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Immigration Reform is Dead - Democrats are Alive

June 7th, 2007 | by Jersey McJones |

In a brilliant parliamentary maneuver, Jim Webb (D - Old Macacaland) and Harry Reid (D - Youwannabet?) came up with the perfect way to kill the immigration issue, continue the death knell of GOP eminence, two birds down, all in one kill-bill amendment. And if you don’t like this bill, Reid reminds us that, “It’s (Bush’s) bill, it’s not our bill.” Most people, especially republican voters, don’t like this bill. A lot of swing voters fall into that category too.

I’d like to see reform, myself, but not this. If your concern about illegal immigration is that the immigrants drive down wages and benefits, then you should be for legalization. That solves that. If your concern is that American “culture” is at risk of Hispanicization, then you can go die as far as I’m concerned. If you like the status quo, then you are the problem, and you can join the latter. Real reform will come in the future, at some point, once we swing back to the Left a little as a people.

In the meantime, the Dems are smart to leave the cheap-labor cons to their own. Abusing illegals is no more a solution or balm for the immigration issue than punching yourself in the groin is a treatment for an inguinal hernia. The issue was raised, it fell on the Bushies, it crushed them. Good. Fuck them.


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  1. 5 Responses to “Immigration Reform is Dead - Democrats are Alive”

  2. By Craig R. Harmon on Jun 7, 2007 | Reply

    I’d like to see reform, myself, but not this.

    So what is your problem with the bill. From what else you’ve said here, anyone who opposes the bill for any reason at all is a brain dead bigot and all around evil slimeball but you’re not for the bill. What gives?

  3. By Craig R. Harmon on Jun 7, 2007 | Reply

    And it’s Bush’s bill, even though it’s not? And it’s Reid’s amendment that will kill it but it’s death will be Bush’s fault?

    Sounds like a whole lot of BS there, Jersey.

  4. By Craig R. Harmon on Jun 8, 2007 | Reply

    Bah! Sorry Jersey, in #1, you never said anything about opponents of the bill being brain dead bigots and all around evil slimeballs. My bad. I had a brain blip. I laid down and I’m feeling much better now.

    I am interested, though, in what your reasons are for opposing the bill.

  5. By Jersey McJones on Jun 8, 2007 | Reply

    We need realistic quotas of immigrants from Mexico and Central America, we need realistic numbers of border patrols and a quick return method, we need to fast track long time residents with jobs for citizenship, we need to support pro-people politics among our neigbors to the south, we need less skilled immigration and better schools here,… it goes on and on. But fines, and universal quotas, and fences, and national languages, and revolving returns, and permenance-over-temps, and all the stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid bullshit needs to go.

    We have to be good, realistic people. We are apparently not ready for that.

    Reid was smart. He kept the debate open, kept the issue alive, left the issue for the GOP to show their true stripes, and now he can shelve the bill, no damage done except to the sleazy cons. Good for him. We just don’t have a concensus to adaquately deal with immigration at this time. Better to do nothing than make it even worse. Abusing “illegal” immigrants is NOT a solution to the problem. It just assuages racists cons (re: MOST OF THEM) and exaserbates wage depression, crime, and misery.


  6. By Chris on Jun 8, 2007 | Reply

    I do not have a real idea of what is a good solution to the immigrant “problem”. Prior to the 1920 as best I remember there were no illegal aliens. If you made it here, were not oriental, and waited the correct amount of time you could apply for citizenship. Since then there has been a hue and cry over the irish, italians and other southern europeans and the vietnameze. I suppose that we need to do something but when I remember our history I’m not sure what.

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