Bring It On!

Cause and Effect.

March 23rd, 2008 | by Tom Baker |

I tried to write this in a polite way, but screw that - aint happening. I’m pissed. I’m angry. I’m downright ready to go kick a Clinton in the crotch (either one - it doesn’t matter). Who the fuck do they think they are? When did it become OK for a candidate (or her horribly disappointin g ex-president husband) to question the patriotism of a rival? Who the hell are they to start launching swift-boat attacks against Barack Obama?

Not sure what I mean? Oh well then allow me to enlighten you on how scummy that family is. Only a week or so after Hillary suggests that REPUBLICAN candidate John McCain would make a better Commander in Chief than Senator Obama (way to go Judas!) her husband, her slimy, philandering  , piece of crap ex-president of a husband stood in front of a crowd in North Carolina and discussed a General Election night match up between John McCain and his wife (and yes his wife only!) said:

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