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Iraqi Blogger Finally Decides To Leave Iraq

April 26th, 2007 | by Ken Grandlund |

For those of you who have read Baghdad Burning before, you know that the author, Riverbend, a female Iraqi citizen, has offered a poignant and touching yet at the same time troubled perspective on what this war has meant to average Iraqi citizens. She and her family have weathered the difficulties caused by our invasion and have had to live in a way that none of us would recognize as “freedom.” She and her family have endured loss of friends, family members, hunger, shell-shock, and a host of other conditions and tragedies that most of us can’t begin to comprehend outside of a Hollywood blockbuster.

Now it seems they’ve had enough. They’re leaving. Or at least, that is their hopeful (and anguished) plan. They still don’t know quite how to get out or where they’ll even go.

Part of their decision to finally go seems to be the construction of the walls around Sunni neighborhoods that remind us of the beginnings of the Warsaw ghetto in WWII.

Read her post and as you do, remember. This is just one story from Iraq, but it’s one that is shared by millions of faces every day.

I wish her and her family luck as they try to escape what is degrading into a worse hell every day. But even more, I wish we never forced them into having to make this choice in the first place.

For all of you who still support Bush and his war, is this the freedom and democracy you envisioned for Iraq? Is this what you’d want for your family?

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  2. By Dusty on Apr 27, 2007 | Reply

    I do read her blog and I am relieved they are getting out of the hellhole Bush has created for all Iraqi’s. I know they would rather stay..but with things going downhill quicker than a skier..I see no upside to staying for the decent and good Iraqi’s left there.

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