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First Lady: ” No One Suffers More Than The(ir) President and I”

April 26th, 2007 | by Ken Grandlund |

When I wrote three days ago that the president was insane, I had no idea that the First Lady was equally insane too.

In an interview yesterday on NBC’s Today Show, while talking about viewing television coverage of the Iraq war, Mrs. Bush shared this bit of information with Ann Curry and the rest of the American people:

Ann Curry: “You know the American people are suffering, watching –”
Mrs. Bush: “Oh, I know that, very much. And believe me, no one suffers more than their president and I do when we watch this. And certainly the commander in chief who has asked our military to go into harm’s way.”

AnnCurry: “What do you think the American public need to know about your husband?”
Mrs. Bush: “Well, I hope they do know the burden of worry that’s on his shoulders every single day, for our troops. And I think they do. I mean I think if they don’t, they’re not seeing what the real responsibilities of our president are.”

Ann Curry: “It must be hard for you to watch him in this.”
Mrs. Bush: “Well it’s hard, of course, it’s absolutely hard.”

(emphasis added)

Now that I’ve wiped the tears away from my eyes, all I can really say is WTF?!?!? What freaking planet does this woman live on? If we thought her husband was delusional, she is a strong second place. Hell- even Bush admits (time and time again) that he sleeps pretty good, and that he has remarkable peace of mind.

That doesn’t sound like a whole lot of suffering to me. And don’t give me that “brave face, look strong like a leader” crap either. Bush has never been able to wipe either the smirk or the snarl off his face since he left diapers. The man doesn’t give a shit about much beyond his immediate designs and the people of the world are mere pawns on his chessboard.

“No one suffers more” indeed! Mrs. Bush, you are an idiot of the highest order. Of course, I suppose some consideration can be given to you. After all, you started out marrying a pampered frat boy, taught him how to read, and now he’s become a brutish thug and worse, he’s set this country back in so many ways I’ve run out of fingers and toes counting them all. America has gotten a raw deal to be sure, but you’re getting the worst deal of all. You still have to live with him. But that does not excuse the slap in the face you’ve just delivered to every service man and woman, their spouses and children and other family members, and every Iraqi civilian caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. It does not excuse to complete disregard and lack of empathy you have for the people of this country who sit by watching the American dream slip farther away again. Your words are a disgrace, but with the example your mother-in-law set after Katrina I shouldn’t expect much better from any of you. Even the bookish ones.

See the clip at Americablog.

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