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Surprising survey shows Democrats breaking through to born again Christians

February 5th, 2008 | by Jones of the Nile |

A surprising survey out today shows that if the general election were held today, Democrats would stand a better chance than Republicans to pick up the majority of born again Christian voters. (Let’s take a moment to reflect on this moment of irony, talking about the general election before “Suppah Tuesday” even wraps up.)

Now let’s not run outside to see if the sky is falling. Yes, the survey (conducted by The Barna Group) shows a generic win for Democrats, with an “unknown Democrat” taking 40 percent of the vote compared to an “unknown Republican” at 29 percent. This discrepancy is likely to do with the fact that neither side has settled on a candidate.

But that said, and pardon the pun, but holy moly! This is huge news for Democrats, and shows that the work they’ve done since 2004 to woo religious voters is really working. Sure, this gap will narrow. But it’s safe to say that religious voters are up for grabs in 2008. Or as George Barna, head of the Barna Group says, “Evangelical s are clearly sending a message to Republican leaders this time around. There is tremendous frustration among evangelical voters, in particular … given the stands of some of the leading Republican contenders, evangelicals are registering their discomfort with the choices they have at hand.”

Echoing the Barna Group study, a new poll out from  (yes, I’m not making that up…there really is a GodTube, and if you go there, prepared to be treated to some Christian rock!), showed that Christian voters currently favor Democrats over Republicans. Their new poll found that 43.9 percent of Christian voters support the leading two Democratic candidates while 34.7 percent back Republican candidate Mike Huckabee.

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