Bring It On!

The R & H Educational Film Series- Just Like 1950’s Science Class, But Different.

March 27th, 2007 | by Ken Grandlund |

Not everything has to be political. Or does it? I’ll let you decide.

I discovered this website a few years back and keep it handy when I need a good wry laugh or two. These four short films parody the classic 1950’s science class film genre but they don’t cover the same subjects. Instead of geology or archeology, these little daisies tackle the hard issues, like swinging and integration and premature ejaculation.

Enjoy the show(s).
[To view shows, click above link, then scroll down the page. Select your download speed to begin viewing. It may seem arduous, but it's worth the trip.]

Is It Time To Swap?

Let’s Meet Those People

Johnny Come Early

What To Do With Your Dead Hooker

(Films produced by partners Jerry Rapp and Daedalus Howell have written and directed four “mis-educational” flicks for Hypnotic. Filmed on location at Universal Studios.)

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