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Bush: Not Just Another Father of the Bride

May 14th, 2008 | by Omnipotent Poobah |

The Bush Family

Presidential progeny usually get a pass from the press when they’re young. No matter how you might feel about their parents, this is probably a good thing. Presidential kids have enough pressure on them without someone dogging their every move. Otherwise, the kind of 24×7 glare they’d suffer would be enough to warp anyone, much less a kid in the Bush family.

In their teens and early 20s, the Bush twins - Jenna and Not Jenna - did their share of stupid, although perfectly normal adolescent things. Jenna was picked up for underage drinking (I’ve always wondered what happened to the Secret Service agent on duty that night). At other times, pictures showed both twins sprawled drunkenly on the pavement or using their butt cracks as beer cup holders. Stupid actions, yes, but no stupider than many other kids that age. Without stupid kids, Florida’s tourism industry would collapse without Spring Break traffic and Girls Gone Wild producer Joseph Francis couldn’t pay his extensive legal bills.

Republican Cloth Coats Be Damned
Jenna, the blond one with Daddy’s unfortunate genetic smirk, was married over the weekend. The White House took great pains to keep the ceremony low-key, unlike, say, the Nixon girls who mounted full-scale coronations at the White House - respectable republican cloth coats be damned. I bear no ill-will against Jenna. I don’t know if she’s a good kid and besides, it’s not her fault she was fathered by such a boob. The wedding seemed to be standard fare for any girl who’s a member of a wealthy family and as long as Dad didn’t embezzle the money to pay for it, that’s fine. However, I would feel better if a GAO audit checked that.

I’m sure one of the reasons the ceremony was out of the public eye was to avoid the inevitable protests that would have sprung up. Instead of a nice, quiet wedding, Jenna would have begun married life to shouts of “NO MORE BUSH! NO MORE BUSH!” It’s true her Dad is one of history’s biggest crapweasels, but there’s no need to remind her of it. She probably already knows.

When Dad gave Jenna away, he wasn’t thinking of her wedding as a political act. He was just another happy Dad and she was simply a thrilled new bride. But when you’re President of the United States, you carry the baggage of politics everywhere. When the story of the wedding hit newsstands, thousands of Americans found it impossible to be happy for the Bushes. They found it impossible because they’re the families of married soldiers who will never celebrate another anniversary or fiances to betrothed who will never return. They are newlyweds holding their firstborn children and waiting for the spouse who died in a completely avoidable war.

Grinning Toasts of Death
It’s said of Bush that he sleeps well, but is profoundly affected by the deaths he’s caused. He can certainly shed tears - as he sometimes has for Medal of Honor winners or the rare, hand-selected troops he meets - but it’s impossible to tell if those teardrops are cynical or genuine. It’s equally impossible to know whether he reflected on his awful mess as he smirked through his club soda toasts. We don’t know if he thought of his missions unaccomplished or of the lives snuffed out. We don’t know if waving goodbye to his little girl caused him to reflect on the thousands of other little girls and boys sent off with waves of the hand to die in bloody Iraq and Afghanistan.

I’m sure Jenna and the rest of the family love George as much as any family loves their father. They’re aware that Dad is among the world’s most hated men, but I’m sure they don’t much feel it personally. They’re just happy to have him around to give Jenna away or go fishing on the ranch. To them, he’s just Dad. So Jenna was able to have her day and enjoy it. There were no protest calls or ugly epithets. She stood on the bank of the lake under a sunset and said “I do” as pretty as a picture. For a moment, they could all live as if Iraq and Afghanistan didn’t exist.

It’s just a shame so many other families can’t.

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  1. 5 Responses to “Bush: Not Just Another Father of the Bride”

  2. By Steve O on May 14, 2008 | Reply

    Is that Zena the Wind Goddess on the left? And who’s the prick in the middle? No not Laura.

  3. By Independent Mind on May 14, 2008 | Reply

    It never ceases to amaze me how you liberals can spin just about anything into a hate Bush diatribe. For people who claim to be so peaceful and loving, you sure do love to hate.

    We have an all volunteer force. They go into it knowing the duties and the danger. The families also know what it means to serve in a time of war. They pray for their soldier’s safe return and they collectively mourn for each soldier’s death. They recognize, though, that this is sometimes the price of freedom.

  4. By mr bigstuff on May 14, 2008 | Reply

    dependent “mind”,
    when you somehow do indeed grow a mind and ween yourself of your dependency upon republican’t talking points, you may come to understand two things about the all volunteer force. first, there is a covenant between the armed services and civilian leadership. soldiers volunteer for duty with the understanding that americas civilian leadership will use them as a last resort to enforce american policy and security after all other means fail. these soldiers believe that their lives, limbs, and minds will not be needlessly wasted chasing the whims of liars, awol draft dodgers, and empire chasers who are unprepared and incompetently unable to concieve and carry out an unnecessary military mission. they believe that their leaders have their best interests at heart when they send the soldiers off to die in support of american policy and security. they believe the mission is absolutely necessary for the security of america and not some lie made up by corrupt leaders. in other words, just because they volunteered does not give you and that fool you voted for twice the right to needlessly waste their lives when american interests are NOT at stake as in the case with iraq. just because they volunteered to go where ordered, do what ordered, and complete without question any mission does not give you the right to stand over their graves and express your alleged patriotism when you did not question or seek the validity about the mission in the first place. these troops did not volunteer to serve blindly incompetent and horrendously corrupt leaders and chicken hawks. secondly, the all volunteer force or conversely the lack of a national draft is one of the few things keeping w’s debacle in iraq going for these last 5 years. because of the draft which caused many, many middle class american deaths in vietnam, americas mothers finally got pissed off enough to put an end to the idiotic incursion in vietnam. these moms had buried too many sons all across america. why do you think (if you ever have) the republican’ts are so vehemently against re-instituting the national draft? the all volunteer force keeps the deaths and subsequent mourning locked up tight around military bases and in the unrepresented and voiceless poorer areas of our country. the iraq war has not touched the vast majority of middle class and better off americans because it is being fought by an all volunteer force. that is why it keeps dragging on and on with no end in sight. soldiers fight for their lives and their buddies lives. they fight to stay alive and return home, not for words like freedom, democracy, the american way and apple fucking pie. remember this before your next post about your w-twisted version of service: freedom is not a gift or some high value commodity with an exorbitant price, it is a heart felt desire of all human beings that for the last eight years has been degraded and trampled upon by w and your ilk that has supported and enabled the worst administration in american history.

    btw, if you haven’t figured it out by now i got your w hatin’ right here and i got more w hatin’ than a passenger train can haul. you and w have earned it.

  5. By manapp99 on May 14, 2008 | Reply

    If biggies diatribe were edited for factual comment you would be left with this line from his post:

    “i got more w hatin’ than a passenger train can haul.”

  6. By mr bigstuff on May 15, 2008 | Reply

    thanx for the edit there napp. how is your free market analysis goin’ down at the gas pumps these days? or do you remain conspicously silent there these days?

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