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Broken Hearts of Nine Firefighter Families

June 19th, 2007 | by Matthew OKeefe |

My heart felt prayers are with the nine families of the Firefighters lost in the fire in South Carolina. Out across the land many of American families will sit down to dinner tonight and Dad will be there. That will not be the case for nine families in South Carolina. When you sit down to your dinner table, say a prayer for those families. Pray for them to get through this difficult time as best they can, pray that they look to one another and embrace one another in grief and mourning knowing that the fallen firefighter in their family was a true hero. Not just any hero but an American hero.

Someone once said that God has no greater love than that of one that looses his own life to save another. I’ll be praying for the families of the lost firefighters. They need all of us now and it is up to all of us to remember the deeds of nine very brave men.

Over at the Washington Post they have this coverage on this tragedy in South Carolina…

S.C. Warehouse Fire Kills 9 Firefighters

The Associated PressTuesday, June 19, 2007; 4:19 PM

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Fire swept through a furniture warehouse, collapsing its roof and killing nine firefighters inside _ the nation’s deadliest single disaster for firefighters since the Sept. 11 terror attacks.

Nine brave, heroic, courageous firefighters of the city of Charleston have perished fighting fire in a most courageous and fearless manner, carrying out their duties,” Charleston Mayor Joseph P. Riley said at a morning news conference. “To all of their loved ones, our heart goes out to them.” - Washington Post

Just as the nation grieved for the fallen six Firefighters in Worcester, MA we should come together as one people to think and pray for the nine lost in Charleston, South Carolina.

Call your local church and ask that the next service be in their honor. Above all remember to thank your local Firefighters for what they do every single day. When the alarm rings and they go out the door there is always the chance that some of them might never see the fire station or their families again. In Charleston they know that pain all to well today.

From the people of Worcester, MA we send our thoughts and prayers. May God bless them all.


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