Bring It On!

Tallywhacker Testimonial

April 14th, 2008 | by Jet Netwal |

It rose in the late summertime
Across the grassy field
Wanking at those driving by
It’s full glory revealed

A comment on the Governor?
A testament to man?
Or was just those “meddling kids”
With Roundup in their can?

In due time snow lay to rest
The image in the field
Surely neighbors breathed a sigh
That woody’s fate was sealed.

Then spring was sprung, the grass was riz
The member rose with might
For Roundup killed the roots you see
And won the virile fight.

We must go green! We’ll plant over
That giant grassy spike
Now it’s rimmed in green, beckoning
Futher citizen dislike.

I tip my glass to inventive teens
Wherever they may hang
And hope someday I’ll drive by’n see
One mother of a bang.

Hat Tip and photo credit to Wonkette

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