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The President Is Insane- (Some Not So) Randomly Related Rants

April 23rd, 2007 | by Ken Grandlund |

The President is completely insane. I really don’t know how else to put it. His constant refusal to accept the reality of his failures is one thing. His compulsive lying and incompetence in nearly every task he undertakes are others. But some of his most recent remarks concerning recent instances leave me thinking that America’s CEO a complete and utter nutjob, complete with little birds flying around in his empty skull, both eyes rotating independently of each other, a thin stream of drool cascading from the corner of his smirk- in short, the whole animated 9-yards of insanity.

How else to describe Mr. Bush’s assessment of his Attorney General’s “testimony” to Congress? After 2 days of hearings in which Alberto Gonzales “couldn’t recall” the answer to over 75 questions (which any honest trial judge would call ‘evasion’ or -gasp-lying), a hearing that left even more Senators from both parties calling for his resignation, Mr. Bush was quoted as saying that Gonzales’ performance “increased his confidence” in the man.

I guess if I were a compulsive liar myself, I’d be pretty impressed with Gonzales too. I guess if I had so many skeletons in the closet that metacarpals were sticking under the door, I’d have a lot of confidence in a guy who swears that he didn’t even know what metacarpals were. But if I were an average American citizen, I’d have some pretty grave concerns about the people at the top of the political foodchain about now. And I am, so I do.

But wait- there’s more!

President Bush has repeatedly admonished any calls for a timeline for US troop withdrawal from Iraq. In fact, he’s getting his veto pen all warmed up (it hasn’t had much ‘desk time’ in the last 6 years) to slap back the Iraq funding bill he begged for because it will have vague timeline amendments attached. Bush is the decider and when he says “No Timeline!” he means it. Or does he? In almost the same executive branch breath, the Secretary of Defense Gates (part of Team Bush and therefore ‘in the know’ about such matters) this weekend told reporters that with regards to continued US involvement in Iraq, “the clock is ticking.” Clearly the SecDef wouldn’t be shooting from the hip without some guidance from his boss, would he? I guess that would make Bush a man with two distinct personalities- another sure sign of mental illness, or in this case, insanity.

But wait- there’s more!

The Supreme Courts recent ruling sustaining a law banning partial birth abortions, the extremely rare, late term abortion method almost always used to save the life of a mother, has been heralded by right-to-lifer’s as the first step in turning back the rights of women. Bush signed the ban into law in 2003, and then put enough justices on the high court to make it stick. When you couple this with other medically related positions the president has taken over the years (Stem cell research, Terri Schiavo, medical marijuana, to name a few) the president clearly believes that when it comes to medicine, politicians know better than do patients and doctors. Yet when it comes to war, Bush clearly thinks that politicians are the stupidest people on Earth. Again, concerning the Iraq funding bill, Bush retorted to a comment from Senator Reid (D-Nev.) with, “I believe strongly that politicians in Washington shouldn’t be telling generals how to do their job.” It’s this kind of pick and choose mentality that lends no one credible voice to the man’s vision. Clearly there are several competing voices in the head of Bush, no doubt confused by the chirping birds who live there too. Multiple voices = crazy in my book.

But wait- there’s more!

Bush nominated World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz, who charged into that institution denouncing corruption in the third world and condemning it for the plight of poor nations, has himself become embroiled in corrupt office politics. Naturally, in the wake of mounting calls from World Bank board members for Wolfowitz to resign, Bush publically stands by his man and offers his “full confidence” Wolfie. More delusional behavior from the King of Delusion himself. Did I tell you that the man is insane yet?

You want crazy? How about these little gems…

Remember that killer spinach? Turns out that the whole “investigation” was a crock. The FDA had known for years where the problems were in the food chain. They just didn’t have enough money to do their jobs. Maybe all that ‘compassionate conservatism’ that we’ve got going in Iraq hass something to do with not enough money being around to save the lives of Americans here at home. We’d be better served by elected officials if we were still a zygote.

The US government has been building a wall around Sunni neighborhoods in Iraq, calling these ‘protection barriers.’ The Sunni’s are calling them prisons. Either way you look at it, as the recent Green Zone attack showed too cleaerly, walls don’t fix every problem. And when conquering armies begin to build walls around native populations I get the feeling of deja vu. Where did this happen before? Oh, right…Warsaw.

And finally, listening to a financial report on the way to work today, the Wall Street wizard of the day was again touting the great economy. But this time he actually imparted a quasi-qualifier. He actually said that if you’re a corporation the economy is great. And if you’re an investor the economy is great. And if you’re already really rich the economy is really great. (Okay, I added the last one.) But what he didn’t say was that for regular people the economy is great. In fact, rising energy and food costs are pushing many to the edge, and those are the two factors the government never accounts for in it’s economic analyses.

So there you have it. The president is insane and some (not so) randomly related rants to start off the week. Now let’s hear your side of things…

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  2. By Jet Netwal on Apr 23, 2007 | Reply

    This was a great post, Ken, but you had me at:

    “I guess if I had so many skeletons in the closet that metacarpals were sticking under the door…”

    Funniest line on the blog today. Hee.

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