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Car Salesman and Democrat Presidential Debates

April 26th, 2007 | by Matthew OKeefe |

Watching the candidate’s debate in South Carolina tonight for President of the United States of America from the Democrat Party was almost like watching a used car auction. Can you as a buyer and bidder trust the sales pitch from any of them? It was almost like the good old days of television and of I Love Lucy listening to the canned laughter. In this case it was purely canned responses and it was flagrant at the least.

When one candidate went tough on a strong military response from a Ford heavy duty truck sales pitch, the ones selling the Chevy or Dodge upped the ante with the dreaded and never ending “Me too!” response. Then again you had the distinguished Senator from Alaska over on the far right of the group that considered himself just a potted plant amongst the candidates on the stage and actually said so. He was more interested in selling the Studebaker and the cold war. Not to offend my friends from Alaska but I think this gentleman has seen one too many midnight suns. I actually thought he was going to hit someone. At any moment I was waiting for the distinguished Senator from New York to activate her health care plan and shove a Prozac down his throat.

Speaking of the Senator from New York, she over did the fact that she is the Senator from the state that was most largely impacted by the events of 9/11. When confronted with the former Republican Mayor of New York City she deferred to her commitment to the people of New York and babbled on about Bill. I’m sorry, I voted for Bill twice Senator and you are not Bill. I do have to give her credit for articulating her points on health care. If anyone knows the ins and outs of that situation she alone has the upper hand there.

One of the classic moments of the night was when the former Senator from the Carolina’s with the amazing haircut was asked about the one person that he felt most influenced his moral character. He blew it! He paused for too long and thought for too long and should have said right away that it was his amazing and loving wife. End of discussion. Two words… “My Wife!” Nope, he blew it. Politics 101 suggestion for the former Senator with the nice boo coo bucks hair do, no long pauses on a national televised debate. After a ten second pause and his staring off into the stage lighting he came up with “My Lord”. That was a flat out cop out! Politically, and just not really what the people expected to hear. It could not have been clearer that he was pandering to the Bible belt of South Carolina and bitch slapped his greatest supporter. She deserved to be number one on that list.

I was extremely surprised to see that the Senator from New Jersey could answer a question with just the word “Yes”. He was asked if he could shut the hell up and listen to the people of America? Otherwise he appeared very statesman like and on message. I liked his replies to most of the questions. He might want to reconsider his run and beg to be Secratary of State under the next elected President.

Then we get the really short Congressman from Ohio. He actually impressed me with many answers that the rest of the panel of candidates could not rebuff. He voted against the war in Iraq and his thought process of moving the nation back into the world diplomatically made sense. When he pulled out his pocket copy of the Constitution and swore that as President he would never deviate from it like the present administration and that impressed me to no end. One fact that I did not know is that he has presented arguments in the Congress to impeach Vice President Valdermort… aka Cheney. No other candidate from the panel backs his argument to do just that.

Now we come to the mega super star from the great state of Illinois. Personally, I like him and his platform but he was a limp fish in this debate. You could see that he was having a problem clearly deciding what he wanted to say and on several occasions he dropped the ball. He walked off of the topic being discussed and side stepped many of the questions asked of him. Much like the former Senator of the Carolinas did that just happens to have a very nice haircut.

When the issue regarding Virginia Tech and the mass murders there was brought up it was refreshing to hear many of them sing the same song. The second amendment is not the problem, the way we as a nation regulate gun acquisition is. One of the candidates tonight that just happens to be the Governor of New Mexico made it loud and clear. In the western part of the United States they own guns and they are responsible gun owners. Being a former diplomat for his nation he also made some great points about opening up dialogue with many nations the current administration prefers to label as terrorist enablers.

For the most part the debate was interesting but I’m going to have to think about the candidates a while longer. This is a long road to the White House and I am hoping that this group singles out one member that is worthy of the office. One continuous fact from each candidate was that not one of them resembles the mentality of President George W. Bush.

I’m looking for a Hybrid vehicle for my next choice of President. Tonight was just a drop in the bucket as to whom these people are. They all passed the test on energy policies moving forward for America. Now I’m looking at rebates and reasons why I want to buy the car.

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  2. By steve on Apr 27, 2007 | Reply

    Presumably Mat (welcome to BIO by the way) I am on the opposite side of the spectrum as far as politics. I am a “rightie” that drives a Hummer, and still believes in (what’s left of) the American Dream.

    This thing tonight did nothing for me. I tried to watch but it was repulsive.

    America is heavily split politically. Bush has what 35% of the nations support. Okay, great for you guys right? Wrong… The other 15% of the right haven’t come to their sense yet. One… in relation to your car salesperson approach, I agree fully! One thing I love more than anything in the world is the experience of buying a car. I go through cars quickly. I love it when family members want to buy because I feel I can negotiate the best deal each and everytime. Recently, for example, I got a Subaru at 100 over invoice, 1000 cash back and 2.9% interest over 4 years for a family member, 3K below sticker and under that standard $500 over invoice. That rules! Tax season is the number one reason why I got that deal. No one has money to buy cars. But, I digress even though I love the Hummer, I am going back to BMW. However, if I go to the local BMW dealer and I see a guy selling me a car that resembles John Edwards… I’m running!! I’ll drive 50-75 miles to find another dealer. I’ll go out of my way.

    The rest of the problems with the Democrats is the smirk. The Leprechaun Kucinich shouldn’t even be in the race. He ideologically so distant from reality that he makes James Dobson seem rational in my party. That is bad.

    Then there is Obama so desperately trying to hide the fact he is black! HE is the most brilliant person in the Democratic Party. I am serious! The guy exudes intelligence. If I were voting Democrat, I’d vote for him! His lack of experience is a dramatic plus. Finally. However… he got up there tonight with the rest of them.

    Then there is Hillary. Rush Limbaugh indicated on his show last summer and I swear almost crashed my car in shear laughter when he said, “real men, will not vote for Hillary.” He repeated this over and over. The seriousness in which he said this perplexed me after I stopped laughing. Coming from him, that was a totally chauvinistic statement. It defines him as his true blow hard self. It is kinda wrong that he said that. However, he is right. She is not a leader. She is no Feinstein or dare I say it, Boxer. She is a wimp. Real men don’t vote for wimps. Just see Kucinich to see what I am talking about.

    Now, Mat, you’ll clearly try to tell me I am wrong here. And actually I wish I was. But this as nothing more than a staged Democratic Circle Jerk if you will. It was a hey slap me on the back, I am right too. And I say this without using the typical worn out, liberal media response. This wasn’t the media’s fault. This was purely a Democratic blunder. And if came down to it. McCain blows these people down in 2008. So does Guiliani. Even Fred Thompson!! Why?? They seem more honest. They may not be more honest than the Democrats. But they seem like it at this point.

  3. By Mat on Apr 27, 2007 | Reply


    I give you the right side of the arguement and I aplaud your comments. The Right side of the isle is up next week from what I understand and frankly I don’t see a strong candidate over there.

    In tonights debate if you choose to call it that they did not debate. They answered questions. Canned questions at that.

    I voted for Reagan twice so I am what you would call a tainted Liberal. Then again I am still an American. What is right for America will be decided by the people, we just have to weed out the canned comments from the ones that are the heart of the candidate. That is the dilema we all face no matter what party you belong to.

  4. By Ron on Apr 27, 2007 | Reply

    Kucinich seems to me to be the only one who actually believes what he’s saying. Any self respecting lib should cast a protest vote against the two frontrunners in the primary. I’m willing to vote for whatever Democratic candidate that wins but I think we should all vote our conscience in the primaries and Kucinich is the only candidate that consistently shares one with us.

  5. By steve on Apr 27, 2007 | Reply

    What the hell… I voted for Clinton once. (Young and stupid) :)

  6. By Ron on Apr 27, 2007 | Reply

    Only difference seems to be that you’re not young anymore.

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