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The Olympics: Burning Desire To Make It What It Isn’t

April 16th, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

The Commercialization of the Olympics

The recent Olympic flame protests show that everyone has a burning desire for the Olympics to be something it isn’t. For those who condemn China’s human rights record, the flame is a symbol of hate and violence. For those who love the Olympics, the flame symbolizes the peoples of the world joined in a rousing medley of I Want to Teach the World to Sing and It’s a Small World. News flash people, it ain’t either and it hasn’t been for a long time.

Nearly all Olympics since 1936 have been politicized. That’s what happens when you bring people “together”. Just ask our “uniter not a divider” Idjit-in-Chief. Politics and sport may seem to be strange bedfellows, but politicians play politics as a sport - think 3000 Meter Obfuscation Relay.

Maybe They Should Boycott Us
The China protest is the latest in a long line that capitalize on the global reach of the games. Despite a contingent of Chinese paramilitary guarding the arsonist’s wet-dream, protesters in Paris and London nearly shut the glorified “fun run” down. The Chinese are perturbed over the ruination of their country’s honor - such as it oxymoronically is. And for their part, Americans like Nancy Pelosi have called for Boy George to boycott the opening ceremonies. Human rights mavens support the call, but conveniently forget that America has legalized torture and is about as untrustworthy on human rights as the Chinese. Perhaps the Chinese should boycott us in protest of America’s top-notch Waterboarding Team.

The curative properties of amateur athletics are bogus too. Eastern Block countries used to bring hormone-fed transsexuals to the games and rig scoring to show the superiority of communism. Today, our athletes are inhumanly juiced on human growth hormone and an all-star NBA team put the Nike-clad commercialized boot to purely amateur games long ago.

The scourge of commercialism has rubbed some of the glitter off the amateur gold too and complaining about the Chinese prison labor that makes our lead-filled toys while we buy the crap is just a wee bit disingenuous. Don’t forget that we’re selling our nation wholesale to those dastardly torture monkeys to fund toxic pet food factories.

A Growth Industry of Graft
Yes, commercialism reigns. The flame came to San Francisco - as it usually does - because it’s the headquarters of major sponsor Visa while venue selection is growth industry for graft. The lesson of the Salt Lake City scandals and a trail of municipalities almost bankrupted by over-ambitious stadium plans shows the games’ real commercial appeal. Sadly for cities like Montreal, they were unable to entice enough global rubes to juice their Visa cards for a big payout. Economies built on Burger King Whoppers are like that. They should have used the torch to charbroil their burgers instead.

It’s time to see the Olympics as they truly are - a global Grand Guignol of greed and political avarice. It may be better for everyone if we called them off just as the ancient Greeks did.

Maybe a few thousand years will be enough time to reconsider the television rights to the games.

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