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Blackwater: Let the Iraqis Be Iraqis

April 11th, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

George, make up your frickin’ mind.

In the wake of the administration’s decision to re-up Blackwater for another contract, Iraqi prime minister Nuri al-Maliki, reveals his government wasn’t even consulted about the deal. This shows the weird purgatory that George and Condi keep the Iraqi government in. On the one hand things are going just peachy and on the other this “sovereign” state can’t be trusted to make its own decisions.

I'll Crush YouIraq still thinks the deal is open. “As far as (the) Iraqi government is involved, this issue is still under consideration and we are still discussing principles upon which foreign security companies must operate, especially this company because they committed a massacre against Iraqis and until now this matter has not been resolved,” Maliki said. In addition to several routine mini-massacres, Maliki is referring to a much larger 2007 incident in which 17 Iraqis were gunned down. Iraq has called the incident a crime and demanded the Blackwaterers be tried. The problem is, contractors aren’t covered by Iraqi, military, or US civil law - a small oversight the administration still hasn’t fixed.

I don’t blame the Iraqis for being pissed. George routinely gives them a boot up the ass for not moving fast enough on the road to “democracy”, yet ignores them when it comes to making decisions their government has every reason to make. Come to think of it, that’s not that different than he treats his own citizens. He routinely ignores us, all the while whimpering about how constitutions are made to be broken. Regardless of the government, George runs it like Germany under Mad King Ludwig. All he needs is to tack a few parapets onto the White House, put on a feathered helmet, and open a boat basin in the cellar. Do that and you couldn’t tell the two lunatics apart.

Certainly the Iraqi government is a sad-sack bunch that can scarcely decide when to meet. They can’t even figure out who’s shooting at whom this week. A practical person has every reason to doubt the wisdom of any decisions they make, but that’s not the point. George is always quick to point out that Iraq yearns to be free and is a budding democracy. My question is how can they be those things without the freedom to chose who they want in their own country? They may be screwed up in a million ways, but in this case they’re spot on. They have every right to say, “You sent us murderers without asking. You set the laws up so we couldn’t object. You ignored our calls to expel them from our soil. Now, you rehire them without asking us and with all the baggage they already have in tow to boot.”

That sounds like an ideal Bushonian democracy to me.

George, now’s the time to ante up. You’ve been telling us for more than five years that America will stand down when the Iraqis stand up. So let them stand up. Let them make a decision that in the vast scheme of things isn’t so critical. They may make a complete hash of it, but let them learn how a democracy works - warts and all. That’s how true democracies work. That’s how those living in true democracies learn about the responsibilities that come along with the perks of some nebulous “freedom”. That’s how those living in true democracies see that democracies are imperfect - some more so than others.

George, your Bushonian democracy is the most imperfect in history and you’ve shown them plenty about how it. Now’s time to show them - and us - how a real democracy works. Listen to the poor bedraggled bastards for once in your heard-headed life and let them make the call.

There’s no way they could screw the pooch any worse than you repeatedly have.

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