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Politicians or Leaders?

May 18th, 2007 | by Matthew OKeefe |

There is a distinct difference between the words politician and leader. One is a person that would sell your mothers soul for a few extra votes and the other is someone that would defend your mother’s soul and care not about losing votes. American politics has been bastardized into a media event that has truly lost the meaning of what being a public servant is. Having the best makeup and looking good for the camera has become more important than the message behind the candidate and yet it gets worse.

American voters no longer expect the rough and ready character of the true debates of long ago but who looks the best on camera or whom best resembles Bob Barker of the Price is Right fame. Spin the Wheel of Fortune and the politicians of lesser character will say whatever the political base wants to hear. If that doesn’t work then lets go on a Supper Market Sweep and see who can load the grocery cart with enough of the political base by just pandering and grabbing at votes as if they are fifty dollar hams in the meat case.

Running for the Presidency of the United States is a very tedious task. Every single politician has to make the rounds in towns and cities that they hope and pray they never have to set foot in again once elected. Ask yourself this question, how many times has the current President been to Iowa or New Hampshire other than when he was in election mode? Not enough if ever. Once elected, those Americans have no value to this President or his political party. Their fifteen minutes of fame is up.

Given the current day media and coverage of all of the candidates you can see the disgust on some of their faces as they romp through yet one smaller town in New Hampshire or Iowa and the contempt of the elite politician is right there on the television. It almost seems like they believe the lie themselves knowing that they have a hundred million in the bank to fund the campaign and that actually visiting the real people that vote is just absurd.

Selling the canned message is more important than actually connecting with the people. Tell me what you want to here politics sells better to the media than telling the people what they really need to hear.

One of the saddest things that I have to acknowledge as a realist is that the campaign tactics and the amount of money spent for our nation’s highest office isn’t going to change any time soon. The next President will be the person that can best manipulate the media and the American people’s attention span in a thirty second commercial in the last two weeks before the actual final vote.

I’m looking for true leaders in my next President but I am seeing nothing but politicians in both parties and that bothers me. What about you?

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