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More Political Cowardice From The Senate

May 23rd, 2007 | by Ken Grandlund |

Leadership comes in many forms, but one place it apparently doesn’t spend too much time is in the minds of elected Senators. Just before yesterdays capitulation by the Senate Democrats regarding the Iraq funding bill, the Senate voted on whether to bring a “comprehensive immigration bill” to the main floor for discussion and an eventual vote. Called a Cloture Motion, the measure passed 69-23, with 8 not voting on the matter.

Setting aside the entire immigration debate for a moment, it’s interesting to note who were the Senators who decided not to even cast a vote on whether to bring this topic up for full discussion. One of the non-voters gets a pass- Senator Johnson from South Dakota is still recovering from a medical condition and hasn’t actually been to the Capitol since his election. But what about the other seven?

Six of the seven were Democrats. Five of the seven are current presidential candidates. The non-voters were:

Senator Biden- (D-DE)- presidential candidate
Senator Clinton (D-NY)-presidential candidate
Senator Dodd (D-CT)-presidential candidate
Senator Johnson (D-SD)- hospitalized
Senator Kerry (D-MA)- former presidential candidate
Senator McCain (R-AZ)- presidential candidate
Senator Nelson (D-FL)
Senator Obama (D-IL)-presidential candidate

These are the people who want to lead America and they can’t even take a position on whether to have a debate on immigration? Are they so afraid of losing potential votes that they won’t even cast a vote on whether or not to debate an issue? This is not leadership folks- it’s political cowardice and immobility created by the pretense to be all things to all people while being nothing to anyone.

I’m a progressive and more liberal than not. But I’m not a registered Democrat. I am unaffiliated by choice. And with each action like this, I embrace my independence ever more. Too bad I’m finding fewer and fewer people in the political arena I can actually look to with respect.

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  1. One Response to “More Political Cowardice From The Senate”

  2. By SteveIL on May 23, 2007 | Reply

    I find it interesting the “presidential candidate” McCain didn’t vote on the motion, especially since he is one of the big proponents of it. I think his status will probably end up being “twice former presidential candidate”.

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