October 30th, 2006

Quick: What’s the Scariest Halloween Costume You Can Think Of?

Dick Cheny with a shotgun in a blaze orange vest?

GWB with his finger on the button?

OBL in the cockpit of a 777?

Your turn…

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Posted in General, Politics

22 Comment(s)

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  1. Mark Schreiber Says :

    Condoleezza Rice giving the commencement speech at Bob Jones University.

    Receiving a blood transfusion from Donald Rumsfeld.

    Being asked to proofread the first draft of GWB’s memoirs.

  2. Jet Netwal Says :

    Rove with his hands shoved up a Diebold machine.

  3. Jersey McJones Says :

    Ann Coulter with a big bulge in the pants.


  4. tos Says :

    Hugo Chavez with his hand shoved up a Diebold machine.


  5. Jersey McJones Says :

    Tos, that would be a dream come true!  I wish!


  6. Ann Says :

    The Statue of Liberty.

    A cowboy/girl.

    Uncle Sam.

    A can of coke.

    A hamburger/hotdog

    A surfer.

    A rock star.

    A Hawaiian.

    A gangster.

    A Majorette/cheerleader. 

    An American footballer

    Miss America.


    A mad scientist

    A homeless person….

    Least scary of all would be to see dozens of people dressed up like protestors. Oh and I’d like to see a bunch of people dressed as convicts, but that’s nothing to do with halloween.

    Happy halloween everyone. Hope nothing too scary happens over there…oh, wait….


    Cheyney dressed as uncle Fester (oh wait…)





  7. ascap_scab Says :

    Justice John Paul Stevens in a casket.

  8. tos Says :


    And here I thought you hated oil-mongering dictators.

  9. Jersey McJones Says :

    Hugo Chavez is an oil-mongering dictator???  I can think of at least two things wrong with that comment…


  10. tos Says :

    So lets hear one. You loooooove dictators JMJ! So the guy owns the oil and becuase of it he owns his people. Why don’t you move there for your free healthcare. May sure you don’t say anything against the government though because you know what happens to those people.

  11. Jersey McJones Says :

    Hugo was elected, twice, and survived a coup and a recall - democratically.  To say he’s a dictator would be one stupid wrong.  The second stupid wrong would be the “oil mongering.”  The Venezuelan state has played very nicely with Big Oil and has been kind enough to spread petro dollars and petro itself with the needy. 



  12. tos Says :

    Well good for him,it costs him practically nothing for oil so big deal. It’s the people of his country’s resource. Now when he pays for food and rent too then I can say how giving he is.


  13. Jersey McJones Says :

    So, then, when you think about it - he’s better than what we’ve got now, isn’t he?


  14. tos Says :

    Chavez is only as good as his oil supply lasts. Then he would have to think of another way to pay for his programs that he also uses to buy votes. Gee I wonder where he would get the money from if he runs out of oil.

  15. Jersey McJones Says :

    With the schools he’s built and the infrastructure he’s developed, he won;t need the oil anymore, and Venezuela will be better off for it - much better off than the other results of the American hegemon.



  16. tos Says :

    Yeah so I guess there will be no more poor people in Venzuela,ever again! Let’s see how well he can do with 300 million people without oil profits which by the way he has the extra money because of his hugest profits ever. Let’s see you blame him for record profits.


  17. steve Says :

    Come next Tuesday, Bush will survive a coup.  lol

    Um… scary costumes,

    Hillary Clinton

    Nancy Pelosi

    Cindy Sheehan

    Barbara Boxer

    Barbara Streisand

    And so you don’t think I have something against women:

    Rosie O Donnell 

  18. Craig R. Harmon Says :

    A kid in a ‘Speaker Nancy Pelosi’ costume.

  19. tammara Says :

    tos- in military uniform…. oh wait… it was supposed to be scary, not funny

    tos- in dressed as statue of liberty… no wait… as lady justice…

  20. tammara Says :

    oh… and does gw warmonger pay for food and rent?  christ tos, get a fucking grip

  21. tos Says :

    Tammara-Ever hear of section 8  and food stamps?

  22. Charlie Says :

    Tos, I think she has since she helps the mentally ill get them.  Its her job you know.  What’s your point?


    Scary costumes:

    Mike DeWine dressed as a marijuana bannana

    George Allen dressed as a monkey

    Dennis Hastert dressed as howdy doody

    Tos dressed as a patriotic american


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