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January 19th, 2007 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

Late Note: Although the article is the same, stop by Poobah Speaks for additional comments. They’re interesting.

I cross post nearly all of my political pieces to both The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks and Bring It On (BIO). Even though I appear in several mostly conservative blogrolls, it’s relatively rare that a conservative falls into Poobah Speaks - but it does happen. Because BIO has much more traffic than Poobah Speaks, I frequently get conservative commenters there.

I welcome all comers, regardless of where they fall on the spectrum. I figure you should say what’s on your mind even if it offends someone. If you believe all liberals are “disgusting, parasite losers” - as I’ve been called more than once, I’ve no objections to you saying it. Do you think jews, muslims, and ACLU members are vermin who should be extinguished? Rant on my friend, because even if I think you are the disgusting one, I believe you have a right to say what’s on your mind. I’m proud that not a single one of my posts has ever been censored in any way. The only exceptions are spam posts from stupid marketers who really are disgusting vermin who should be extinguished (but that’s another post entirely).

Perhaps I’m just getting particularly odd conservative commenters, but there are a few near constants across them.

First, the vast majority leave anonymous comments, something that smacks of cowardice to me. I believe if you state your position you should take public responsibility for it. However, I don’t censor these posts because even cowardice is no reason not to have your opinion heard.

Secondly, many of the commenters don’t maintain their own blogs, even though the volume of the crap they spew in comments would take many hours longer than just blogging on the topic themselves.

I’m sure there are some conservative bloggers out there who are decent rational people who can discuss the events of the day without spinning off into some eccentric orbit of their own, I’ve just been unable to find very many.

So I have a proposal for you conservative bloggers. If you want to step up and have your say while holding your head high and taking full responsibility for what you say, I offer my services. If you are a conservative blogger, leave a comment below with your URL and I will gladly enter you into The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks blogroll along with a recommendation for readers to visit you. If you don’t have a site, I invite you to submit a post to The Omnipotent Poobah Speaks (my email is available in my profile) and I’ll run it…in its entirety. Hell, I might even invite you for a recurrinig guest shot myself if you’re interesting enough - even Sandyb or Tos.

I know this takes courage for those accustomed to backbench bawling. I’m sure some of you have it and some of you will be content to take potshots without submitting yourself to the same thing you subject others to.

But here’s my take.

It’s easy to be anonymous or semi-anonymous and blogless and harp incessantly. It’s another to stand up and have the courage of your convictions to speak about what you think in an open and honest way. Think about it.

Put your money where your mouth is.

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  2. By steve on Jan 19, 2007 | Reply

    Oh…  there are just as many liberal bloggers and left wingers that are pretty far out…  BIO fortunately does not have those creepy crawlies around.

    Today I was driving down Broadway in Sacramento and I couldn’t believe my eyes,

    I thought I saw Steve Pearcy holding a sign up on Broadway and 15th announcing Cindy Sheehan’s arrival for a protest tomorrow evening during drive time.  My first thought, run the asshole over for hanging soldiers on his house and intentionally hanging a Palestinian flag up during Hannakuh that does nothing but piss off and intimidate his Jewish neighborm. Maybe it was him standing there holding the sign,  maybe it wasn’t.  Does it matter?  Not really…  I just hit ignore when I see the ultra left wing and their senseless protests.  The wonderful and endearing thing about America is the right of protest and the right to be a total asshole shall not be infringed.  

    But then I though, hey…  I could have fun with this.  I should run down and film the shit tomorrow, interview the people, asking questions and what not.  Post it on Youtube, write a blistering post on it and post it on BIO. I could get famous like the laughing baby video or any other kid who racks his nuts on a stair rail while skateboarding.

    But why waste my time…  I could do something more useful with my time, like play with my 5 month old son.

    I think there are real legitimate debates that can be made regarding the war, the economy and what not…  but it is the fringe that screws it all up.  It’s the fringe on both sides that make people crazy with their takes on religion and the color of one’s skin.

    Someday I hope we grow out of it.  Before it is too late. 

  3. By sandyb on Jan 19, 2007 | Reply

    This is one of the most refreshing topics I’ve seen here. It doesn’t slander the president, USA, or offend even me. I don’t TRY to be nasty. I just get incensed when I read the CONSTANT attacks on MY president/God/country and support for terrorists, baby-killers, homosexuality/sodomy, etc… (Notice I am NOT pc so I don’t use pc words like freedom fighters, abortionists, and gay.)

    How about instead of crucifying W come up with some constructive solutions? All I see is bitching and whining by some. What are the left’s solutions for Iraq, illegal aliens, and radical Islamists?

    I have been repeatedly personally attacked here for my views. I have been called a racist,bigot, homophobe etc… Well, guess what? I don’t hate people of different color, race, or religion. I DESPISE illegal immigration because illegals broke our laws and are ruining our country. I DESPISE radical Islamic fascism whose evil men are intent on killing us. I think homosexuality is wrong because the Bible/Jesus said it/sodomy is wrong. I don’t hate the people. I hate the sin–whether it be breaking our laws, trying to kill us, or homosexuality.

    Call me what you will but I will be the first to stop/aid an accident/police/fire scene, the first to dive/jump in and save someone drowning, the first to give to a homeless man, the first to defend/help an innocent child, and the first to pray with someone who needs it. No matter what their color, religion, sexual orientation, or political affililiation.

  4. By Omnipotent Poobah on Jan 19, 2007 | Reply


    I agree, thee are far too many liberals who bash as well and I’m not defending that. It would be nice if we could all get along, but that won’t happen with an open debate. I may not agree with you most of the time, but you do have your own blog and you never leave anon comments. I think that is the real point I was making. You take responsibility for what you say and I can’t fault that. Kudos.


    Thank you for your comment. I know you get sometimes get a bag full, but you’re a little more, um, strident than the average commenter. While I don’t believe I’ve ever agreed with anything you’ve said, I have defended your right to say it several times.

    People have offered solutions repeatedly, but you’ve never agreed with one that I’ve seen. That’s your right too.

    I think my question to you is, if you are that passionate about what you believe you should take up your own blog and write about it. I think that probably would be more effective than writing so many aggressively prickly comments. Like I said, I’ll even plug it for you.

    What do you say?

  5. By LesserFool on Jan 19, 2007 | Reply

    I’ve watched liberals offer constructive criticisms, warnings, caveats, and alternatives since before and during the war on Iraq. And almost every time, liberals have been shouted down, accused of coddling terrorists, being unpatriotic and hating America. But now that Bush has screwed the pooch beyond all recognition, his supporters expect liberals to fix the problem Bush created.

    Why should we? So our character can be called into question again? To be ignored since Bush does what he wants to do anyway? It is ridiculous for Bush’s fans to be berating liberals for a lack of ideas. Here’s an idea: Why don’t you listen to liberals for a change? After all, the braintrust on Bush’s side have been wrong about Iraq so many times.

    But politics and pride - before national interest - will not allow for that. Liberal ideas must continue to be ignored lest their ideas be given a chance to work. Success is not an option.

  6. By Jersey McJones on Jan 19, 2007 | Reply

    Damn, OP.  This is one of those head-smacker posts.  I think every poster here would love to have been the one to come up with it first!



  7. By Omnipotent Poobah on Jan 20, 2007 | Reply

    Sadly, no one took me up on the offer. Stay tuned for a follow up post in a few days.

  8. By sandyb on Jan 21, 2007 | Reply

    Maybe it’s because someone has their own blog but doesn’t want it connected? Some like remaining “anon” in a sense. And if some knew who some were on here, they would faint…

  9. By Craig R. Harmon on Jan 21, 2007 | Reply

    First, the vast majority leave anonymous comments, something that smacks of cowardice to me. I believe if you state your position you should take public responsibility for it.

    Really, Oh Omnipotent one? Is that how your name appears on your birth certificate or are every one of your posts and comments anonymous (or, more accurately, pseudonymous)? As far as I’m concerned commenting as Omnipotent Poobah is no different than commenting as ‘anonymous’. How do you distinguish your practice from the practice that you criticize here?

    Also, I see no problem with commenting on others’ blogs and blog-posts while not maintaining a blog of one’s own. The only blogging that I do is in the diaries here at BIO! I had started and abandoned several of my own blogs. I found that building a readership was very difficult and if I wanted to maintain a diary that no one else read, I would buy one at Barnes & Noble and keep it locked under my mattress. I spent some time commenting exclusively before taking the plunge and starting my own diary here. I think having intelligent conversation on a topic that someone else has started is no less noble than starting a conversation. I still spend much more time commenting on other people’s posts than I do with my own diary posts. People just don’t respond to my posts the way they do to my comments on other people’s threads.

    Anyway, interesting post, nevertheless.

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