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April 15th, 2008 | by Jet Netwal |


Today on our planet, people are rioting because they are staring into the maw of starvation. They riot now, because soon they won’t have the strength. They are fighting for their survival. In Haiti, they are eating dirt.

“The finance ministers were in shock, almost in panic this weekend,” he said on CNN’s “American Morning,” in a reference to top economic officials who gathered in Washington. “There are riots all over the world in the poor countries … and, of course, our own poor are feeling it in the United States.” - CNN

This isn’t a pocket of hunger; this is affecting multiple countries (Egypt, Haiti, Bangladesh and others) simultaneously. (And yeah, we shouldn’t be making gas out of corn, but I’ve been saying that for 18 months or more. Methanol is the better option. We will never run out of shit, witness DC, but that’s another post.) Besides, the primary issues are rice and wheat.

Some rice-producing countries have cut exports to protect their own supplies. World Bank President Robert Zoellick said last week that rice prices have risen around seventy-five percent in just two months, to near historical levels. Wheat prices have risen one hundred twenty percent in the past year. - VOA

Of course, all of this stuff is interconnected. The price of oil impacts the costs of farming, fertilizers, shipping, etc. Emerging economies such as China are eating more meat, which diverts grain from people to animals. The weather is impacting crop production and viability in some areas, and disease has decimated crops in others. This is big. Haiti’s government has already toppled over this. In America, one in eight people living in the state of Michigan is on food stamps.

As a human being, and as a Christian, this is a terrible abyss to stand at. We are failing as an evolved species. We either feed our race, our human race, or we free fall into Darwinian struggle. There is no compassion in survival of the fittest, and it is the damnation of civilization and Chrisitan principles if we choose that path.

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  2. By Dusty on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    Meanwhile..what is MSNBC showing right now..the friggin Pope’s landing here in the U.S. They are spending hours on this drivel.

    That isnt’ newsworthy..what he might say could be..but his friggin jet landing isn’t NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. By Jet Netwal on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    Agreed. What’s interesting to me is that in the Catholic publications I read, there is increasing vocalizing by lay people for the Church to segment abortion as just one of the life issues of import to the church, and not have it appear as THE life issue. There is great unease over the state of global poverty, and the mismanagement of resources by a few at the expense of many.

    I know Benedict will never soften his stance, but he can shift his gaze, and this is what needs to happen.

  4. By Dusty on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    I know your catholic forgive me my trespasses here..but isn’t the new Pope a real piece of work? I haven’t held any of them in high esteem..but this one takes the cake.

    Like you said..Abortion is but one “issue” starvation is a big deal that needs to be dealt with NOW..lots of difference between starvation and abortion. You won’t be getting an abortion if your starving to death. duh.

  5. By Jet Netwal on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    I prefered the previous Pope to this one, but he’s 81. Things have a way of moving along. :-)

    What you’ve said is what millions of other Catholics are saying. The gospel is very specific about treatment of the poor. “As you treat the least of my brothers, so you treat me”, and others. The path is clear, at least to me.

  6. By Dusty on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    Since I do believe in Jesus’ teachings but not organized religion..I agree with you on that end about taking care of those less fortunate than the rest of us. ;)

    I think the Pope likes his political many of the other Theocrats. Do you agree? Power..its a heady aphrodisiac.

  7. By Jet Netwal on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    I find Benedict far more political than John Paul II. B’s first acts were to shove through stuff of his that JP had kiboshed previously. It didn’t sit well with me.

    JPII was conservative, but I found him very honest and genuinely spiritual. He was a pretty good pope.

  8. By Dusty on Apr 16, 2008 | Reply

    I think your right..JPII was more of a common man who didn’t seem to cotton to politics..Bene is a real freak for political power. Look at how he blew off Georgie about that state dinner..priceless!

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