehlman always says “Dear Jersey!”)

What’s important to you?

Hmmm… let’s see… Well, there’s the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, taxes and spending priorities, looming environmental changes, the national debt and deficits, the trade balance, the value of the dollar, employment dynamics, the “War on Terror,” corruption and cronyism, the One Party State, education, the national infrastructure, crime and punishment, capital and labor balance…

Over the past few months, poll after poll has hit the news declaring that the prime issue for American voters today is the war in Iraq, immigration, or the “middle-class squeeze.” Others, including some religious leaders, say the top issues are climate change and the economy.

Hey! What do you know? I’m not alone!

Still others, we included, think that the prime issues - issues that transcend not only political parties but both time and place - are the matters of hearth and home: the sanctity of life, the meaning of marriage, and the survival of the family.

Uh, well… I guess… I mean, I agree that peoples’ lives should be taken a little more seriously. Lord knows the war in Iraq, our criminal system, our international aid systems, etc, have not lived up to the “sanctity of life.” And as for the family surviving, well, I agree that a regressive tax code, pro-capital-over-labor policies, and the high cost of healthcare and education are pretty tough on the family. But the “meaning of marraige” thing? What the heck is that?

We see these “issues” as rooted in eternal values, as rights and institutions that are part of our endowment from the Creator.

The “Creator?” You mean Jefferson?

The significance of these issues was underscored again just last week when the Supreme Court of New Jersey became the third state high court in the nation to strike down man-woman marriage.

They did wwwhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaattt?????? I thought all they did was to pass to the New Jersey legislature instructions to make a law that would meet the equality clause of the NJ Constitution? Huh. I must be insane!

Relying on a tortured reading of the New Jersey state constitution and ignoring the well-being of children and the family, the court ordered the New Jersey legislature to create the equivalent of traditional marriage and award it to same-sex couples. In a display of raw judicial power, the voice of the people, acting through their elected officials, was silenced and thrust aside in the pursuit of a liberal agenda.

That’s funny. And here, all this time, I thought they were acting with a limited and narrow interpretation of the New Jersey Constitution in order to provide equal rights as per the wishes of a minority so as to protect that minority from the whims of the majority. I thought the court was nominated and confirmed by New Jersey’s elected officials as per that constitution. I thought that families would benefit from this. That’s it - I must be completely insane!

At FRC Action, we want to enlist tens of thousands of Americans in an effort to send a message to the media and to all political parties. By signing our Values Voter Pledge (click here to add your name) and encouraging your family and friends to do likewise, we can affirm before God and our fellow citizens that we intend to base our votes on timeless values, not transient interests.

Same-sex couples are transients? Hey, wait a minute - if they are all transients, then why would a state court even look at them? I must be stupid, too.

If you believe as we do, sign our petition here. Do it today, and help FRC Action remind Washington, D.C. and the nation that values voters are for real - and that they put life, marriage and our religious heritage first.

I agree! We should end all war, release all non-violent, victimless criminals, allow gay marraige, and all become Deists and Universalists!

Thank you for signing our petition today, and God bless you.

Do I still get blessed if I don’t sign?

Petition to the National Chairmen of the Republican and Democratic Parties


Tony Perkins

P.S. Please forward this email to at least one friend.

(…if you pass it to ten friends, then you can make one wish that will be granted within one month, if you pass it to twenty friends…)


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