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Sweating With The Oldies: The Democratic Party’s New Dance

June 18th, 2007 | by steve |

“I understand their disappointment,” said Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid (news, bio, voting record) of Nevada. “We raised the bar too high.” Read this.

Heh… That’s it Harry… Take back America… Take it back from those evil oil money grubbing Christians. Burn it all down… Yeah!!!

Then there is Presidential Hopelessful:

“Democratic Sen. Joseph Biden (news, bio, voting record) of Delaware said he explained this recently to anti-war demonstrators. “‘We know. We know,”‘ he quoted them as replying. “But we are so disappointed.”‘

29% approval rating for this Congress. Wow… as good as you know who?

Suck it!!

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  1. 9 Responses to “Sweating With The Oldies: The Democratic Party’s New Dance”

  2. By Ron on Jun 18, 2007 | Reply

    Now Steve, you’re going to have to take it out of the mouth of Newt Gingrich if you are going to have any chance of anyone “sucking it”. How much do they pay you to be their man-whore? I don’t know. I’m not not touching any cock that’s been passed around GOP circles. I shall pass. Thanks, though. Maybe you can give Steve IL a call.

  3. By steve on Jun 18, 2007 | Reply

    Nice try Ron… I’ll give you a second chance…

  4. By Dusty on Jun 19, 2007 | Reply

    Your the one talking about “sucking” steve..don’t go off on Ron because he told you what to do with it now..

    As for the shitty congressional ratings..are you surprized, because I surely am NOT. Those muthafuckas up there haven’t done a damn thing but continue the tradition of giving King George his blank check for the War in Iraq. I hope every single one of the assholes..both parties included are made to look like idiots when they start their next campaigns for re-election at home. I hope they are held accountable for what they HAVEN”T done. Bastards need to be tarred and feathered and run the fuck out of town.

    They lied to us..they did what they said they wouldn’t do, on the biggest issue facing Americans.

    Fuck em long and hard..but with a double-edged straight razor.

  5. By Jersey McJones on Jun 19, 2007 | Reply

    Steve doesn’t know muich about America. He’s rather typical that way. Congress’ rating is always low and tere’s a good reason for that, as I’ve said many, many times before yet steve brick skull has yet to grasp.

    Congress in general is always unpopular, but people’s individual congresspeople are usually quite popular. Why? Because representatives represent their particular districts and those districts come in a wide variety of demographics. There are wealthy urban districts, poor urban districts, minority districts, majority districts, mixed districts, liberal districts, conservative districts, and on and on. The point is that there are many cliches in congress, but no one super-majority unified block. Therefore, congress will always be unpopular but congresspeople will always be popular - that’s why they get elected!

    A president, on the other hand, is supposed to represent the entire country, so if his numbers are as low as congress’, then he or she is in big trouble, and so is the nation.


  6. By SteveIL on Jun 19, 2007 | Reply

    Jersey, I wouldn’t be throwing stones at Steve from that glass house you live in. I mean, if this isn’t the appropriate time for a “pot calling the kettle black” moment:

    Steve doesn’t know muich about America.

    Yet, you spent how many comments dissing everybody regarding the injustice created by Mike Nifong, except for the guy who created the injustice, the aforementioned Mike Nifong?

    Why do you hate America? Why don’t you know America?

    Ron said:

    I’m not not touching any cock that’s been passed around GOP circles. I shall pass. Thanks, though. Maybe you can give Steve IL a call.

    Oh how I love to be popular!!!

  7. By Jersey McJones on Jun 20, 2007 | Reply

    Mike Nifong didn’t create a stripper at a drunken frat party, SteveIL. You sleazy cons ought to walk the walk of “personal responsibility” instead of just talking it.


  8. By Craig R. Harmon on Jun 20, 2007 | Reply


    Having two strippers at a drunken frat party, you may be surprised to hear, is not grounds for prosecution for rape on the basis solely of the accusation of a woman whose story changed a dozen times and never once actually managed to match the facts in the case students, whose identification procedure was hopelessly corrupted by the prosecutor failing to follow his own department’s procedures for obtaining IDs, who actually were able to do what no defendant in this country should ever have to do: they could prove that it was not possible for them to have committed the crimes that they were accused of.

    So no, he didn’t create a stripper (actually two strippers, proving once again that you have never bothered to familiarize yourself with the facts of the case, no matter how many times I linked to them or quoted from them you remained willfully ignorant), he merely created an indictment based upon lies backed up by no facts and ignored evidence that proved the persons indicted were innocent of every crime that they were indicted of.

    No. Nifong created quite enough!

    As for taking personal responsibility, these kids were punished way beyond any responsibility they might actually be said to have for having a drunken frat party with strippers. The five minute (lousy by all accounts, including the photographic and video evidence) performance alone cost them $800. Add to that being expelled from school, the team having their coach canned and their season wiped out, having crazy whacked-out students, professors and community members outside their house banging on pots and pans, calling them rapists, demanding that they confess and pay for Nifong’s and the accusers crimes

    Don’t even talk about “personal responsibility”. When the gang of 88 takes responsibility for their actions by apologizing for their own sleazy vilification of innocent students…and you evidence some slight actual knowledge of the facts in this case, then you get to talk about personal responsibility.

    Until then, you got nothing to say about the responsibility of those three Duke students.

  9. By Jersey McJones on Jun 20, 2007 | Reply


    I’ve partied with the best (re: worst) of ‘em.

    If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime (re: in today’s police-state conservative America, but fucking careful).


  10. By Craig R. Harmon on Jun 20, 2007 | Reply

    I keep telling you, man, they did no crime.

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