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Presidential Politics 101

May 1st, 2007 | by Matthew OKeefe |

We are about to embark on one of the most important political election cycles of our times. The American people have spoken loud and clear in the last election but apparently it was not loud enough to be heard over at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. With the passage of the funding bill in both houses of the congress to pay for the Presidents almost personal war in Iraq, with it comes a time line to withdraw our troops that the President has sworn to veto. I double dog dare him to do just that! I’m actually looking forward to that veto. I want to see the explanation he has to spin in order to justify his second veto in over six years as President. That should make for great political writing from a very much lame duck President and his political party that will be running for the exits to distance themselves from him even more. The silence surrounding the President and Vice President will be deafening in the post veto days.

We should examine the use of this mythical veto pen that the President has sworn to dust off and yield its amazing powers to swat those pesky folks over on the hill that keep bothering him with the American people’s wishes. That unheard desire from the people is the end of the war in Iraq and real issues that actually affect the average person here in the states that just registers as a dull fuzzy noise in this sitting President’s ear.

Last time he used his veto pen he had to save America from the uprising and disgusting practice of people needing a descent living wage. That minimum wage problem that keeps propping itself up all the damn time is killing the game of golf for good hard working multi millionaire big business executives. How are they supposed to concentrate on spending billions of dollars in corporate profits every three months if the little people keep trying to steal from their cash cows?

Our troops in the field are not to blame for the political arguments here at home. They serve the President of the United States and that is all that they need to know. Our political system is in turmoil simply because the man sitting in the oval office refuses to accept reality. He will take down his nation out of spite and determination rather than admit that he was wrong. His political support is fading fast and his popularity rating is in the toilet. He is a rogue President and it will take two political parties to shut him down.

His own political party will fall onto the sword at the ballot box for the veto he signs on the funding of the troops. His own political party that had once prospered under his guidance will fall under his determination to not listen to the American people. This isn’t anything new for Bush or Cheney but they insist on the private war they have going for one simple reason. Pride and profit come first and foremost before the wishes of the people of America. While our sons and daughters are brought home in caskets the cash registers for the select few no bid contractors that just happened to be very closely associated with the administration keep gobbling up the dollars.

Under this sitting President that we as a nation are supposed to back we are at an irrevocable impasse. He has proven where his loyalty lies; it is not with John and Jane Sixpack of America. His loyalty lies with corporate patronage and the money to be made off of the war and the disgusting profits and raping of his nation at the gas pump.

Politics is a very strange business and the favorites today are the enemies of tomorrow. When the current President leaves office there will be a world wind of reaction and backlash on the profiteers in America. What was once the safety net of a sitting President will become the nails to a coffin from a government and its people that have determined that you as a corporation have wronged the nation you live in? Personal gain at the cost of the lives of our military is unacceptable no matter what spin you care to put on it.

If you have never been interested in politics in your life before this point in time then you need to seriously consider the possibility of speaking up now. Being the father of five children with my oldest child being sixteen I am concerned with this current President and his thousand year war plan. In his mind there is no end to this war and that is somewhat true and yet it is still a lie. In the heart of this war is a religious battle of multiple factions that have been fighting since the days of Caine and Able. Their war will never end because it is easier to kill your opponents rather than suffer the diplomacy of trying to live with them. Never in our nations history is it more important to issue forth one simple word go greeting and diplomacy and that is basically just saying hello. Let the discussions and arguments and resolutions to the dilemma we all face start there. Hello.

Some people hate politics in America and I can understand how it can make your stomach turn. True politics in our nation has been pretty much car jacked by a president that thinks he is a king. That is not a good thing for America by any means. Many a time I too have thought the blatant ignorance and arrogance of our nation’s capital has gone too far but declaring that a war can never end is suicide for a democratically elected government. We need the government and its leaders to invoke the powers that are the check and balances of the Constitution and our form of government. If that action fails then our nation is lost. Let them eat cake is by no means an American phrase and never should be. It may be a preferred thought process of the current administration but it is not the peoples.

Many qualified candidates are running from both parties and I truly support the process of electing our President. It makes sense. Common sense is what it is. We the people elect our leader based on our national opinion. That is a far distraction from what the current office holder thinks and believes. Not in one place in the bible of our nation that many of us hold true and dear called the Constitution is there a clause for a signing statement. Nope, just not there. There are no side notes penciled in by T.J. Jefferson saying that the President is not liable by the laws the Congress passes. Having watched the Democrat’s debate there was only one candidate that held a copy of the Constitution on his person and on the stage. Not that I support him but I admire his convictions and support of the basis of our government.

Politics 101 tells me that if I want to change the future for my children and their children then I have to have a voice in my government’s ear. I don’t want to be sending my kids off to fight a war based on lies, innuendo and maybe could have’s! If the President will not hear my voice then my Senator and Congressmen will. You should think about that for yourself as well. It all starts with one voice and who is to say that it isn’t yours?

Register to vote if you are not, make sure you vote if you are registered. Have your voice heard if you want a say in your nation’s future. Or dare I say its history?

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  1. 3 Responses to “Presidential Politics 101”

  2. By Jet Netwal on May 1, 2007 | Reply

    Nothing would make me happier than the Republicans fallingout of favor for a generation. We’ll need the time to recover.

  3. By steve on May 2, 2007 | Reply

    Well Mat, Fred Thompson said it best on Hannity and Colmes: (paraphrased) “Harry Reid wants to give the President funding but also withdraw the troops. That’s like saying, here is you life raft but you are gonna die!!”

    I personally got this image of standing on a boat tossing a life raft to someone struggling in the water and starting the boat and leaving.

    From time to time, you liberals might almost have me but if someone like Fred Thompson says that and simplifies it like that, then I cannot look at what Bush is doing with the veto power he has and associate it with scheme for profits.

  4. By Ron on May 2, 2007 | Reply

    I personally think it’s beyond basic scruples to even think that the president’s “life” is the one that is being considered. Or this “war”.

    Or, frankly, even the Iraqis. Their destiny is beyond us, and has been for some time now.

    I’d think about the ego issue when considering why Bush won’t leave Iraq.

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