October 3rd, 2006


The fine folks at Bring It On! (wait, that’s us!) have put together another video that you need to see. our crack investigative team has found out what really happens to the truth in the Bush White House.

(written by Tom Baker, Produced and Edited by Ken Grandlund)

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Posted in Politics, Video and Animation, Campaign News

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  1. Twiny1 Says :

    It’s a damn shame that this is true. We are stuck with the most ignorant preznit in our history.

  2. Jersey McJones Says :

    You guys did this?  Good job!


  3. 4Truth Says :

    Ain’t it the truth. Plain & Simple.

  4. gcblues costa rica Says :

    sometimes yer dumb, sometimes yer dumber ….. but face it, if jersey likes it, its really stupid man

  5. Hominid Views » Blog Archive » Friday Night Multimedia Extravaganza! Says :

    […] Video short: A new presidential repository is found (via Bush Flash). […]

  6. F&B Says :

    Very humorous, creative, and well done.  But face it guys, if you have to make things up to make your point, then your point isn’t worth making in the first place.

  7. Tom Baker Says :

    So F&B I thank you for the compliment, but I have to ask what exactly did we make up? Sure the “paper shredder” was artistic license up to a point (though we took it from the very real arcticle about the FCC having the media consolidation report shredded) but all the information presented were actual documents that have been squashed, ignored or abused. There is sadly very little “made up” about it. I wish that were not the case. America would be a much better place to live in.

  8. F&B,

    You mean like claims Iraq was supporting al Qaida? 

  9. martha zinger Says :

    well done. thanks

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