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President Pickledick Supports the Troops

April 25th, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

A War Widdow Weeps

Aside from his flag waving, flight suit wearing, preening picture posing, mission accomplished displays, our commander-in-chief has done precious little for the troops he claims to so whole-heartedly support. After a constant series of increasingly frequent deployments, many troops who used to support him are joining the rest of the country in turning thumbs down on his “leadership” - and they have good reason.

After scandalous stories about crapulent health-care in military and VA hospitals, there are near-daily charges that soldiers are being sent back to the front with serious mental and physical injuries or being denied disabilities for their wounds. Suicide is becoming endemic among active duty troops and recently released veterans. More felons are calling the barracks home and the educational quality of our troops, one of the lynch-pins of the all-volunteer concept, is steadily declining. Stop loss orders bar the door back into civilian life and serve as a backdoor draft allowing the administration to induct people with no intention of adhering to their end of the employment contracts they so cavalierly sign. Apparently “volunteer” is a word with three-too-many syllables for our walking malaprop to understand.

Commander Codpiece has done to our troops exactly what he’s done to the rest of the country - screwed us without the comfort of even a thin coat of Vaseline. In dozens of carefully orchestrated photo ops he’s draped himself over the shoulders of troops to show how much of a regular guy he is. He gave speeches promising them everything they need to fight his War of Error and then gave them nothing but one more extended deployment. For every failure of his leadership he has a reason. In the case of the military, the reason is invariably, “I’m listening to my commanders on the ground”. He never sees the irony of claiming to listen to his largely docile, hand-picked military leaders who - if they really are that stupid - show a complete failure of our much-vaunted volunteer military.

After the wretched experience of Vietnam, the rest of the country learned to stop blaming the troops for the ills of stupid politicians. Vietnam vets received much worse than they deserved and that seems to be the way it’s shaping up for our current force. There was no justification then or now for treating soldiers, who’ve vowed to follow orders and put their lives on the line, like castoffs to be abandoned when they’ve finished what they promised to do.

President Pickledick recently effused over how wonderful it would be to go into combat. His romantic notion of noble battle bears little resemblance to the terror, blood, and screams of the real thing. His “battlefield experience” is about what you would expect from a Champagne Flight, weekend warrior who couldn’t be bothered to come to monthly drills. Sporadically guarding the skies over Houston is light-years away from holding the line in Hue and his self-proclaimed desire to join our troops in battle hasn’t added up to much either. As many have suggested, I’m sure he could order the Joint Chiefs to sign off on an age waiver if he really wants to drag his worthless ass around the battlefield. I think we’re all safe in assuming that’s about as likely as his draft-deferment prone Vice-Chickenhawk volunteering too.

Bush’s lack of support for our troops is appalling. He’s lied to their faces. He’s stolen their youth, sanity, and bodies. He’s disgraced his country in every way imaginable. In short, he has no morals and no sense of responsibility. They have a name for that in the military:

Conduct unbecoming.

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  2. By Dusty on Apr 25, 2008 | Reply

    A cell at the Hague for the Idiot-in-Chief would make me smile..I just know it would ;)

  3. By rube cretin on Apr 26, 2008 | Reply

    Excellent missive. There are many other reasons not to support our president and alternatives for what ought to be done. What bothers me is how the 30 percent who continue to support him can prevent the large majority from doing what needs to be done. This situation frankly leads me to question and doubt the viability of our form of government. If there is a lack of will and processes for removal of such trash, what does it say about the future of our country?

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